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  1. We have had Montadales for 10 years, they are a large breed, our mature ewes are 175 + our 2 yr old rams are about 275-300lbs, they have a wide range of personalities, some of ours are big babies, some are skittish, we hand raise every lamb, we currently have 8 ewes and one ram, our lines are out of Huey Salfner and the Caveys, both Maryland Breeders, We show our Montadales at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and they are competitive in the Medium White wool class, we go up against Dorsets and others, we have had several reserve champions over the past 10 yrs, At our Howard County Fair we have had several Champion Rams and ewes, but at our fair we show them as a meat breed, The downfalls I have with the breed is the shearing, and foot issues, their feet seem to grow twice as fast as our Suffolks, I would not have them for training young dogs, they are aware of their size and intimidate my young dogs, I use my Kathadins for that, another plus for the Montadales is that they taste fantastic ! we have bred all of our ewes, the first should come in a month, let me know if you are interested in lambs or have any other questions, Tom
  2. Iv'e been raising and eating my lamb for 10yrs, Montadales, Suffolks, Wool crosses and Suffolk/Montadale crosses, I can't tell the difference between them, and the people who buy from me love the taste and are return customers. My lambs get grain as soon as they can reach the feed bucket and my butcher (who buys any extras I have) always compliments the marbling that my meat has,
  3. Picked her up a week ago, she's already stalking my cattle dog and other B/C, caught her creeping up to the pygmy goats last nite, comes from working lines, reminds me of my B/C "Kip" I lost last thanksgiving, she's lilac colored, need to brush up on the training skills again !
  4. We inherited a Honda Element, Iv'e never been a fan of Hondas, being a GM technician for 20 yrs, but getting the 06 Element with only 13,000mi on it for $4500 to the estate we were happy, now we love it, we use it for hauling the dogs, and moving our pygmy goats and lambs around, its so great to just open the doors and blow out the fur and then spray down the plastic with glass cleaner, gas milage is about 22-24 in town and 26 on the hiway, not bad for an aerodynamicly challenged vehicle. and with the allwheel drive I have never got it stuck.
  5. Congrats on the new farm ! looks like a beautiful place, cant beat those old Maryland Dairy farms, I wont be showing my wife your pictures !!! she would be insanely jealous LOL, being right off 70 is convienent, let me know when you are ready to give some lessons, Kip, Emma and I will be ready! good luck, Tom and Molly
  6. Just wanted to remind everyone that the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is this coming weekend, it is at the Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship Md, if you have never been to this it is a huge event ! and its FREE!!!!! there will be sheepdog demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, Wool Sheep Shows on Saturday and Sunday and meat breed shows on Sunday, if it has to do with sheep it is at this festival, it is one of the largest in the country, We will be showing our Montadles and Natural Colored Woolies on Saturday and our Suffolks and Suffolk crosses on Sunday, Stop by and say hello, we will be under the Emma's Daisyhill Farm Banner in the new sheep barn(the metal building), hope you can make it, Tom and Molly Dearstine, Emmas Daisyhillfarm.
  7. We named our farm after "Emma" our first Border Collie, I had been dating my wife and we saw Emma at our county fair were her daughters were showing sheep and cattle, we were walking through a barn and this young lady had 2 border collie puppies for sale, well Emma jumped up in my arms and started kissing me, and wagging her tail, well i had always wanted a B/C but still lived with a roomate and had no real yard to speak of, so that night we talked about it and mollys daughters talked her into letting me get Emma and keep it at her house with her cattle dog cross and beagle, after getting Emma home she told me "now you have to buy her a farm and sheep " ! I was like "huh"? LOL so 4 months later we had found a small 2 acre farmette in a great area and though it took several months to finally get it, we moved in and got engaged, while looking at the farm we noticed it had Daisys in the large garden next to the house, so I rememberd that snoopy came from "daisyhill puppy farm" and since we bought the place because of Emma I said "hey" how about " Emma's Daisyhill Farm" and it stuck !
  8. This is "Chloe" our first pygmy goat "kid" she is just adorable, and she knows it too, already has a little "additude",
  9. We were having a cold snap, it would get to 13-15 at nite, we put those on just for a few days till we know they are keeping up their heat, we go to thrift stores and buy mens large sweaters and cut off the sleeves,
  10. Well its been a great week, compared to all our problems last year, this years lambing is going great, so far in 12 days we have 13 lambs, 2 singles 1 set of triplets, and 5 twins, 6 ramlambs 7 ewelambs, we have only had 1 casualty, a ewelamb that just didnt seem right from the start and wouldnt eat or breath right, and our triplet momewe isnt doing well, she had toxemia and we nursed her through that to have the lambs but now seems to weak to stand, we are still hoping she gets stronger and stands, we are bottle feeding the lambs who are doing great,
  11. And not to be outdone, Kipp, Rough Coat, and thats after a brushing !
  12. Just because I love showing her off, Emma, smooooth coat.
  13. This is Kipp and his new Christmas Jollyball, he's telling the other dogs its "MINE" this is JB #2, he about destroyed his first one we brought home from the rescue farm, but i cant throw it away ! will find some action shots, Tom
  14. We have a Montadale ram we are looking to sell, he is 15 months old and a show winner and proven breeder of purbreds and crosses, he is dog broke and actually a very large but friendly guy, he comes from a great line and has papers, An article that talks about how mixing in a Montadale is good for getting some size into a commercial flock is at www.sheepusa.org and type "Montadale" in the search. asking 300 but will give a discount to a 4-H member. the picture is when he was 8 months will get a recent one this weekend, Tom He also has a great fleece, he got 5th in the Sheep and Wool festival out of 11 romneys and corridales, his fleece was 11lbs after shearing
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