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  1. Thanks for much for all your hard work. Great job!
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    Thanks for the replies on the plastic fencing. I was going to use it just because we have soo much of it. Wishful think! We used it when we had horses with an electric wire across the top, it worked keeping them in a 1 acre corral. I was hoping we could redo the fencing for the sheep using the same set up. I'll get the woven wire fencing. I always put my horses in the barn at night, so I figured it might be good to keep the sheep in a smaller area at night, too. We will need electric on the outside of the fence, neighbor's dogs could be a problem. I'm not getting the sheep til the spring or til the correct fencing is up & a shed is built for them, so I'll be asking lots of questions regarding sheep. I owned horses most of my life & worked on a horse farm for several years, just wish I had a Border Collie for every time the cattle got loose & we had to get them back home on horseback from the Great Swamp in NJ. thanks diane
  3. Replying to the 'ducks' post was my first post. Rereading it online, I came across like I don't like my ducks. I really like my ducks, I find them entertaining & fun to watch, (except when they attack my poor dog) They're named after the horses that ran in the Breeder Cup, don't know who is who. diane
  4. I'm planning on getting a few sheep this spring. We have rolls for 48" plastic hazard fencing. Would that be OK to use for fencing? I would be fencing an area for the sheep to stay in the evening, the area is roughly 25 x 100 feet. diane
  5. Rather than get sheep, I got 7 Indian Runners to practice on. For several months they worked GREAT, when I couldn't got over to herding lessons. I learned so much just having my dog drive the ducks around my corral & back yard. I worked 3 at a time but they got dog broke real fast. Now they sit there & don't move. There are still a few things we can work on, but not much. I was told Indian Runners are not agressive ducks, but I have 2 that go after Riot, one of them had a mouthful of hair when I was trying to work them. Riot being such a kind dog will not go after them, I'd be happy if he would just bump them with his nose! It can be rather comical when the ducks want to go back in their run & they run over the top of Riot. One of them will go up to Riot & peck at his feet. When my husband saw the ducks going after Riot, (I think he's finally worn down), he ask 'OK where do you want to build the shed for the sheep?" So sheep will be here soon & the ducks will still have a home, they served there purpose. diane
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