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  1. I’m going to give you just a little information. The reason, is that anyone who does not agree with you, you think they are against you and 6 to 8 people attack them. I have been reading this board for a numbers of years and just recently signed up with very little information about my self or my husband. My husband is a Veterinarian specializing in small animals. We have raised Border Collies for over 25 years. I really don’t think I need to introduce myself, what I have done with my life, or where I am going with my life. I am giving my opinion, just like you. The only difference is that we do know what we are doing. This same argument comes up about every 6 to 8 weeks. It’s always the same people who say the thing. The people who use their dogs to work should buy or produce only “proven dogs” if that’s what they want. Most of the people who give opinions, (just my opinion) are people who keep their dogs in their apartment, cages or play with a tennis ball once a week. These people are the ones who really don’t know what their talking about. Jdarling, I know of your land and do appreciate your opinion because you do work your dogs. WyoBC, I know your just a young man who just lost a loving pet but just because you work in a shelter and have a dog and you are able to play on the internet all day does not make you an expert nor does a groomer make you an expert. Look at this past post and see what it has turned into. Some people are just plain “asses”. What some people want is the perfect Border Collie, to answer the question and what impact do you feel Ellie would have on that if she were to be bred? No one knows. A lot of Championship dogs have produced a bad litter, and a lot of “poor candidates have produced great litters. If I was raising top quality dogs the answer is “no” I would not breed her. Most breeds have gone by the way of their original intent. Just look at the history of most dogs. Most are now used as pets. I applaud the owners who still use BC to work the stock. We have stock our self and are grateful of our dogs but we raise our own dogs and if we go outside, we look at the lineage. It really hurts, when a few people try to own the breed and severely chastise people who want to simply ask a question. If you were ladies or gentleman, some people would apologize to some people. It’s one thing to suggest, offer or give advice, but attacking people is unacceptable. Just remember unless your certified, your not an expert. That’s my take from a crusty old lady.
  2. There sure a lot of experts here that know a lot about nothing. Ellie, it's your dog do what you want. For some reason, most of the people think they have all the rights to the breed and try to force their oppinion on anyone that ask a question. By the way, even some people should not have children, but they do.
  3. After reading the blog, seems like Lusia, the auther of the blog has some real issues with a lot of things
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