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  1. You know, it's crazy.. It almost sounds like you are talking about Marley when you say everything you do. I don't have strangers come over right now as it is, or I put her in my bedroom while they are here. I have had family (extended family) come over, and as long as they are females, Marley seems fine with them. She may bark at them when they first come in, but after just a few seconds she is fine. It's mostly males she doesn't like. Little kids the same way, she just completely ignores them or will bark once or twice then never pays attention to them again. Normally I only allow people who have been around animals for a while around her, and introduce them in the way I spoke about before. Having them come into the house while she is in my bedroom and sit on the couch. I will then bring her downstairs and have her sniff them and get used to them. Eventually she will act her normal loving self and start trying to climb into their laps to get petted. From that point on, she acts with them just as she does with my and my girlfriend. She also had a recent visit with the vet who I warned about her aggression, although she was fine with him just a little apprehensive (those eye's staring watching everything he does). She did have a little growling with another border collie in the front office when a woman brought her dog in without a leash.. ugh.. I hope for the day soon when I can take her for walks around other people/dogs without her going ballistic. We did recently introduce her with a new puppy, Toby who is a yorkshire terrier she has been pretty good with him although we keep a very close eye on her with him and have a gate/square that the puppy plays in while we can't completely supervise the two interacting - it's open so Marley can sniff and watch/smell and get used to the puppy. Surprisingly enough, Marley never barked or acted mean towards the pup even once when we first brought him home. She has only let out a small growl when Toby started eating her food. I'll always be feeding them separately in different parts of the house..
  2. This is a great reply.. Sounds almost exactly like Marley. She does the same thing as you say. Going from sitting to standing, to moving about, to hand out, etc causes different responses as she get's used to the stranger. I had not tried the blocking off the kitchen or anything like that yet as my kitchen entrance is much larger than a regular house door so harder to obstruct with a baby gate. I will be contacting a certified vet behaviorist tomorrow and getting the ball rolling but you did give me a few other idea's. Thanks everyone for the help. Hoping the prices here are around the same as some of you above have stated. I can deal with that. Note: Nancy in AZ - How is your dog doing now after the treatment? Can people ring the doorbell/knock at the door/walk in and around him without him going off like he used to? How long did it take for him to get to this point?
  3. Thanks for the link. I'm going to start calling around Monday to get some idea of prices. Can some of you give me an idea of what I'm looking at cost wise? Thanks! Mike
  4. I will be calling a couple vet's in the area to see who they could recommend. If anyone knows anyone in MD/DC/VA I would appreciate recommendations.
  5. Yeah, she's both fit and healthy. I'll discuss it again with the vet locally as I moved and don't have the same relationship as I did with my previous vet. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  6. So with just a bit of history first.. I've had Marley since she was a puppy. When she was about 4-6 months old she was running up stairs and her leg was caught in-between two stair and broke her leg at her knee. She had to have multiple surgeries to pin/wire, etc her leg back in place. After those surgeries and because of the location of the break she had to be confined to a crate pretty much other than bathroom and being around just me to keep her calm and from jumping (the first time I didn't restrict her enough and she had to have a follow up surgery) for a few months. Before this she was a bit yappy at other people and dogs, but generally a great dog around people and very socialized. After this and around the age of 1 y/o she began to have behavior problems around other people and animals she was not familiar with. Examples below. If a friend comes over my house she flips out, barks like crazy and acts as if she is going to attack them. I know she's afraid with how she's tucking her tail but she (at least to the people who are coming in the house) seems VERY aggressive from their standpoint. If I lock her in another room and she hears the people she will continue to bark.. There have been a handful of people who have come over and just ignore her, sitting calmly on the couch and letting her get used to them (takes about 15-30 minutes normally) and after a while she's climbing up in their laps just as if she's known them for a long time. This is pretty bad because most people are afraid of a dog acting in that way, so I tend to keep guests away.. She also does this barking and trying to run towards people (she always stops short, even when not on leash though just standing and barking but seemingly aggressive) when I take her on walks in the neighborhood. The second part is how she is aggressive with other dogs, doing pretty much the same thing - even when muzzled and the other dogs are non-aggressive. She is great with my parents dogs which she was around some when a puppy (one a border collie, and the other a welsh corgi who has since passed away). She always seemed to be more interested and drawn towards the other border collie more and plays a bit rough with him biting and jumping at him when she get's excited but nothing overly aggressive like the rest above. I would like to take care of these problems but really don't know where else to begin. Does anyone know any trainers or people in the MD/DC/VA area's I can talk to or other suggestions? Much appreciated!
  7. Just wanted to get the opinion here. I have a 2 1/2 year old border collie named Marley I was thinking of having spayed but wanted to see what everyone else here had to say. I had planned to get her spayed when she was younger however when she was still a pup she broke her leg and had to have multiple surgeries and long recover being crated and one thing led to another and she never was taken back in to be spay. Would it be okay with her current age, any things to worry about at this point if I do have her spayed? Much appreciated..
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