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  1. My Belle (now 5 years old) started peeing in her sleep, every day, a year ago. Vet tests showed she had a lot of crystals in her urine. She's now eating that vet prescribed Science diet for kidney problems and is on Proin-----haven't had a single problem since.
  2. Oh my goodness, this is so sad. You did everything you could do. (((((Hugs)))) to you and yours. Deb
  3. Oh my goodness, my eyes are burning with all that cuteness overload!!! What a sweetie pup.
  4. Found the trial photos and apparently I only took one of the Rottie---it is hard to take photos when your jaw is hanging open in suprise!
  5. A few years ago, my boyfriend Bob and I attended a small herding trial held at an Amherst Junction, WI dog kennel/training facility. Besides the usual border collies entered, was one Rottie. I remember Bob asking "What gives with the Rottie?" and me telling him that obviously the owner and dog must have had prior training to be allowed to enter. While the dog was very obedient outside the arena, and waited for the signal to go when inside, everything went downhill from there. Looked like the beginning of a decent run, but then you could almost see something click in the dog and it turned into a chasing and lunging at the sheep mess. Owner couldn't get the dog to even acknowledge her. Whistle blew when the Rott grabbed for a sheep's neck, and I remember a bunch of folks jumping in to separate the dog from the sheep. What really suprised me was the reaction of the other (Border Collie) contestants in the trial. No disparaging remarks (at least in public), and a lot of "Oh well, better luck NEXT TIME?" Apparently this dog has been in quite a few other trials and did OK for it's training level. There were a few horrified looks and plenty of comments coming from the general public spectators though. I have some photos of this dog and the beginning of it's run lost somewhere in the thousands of pics I have on my computer. I'll try to find and post them.
  6. Oh my, what sad news. (((((Hugs))))) to you and your family.
  7. Oh my goodness. My heartfelt condolences to you and yours.
  8. Hi! I don't post much here, but wanted to say "Welcome" to the boards. Enoch has it's own shelter now? When I lived in Cedar City during the '80s, I remember Enoch being somewhat of a residential subdivision, out in the valley north of town, with a few little businesses. Sounds like it's grown. Jude is a very handsome dog.
  9. Wow, that was fun to watch. Not only the dogs, but looking at the interesting things in the background. There's still quite a fews homes in my town that still have the grass strip running down the middle of the driveway. The old architecture, the cars. Now I'm missing my old '49 Ford pickup I owned in the late 70's. Thanks for posting that link! I'm gonna have to check out more on that website!
  10. The new board upgrade looks very nice----checking to see if my avatar photo is working.
  11. Dogbone, I wish you well with your pups and hope they bring you much happiness and lifelong companionship. My merle (that's another topic for debate) BC Belle was a product of a BYB (a coworker who has since spayed and neutured the sire and bitch) and my BCx Watson was a humane society refugee. Bob and I absoulety love those two---they bring us so much fun and joy. Yes, I feel somewhat guilty about where Belle came from, but she's mine now, and being spayed she won't be contributing to the BC and dogs in general overpopulation. Who knows about Watson's story, we feel very lucky to have come across him. They're both great dogs. Like it or not, there is always going to be someone who falls for a cute puppy with their hearts instead of their brains. Maybe the answer to the problem is strict governmental regulation, with required knowledge training and licensing as to who breeds dogs, cats, horses or any species of animal for resale. Inspections, testing, conformation and breed specific performance guidelines. Stiff monetary penalties for those who don't have the required licenses. Laws with some backing behind them. Nah, not gonna happen. Most governmental agencies (at least in my county) can't even force folks to get dog tags for their dogs, even with laws for it on the books.
  12. Welcome! Beautiful dogs you have there. Love the brindle markings on Cricket's coat.
  13. Hello and welcome to you! Kevin sounds like a great dog and he's very handsome!
  14. One thing for sure, he's absolutely gorgeous!!!
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