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    "It is from that time that the incurable disease known as 'Sheepdog Trialling' really began to get a hold on me and it has continued in its acute form ever since."

    -H. Glyn Jones

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  1. I've wanted a tattoo for nearly as long as I can remember... last weekend I finally got one :-) I'm so thrilled with it, couldn't be happier. Done by Melanie Steinway at Urban Element Tattoo in Denver, CO
  2. I've seen a genetic tree somewhere once upon a time that showed the split in the Border Collie along with some other breeds- does anyone have a link to that? I've been looking for it without any luck
  3. Chick-N-Picker - the two separate 'lines' of Border Collies have been bred drastically differently. Working bred Border Collies have been bred exclusively for working ability for forever, whereas the bench show "Border Collies" have been bred for how they look and not how they perform. The difference here is that working Border Collies are a breed because of what they can DO and never for what they look like. Therefore working Border Collies come in a huge variety of appearances because no one cared what they look like as long as they can do the work. They're bred for a working standard. The show lines are cookie cutter and are bred to a visual standard with no accountability for work, so they all look generally the same and are quite incapable when it comes to true stock work.
  4. I haven't had much opportunity to photograph cattledog trials but I'm planning to make more of an effort of it in 2017. Definitely need the practice but I don't really attend cattle trials since I don't compete in them. There are quite a few in Iowa and I'm hoping to go spectate/shoot at more of them next year!
  5. Apologies if this goes against the rules, feel free to remove. Just finished putting together a 2017 calendar for working Border Collies from photos of mine at trials over the last couple years, thought I'd share here. Email me at [email protected] if interested in purchasing! Offering a wire bound and a staple bound. Really excited about these, been wanting to do this for years and I'm thrilled with how well they turned out :-)
  6. Is this what's being considered a working Beardie? (source- this isn't the one from the trial) Guess I figured dogs like this were more or less a Border Collie with a throwback coat, but if this is considered a 'Bearded Collie' I can certainly see them as nice working dogs. A far cry from what's called a Bearded Collie here in the US.
  7. Running in the Novice class... quite frankly, it was sad. Embarrassing almost. This dog, being handled by an AKC judge, was taken to the post, taken off the leash, and immediately turned tail and went running probably 100 yards in the total opposite direction of the set out to go find mom. The handler marched up, got the dog, took him back to the post, and had to entice the dog numerous times to go out, go out, go out farther. He eventually found the sheep (I guess?) but it was clear at the post that this poor dog had absolutely no clue why he was there. This was clearly out of his element and totally different from anything he'd ever done. The sheep lifted off the dog and went running hell bent for leather back to the exhaust, and just happened to go through the fetch gates. Dog had absolutely nothing to do with it, and I hear the owner later boasting that the dog made the fetch panels. Heard several people commenting that they have seen nice working Beardies and that there are some very nice ones overseas that don't look like running mops. Anyone ever seen any? Know of any videos of true working Beardies?
  8. I had a very bad experience good learning experience with this breeder... stay away. Far, far away.
  9. Starting to collect tidbits for building a farm to be ready for whenever we do finally take the plunge and thought I'd ask about experience and preferences. What aspects about your farm/livestock/dog management do you love? Hate? Any tools, fixtures, hardware, products, designs, etc. that you particularly like? How about the layout/funcitonality of your farm- any components (i.e. a race, chute, pens, yards) that you have/don't have that you'd recommend?
  10. These are fantastic!! Great photos, very inspiring!
  11. Cool! If you ever need any help with it, there are a lot of great photographers here, don't be afraid to ask. Not sure how familiar you are to cameras or what type you got, but Digital Photography School is a great resource regardless of what level you're at, if you're not familiar with the site. Good luck!!
  12. And the last trial of the year, Happy Hollow in Missouri, just a couple photos... Mac Jack Knox's Nap Another beautiful field Those of my Facebook friends here already know that I have pretty much been freaking out about the nursery class at this trial... they had SCOTTIES!!! They're so gorgeous... I love Scottish Blackfaces but I've never actually seen any before this trial. They are beautiful to photograph and I couldn't have asked for a better, more beautiful morning to get some great shots of them Whew! Thanks for sticking with me- as always, thanks for looking!! If you'd like to see more, check out my Sheepdoggin' album for 2014. And here's a puppy for your trouble
  13. And of course last but not least, some trial photos! Hit up several trials this year in Missouri, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, looking forward to the 2015 trial season. Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association's Labor Day Weekend SDT had beautiful weather on a beautiful field Daley Reed Alasdair's Gail Gail again continued...
  14. Just a few of my girls... fall just isn't complete without a game of corn fetch. Just make sure they don't eat it. My sweet old girl Sasha, still doing great! She turned 12 in September Can't get enough of this face. She's so cute. Which is good, because it gets her out of trouble... and just a few of my favorites from the last six months of Kess' 52 Weeks project continued...
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