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  1. I know a woman in Leominster, MA that is an agility trainer. (She owns a littermate to my youngest dog.) I could contact her to find out if she may have some suggestions for a trainer that could help you with your issues. Also, if she is amenable, I could connect the two of you so you could speak directly to her.
  2. Very pretty pups. Welcome to the Boards. In my very limited experience, your boy may not have any desire to breed a bitch in heat. Or he may. You will just have to observe and adjust your management of the 2 dogs if unwanted behavior occurs. My own intact male lost his mind when my young female had her first heat. He was neutered after that (for separate reasons), and had zero reaction to her second heat. I have heard of BC females having a first heat anywhere between 7-8 months to almost 2 years of age. My girl had her first heat at 13-14 months of age. For reasons of proper bone and joint growth, I would wait until at least a year of age before spaying.
  3. I would definitely bring him to a vet to get him checked out for a UTI. I had a similar problem with an intact male dog around the same age. It took a while for me to realize it was medical, not behavioral. I wish I had checked for a UTI earlier. If he doesn't have a UTI, at least you will have eliminated one possible cause.
  4. Welcome to the Boards. We love puppy pics. In fact, if you do not post a puppy pic, you will be booted off. Just kidding. <grin> Have fun with your pup!
  5. Congratulations on your beautiful new pup.
  6. Julie, thanks for notifying here. It is so hard to accept that another legend is gone. I think I have all his books, but will double check on "The American Homeplace". I will definitely re-read "The Dog Wars".
  7. Agree with the 2 posts above. And, if you think that Millie is having a negative effect on the situation, I would institute some separation time for the 2 dogs, and would do some play and/or positive reinforcement training with Kobe. Even if it doesn't improve the situation, you wlii probably gain more insight into his behavior issues. Please keep us updated once the behaviorist has seen Kobe. Good luck.
  8. Post it in the "General ....." section.
  9. Please repost this in the "General" section. You will get many replies. This section is only for asking questions about working livestock with border collies.
  10. Just read this sad thread last night. On the plus side, CptJack, I loved this video of Molly.
  11. I watched the video twice -- and I am aware of the other thread you started discussing the use of e-collars (or stim collars or whatever the current euphemism is). I am not going to repeat all the excellent advice you received in the other thread, but seeing this video confirms exactly what others have already stated. This poor dog is behaving from a place of uncertainty and fear of when the next 'stim' is going to hit him. I can pick out the dogs that are trained with these collars when I see them walking down the street -- in lock-step with their owners, afraid to move away from their side. I don't think anyone should use these collars on a dog unless they are willing to put the same collar on their NECK (not their arm) to experience the stim.
  12. I remember seeing an ad for pet cbd oil at cleanrun.com Just search for cbd oil on their website. They are a very reputable company and should be able to answer your questions.
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