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  1. My wife has been thinking recently about getting another Border Collie. I feel the same way but with some definite reservations. Our first dog came from Jim Shearer in 1980. He was just one super companion. Our two boys grew up with him and when he was 14 we got another BC pup. My point is that both dogs lived with a house full of people and lots of time and attention given to them. Last year our oldest son, 24, moved back in with us and in November 06 got his own Border Collie from a local breeder (Branchwater Farms here in Maryland). That dog, coincidentially, also came with Shearer heritage and once again we were in the puppy raising mode. Our son was not working at the time and spent a great deal of time with the dog. He has since moved to Vermont to study law (with his dog) and our younger son attends the University of Delaware. The point is that my wife and I are now "empty nest-ers" and would love to have another Border Collie. But we also have demanding jobs: she in personnel for a mid-sized company with branches all over the country (meaning she does have some travelling obligations) while I am an Assistant Principal at a citywide math and science magnet high school who does NOT leave at 3 PM!! (or, as often as not, even at 4 PM!!!). I recognize the responsibility we would have as Border Collie "parents" and I wonder if we would be doing the right thing for the dog. The dog would primarily be a companion and we might try agility training and competition, but I guess what I am asking is, would our situation be fair for this wonderful breed? Forgive me for such a long post, but I want to present as accurate a picture of our circumstances as possible, especially if we are thinking about getting a dog later this winter or in early spring 08. I might add that retirement for me will be in 2011 --at which time, of course, the situation will change. But for the immediate future would our circumstances be appropriate? Or am I being too much a gloom and doom sayer? I would appreciate your comments and suggestions as we move towards making a final decision. Thank you.
  2. I have a question pertaining to my son's border collie and the dog's habit of playing with his food by pushing the bowl around the kitchen floor, etc. I even have a link to a short video. I was hoping to get some suggestions as to what we could do. Our other border collies (all from James Shearer's lines, like this present one) did not display any such behavior. Here is a link to a short video showing just what Wyn does: http://picasaweb.google.com/RJL.Photo/WYNN...003211026037458 He is 11 months old and is healthy and very fit. So I am not worried that he is NOT getting enough to eat. But when we put the bowl down the video shows what he usually does with his food. We feed him Purina Pro-Plan Chicken and Rice (which is what the breeder suggested we use). And, by the end of the day, the bowl is empty. Our other BCs would consume two bowlsful a day. Usually they emptied the bowl with the first 30 minutes. Is there something we can do? Does he not like the food we are giving him? Should we be concerned? I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.
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