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  1. I'm curious if a dog will remember their littermates after time has passed?
  2. Bindi is still coughing but not as much as yesterday and she hasn't coughed up any flem. But, her eyes are really red and crusty. Her nose was warm and dry this morning but she feels normal tonight. I've kept her close to me most of the day and even kenneled her for a couple of naps throughout the day. I don't know if it's doing any good. I always feel better after a nap so I figure she will too. I hope this passes soon. I was planning on taking her with us on her first camping trip to the ocean over Labor Day weekend.
  3. Thanks for the info AK dog doc. She's still hacking this morning so we are going to try for a slow and calm day. It's raining too so she probably won't be outside much. I have to work so hopefully hubby will keep her calm. I hope this passes soon. I feel just as bad as when one of my boys is sick.
  4. Thanks Erin. I just googled it and I'm pretty sure that's what she has. She has been vaccinated for it but it sounds like dogs can still catch it. She's resting quietly in her kennel right now. I'll keep tabs on her and re-evaluate tomorrow.
  5. Bindi has been hacking tonight and I'm wondering if maybe she has caught kennel cough. The only place I can think of her getting it would be at the dog park. Is that possible? Also, if a dog has kennel cough would they be coughing up foam? She is doing that as well. Any ideas or recommendations?
  6. Bindi doesn't like this game yet. The cone lasted about an hour. This is Kellie. She was a yellow lab/chow chow mix. We lost her to bone cancer 2 years ago. She was the greatest dog. She let the boys do anything to her. Kellie as Harry Potter - DS as Ron Weasley (I still haven't figured out how to not get red-eye) She felt like being a tiger that day Man, I miss that dog.
  7. I agree - Ouzo is gorgeous and so expressive.
  8. So cute. It's easy to forget how small they are at first.
  9. Tucker is adorable! And finally, a full size picture of Freckles. I've been wondering what she looks like. She's a beaut!
  10. GAWD you have beautiful dogs. How many animals total do you have?
  11. Good points on keeping tabs on Bindi. She gets away from my sight, which sounds like a not ok thing. I'll fix that next time we go. But DANG she's fast. This park is a couple of acres and she just runs the entire thing. FWIW: that guy was just plain crabby. I was fairly close to the dogs when his dog told Bindi to back off. I said in a firm voice, Bindi Stop while I was moving towards them. She did but his dog listens better than mine so he was able to get his leash on first. I was still walking around him in circles trying to get Bindi to stay. I don't like making people angry - it's one of my good/bad personality traits. It bothers me that he didn't say anything. I think of it as a courtesy thing. You don't have to say it's ok, just acknowledge that I apologized. So, do people bring their dogs to the dog park just to run? I mean should I expect there will be people that don't want their dogs played with by my dog or any other dog?
  12. This is a brand new dog park - just fenced in last weekend. There are garbage cans and people have left a bag full of plastic bags at the entrance. There is no reason you should leave poo but I wouldn't be surprised if I miss Bindi doing her thing one day. She is running all over the park and I can't keep up with her. Plus, I like to visit with people and hear about their dogs so I'm not always following her around. No, they are ice blue. It's hard to get a good picture of them. This was the day we brought her home. It's the best picture I have of her eyes.
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