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  1. Yes, Darine wears this grin on her face . I didn't use to pay much attention to her facial expressions until this picture:
  2. True , but there are disadvantages to that. When that psycho sheep ran into me and tore my ligament, I was alone, unless you count puppy Darinka and the sheep. Puppy Darinka did what she thought was best, given that the handler was down and crying, and she tirelessly circled the sheep keeping them as close to me as possible. And when Ramirez the ram hit me, I also was alone, unless you count the buzzed off ram (he was mad because one of the ewes came back from an extended date with another ram), the ewes, and the puppy Bonnie.
  3. Sometimes it isn't funny like when a sheep ran into me and tore my ligament in the knee, or when the ram rammed me.
  4. I just wanted a low camera angle and lost my balance in the process, so I was close to the ground to begin with.
  5. After 12 years of raising sheep, the shepherdess develops a special bond and understanding of sheep;
  6. It makes me very happy that you enjoy them
  7. Wow, I must admit, this was the first time in 11 year of sheeping.
  8. Maja

    Happy derp at the beach

    Happy dog!
  9. Yesterday, I wrote another blog entry, I hope you'll like it https://owceimanowce.blogspot.com/2018/08/ewe-monologue.html And in the photograph is the opposite problem of the one described in the blog entry.
  10. Maja

    Just because....

    I think we need to examine this very carefully with lots of photographs ;).
  11. Any time you want us to check anything on your doggie, just go ahead and upload a photograph . We will examine her very carefully and give our candied, oops I mean , candid opinion .
  12. Maja

    Walk on tempo

    14 months are definitely a good prospect for maturing into a better walk-on. Darine on the other hand, she's got the looks of a powerful dog, but she is not very strong. Which is kind of funny because Bonnie always looked sweet and gentle, but as Derek says, the sheep are the ultimate judge of the dog, and it was Bonnie who had the power to move anything, not Darine, and it was Bonnie who knew how to deliver a stone cold, deliberate grip when needed, and it was very rarely needed. Darine is made nervous by pressure, but since this is stock work, it can be put to good use as seen in the vid. The interesting thing is that Bonnie was able to drive really mean ewes of a different breed than skudde, without any violence on either side them. Skudde in the video are very nice sheep, not aggressive. And when this lamb-infested bedlam needs to be moved a bit more efficiently, I take Bonnie ona leash and I hang back with Bonnie providing the power, and Darine the direction for the flock. The funny thing is that just about everybody I've met got Bonnie and Darine completely wrong when it comes to power and inner calm. Darine likes to move slowly, but inside there is this tension. And that's why in a flock with lambs I do not insist on smarter pace, because it may and up with a 'pow!'
  13. Maja

    Just because....

    What a sweetie!