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  1. gcv-border

    Help with aggressive behaviour

    Agree with the 2 posts above. And, if you think that Millie is having a negative effect on the situation, I would institute some separation time for the 2 dogs, and would do some play and/or positive reinforcement training with Kobe. Even if it doesn't improve the situation, you wlii probably gain more insight into his behavior issues. Please keep us updated once the behaviorist has seen Kobe. Good luck.
  2. gcv-border

    Border Collie Novice

    Post it in the "General ....." section.
  3. gcv-border

    Should i get a border collie?

    Please repost this in the "General" section. You will get many replies. This section is only for asking questions about working livestock with border collies.
  4. gcv-border

    Abca lookup?

    Just read this sad thread last night. On the plus side, CptJack, I loved this video of Molly.
  5. gcv-border

    Training with Wellington update

    I watched the video twice -- and I am aware of the other thread you started discussing the use of e-collars (or stim collars or whatever the current euphemism is). I am not going to repeat all the excellent advice you received in the other thread, but seeing this video confirms exactly what others have already stated. This poor dog is behaving from a place of uncertainty and fear of when the next 'stim' is going to hit him. I can pick out the dogs that are trained with these collars when I see them walking down the street -- in lock-step with their owners, afraid to move away from their side. I don't think anyone should use these collars on a dog unless they are willing to put the same collar on their NECK (not their arm) to experience the stim.
  6. I remember seeing an ad for pet cbd oil at cleanrun.com Just search for cbd oil on their website. They are a very reputable company and should be able to answer your questions.
  7. Is he on joint supplements? They won't magically make his aches and pains disappear, but may take the edge off. Have you considered CBD oil?
  8. gcv-border

    Kiran agility thread

    Yay, Kiran. He looks good.
  9. gcv-border

    Molly's agility thread.

    LOL - on the Saturday video. Interesting that NADAC is getting less flow-ey? The lack of tight turns was a hallmark of NADAC, and what set it apart from AKC, USDAA, etc.
  10. gcv-border


    Agree with D'Elle. There is no way to proof every possible thing that could happen in an urban environment.
  11. gcv-border

    Molly's agility thread.

    I don't know. She looked pretty good. And wide turns often result as the speed ramps up, which may not be a bad thing?? Second run - that looked great too, except out of the tunnel where you pushed her out. Not by a hand/arm gesture, but because you were too close. Does she have a pretty big bubble? (Those types of dogs can be a challenge!) It was good to see that you were able to settle her down after that.
  12. gcv-border

    Sharing a moment.

    Super Congratulations for hanging in there.
  13. gcv-border

    Serendipity or red flags?

    Pups can be spoken for before the breeding happens - particularly if the dam or sire is an impressive dog. It is not unusual to hear someone tell the owner of a dog "If you plan to breed X, I want a puppy." There is no guarantee that the owner will remember that statement, so usually the 'buyer' may check back with the owner every so often. Also no guarantee that the bitch will get pregnant with a breeding or the # of pups to pop out. As an 'outsider' to the sheepdog industry, I probably would not be able to reserve a pup in this manner. IMHO, deposits given to a reputable breeder (and one who has been breeding quality dogs for a # of years) wouldn't worry me. I trust they would refund my monies. (Note: I do rely on a few people who are in the sheepdog industry to advise me on the reputation and honesty of a breeder I might be interested in buying a puppy from.) Having said that, in my very limited experience, if the breeder knows you or a mutual friend can vouch for you, sometimes verbal interest is enough.The breeder may keep a list of people who have expressed interest in the upcoming litter. They may ask for a deposit once the bitch is bred or once pregnancy is confirmed by U/S. Be prepared to put down a deposit ASAP once pregnancy is confirmed. Again, this is a general example. Every breeder has his/her own policies, and you should ask up front. The breeder may accept deposits for an average size litter. If there are fewer than expected, those buyers added later to the list will not get a puppy. If there are more pups, more buyers can be added to the list. It is a very fluid situation. In my case, my first real working bred dog came from a breeder who was willing to take a chance on me. Then, I asked her to help me find another puppy 4 years later. I must have sent her about 20 internet posts advertising various pups or litters, and I kept getting back a 'No'. :-) Then one day, a post popped up on her FB feed for the last puppy in a litter, and she forwarded it to me with a note that she thought this was a good breeding. (pedigree and health clearances and working ability) The breeder asked me for references because she didn't know me. I was a bit taken aback, but had to laugh. 'I' am usually the one to ask for references because I foster for a border collie rescue, and was not used to being on the opposite side of the equation. I passed and soon welcomed a lovely little bitch puppy, now 8 months old. I must say that the availability of a puppy seems to coincide with a period in one's life when you may not be 100% prepared.
  14. gcv-border

    Focus, balls & OCD

    For an alternative activity for your dog in the city, look up parkour / canine parkour. You begin to think of urban structures as parkour objects. Maybe makes it a bit more interesting? There are several organizations that offer parkour titles, but since I do not participate, I can not tell you the pros and cons of the different organizations. I am not a big fan of titles, but to achieve a title, you generally have to train for a goal - which is a good thing. You also have to video your efforts to submit for judging towards a title.
  15. Interestingly, when I Googled "Nightshade border collie", the second link that came up was "Nightshade border collies complaints".