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  1. Mark Billadeau

    Collie Breeding

    At the bottom of the main page are the announcements. Please look at “read this first”.
  2. Mark Billadeau

    NJ-Proposed Regulation for Dog Trainers

    “Murphy said the idea for the bill came from a constituent who is a dog trainer and witnessed other trainers using controversial methods that focus on punishment.” Gundog trainers are likely watching this closely based upon their use of e-collars in training and how they are viewed.
  3. Mark Billadeau

    Grain free

    Search the terms “raw feeding dogs” on scholar.google.com and the first hits are research articles assessing public health risks from human exposure to raw meats being fed to dogs and exposure to microorganisms from these raw meats in canine excrement. These sound like fear mongering to me since handling raw meats when cooking for human meals has the same risk as feeding a dog raw meat and handling the backend of a dog exposes one to microorganisms no matter what the dog is fed.
  4. Mark Billadeau

    NJ-Proposed Regulation for Dog Trainers

    They better clearly define dog trainer: “The bill would establish a Dog Trainer Board of Examiners which would administer the exam, enforce rules and regulations for the licenses and establish fees.” Can you see this board of examiners testing a stockdog or gundog trainer?
  5. Mark Billadeau

    Noise Phobia Question

    This was the publication https://academic.oup.com/jhered/article/100/suppl_1/S28/886713 It did not get into the genetics of noise phobia because the samples did not all come from the same gene pool. From the discussion section ”These results have important implications for genetic association studies in dogs. Contrary to common assumptions, within-breed population structure can be significant in some breeds, and this stratification may be explained by geographical origin, by artificial selection criteria used by dog breeders, or both. Demographic and pedigree information should be used to guide the collection of study samples that are free of significant within-breed population structure. In addition, genetic data gathered during the performance of GWAS can be used to statistically adjust for substructure.”
  6. Mark Billadeau

    Noise Phobia Question

    I will check for published research tomorrow. I suspect there are those that learn the phobia and those that are genetically predisposed.
  7. Mark Billadeau

    Noise Phobia Question

    Even with our experience I still do not agree “almost alll border collies are thunder phobic”. This is based upon talking with many owners of many dogs at sheepdog trials and my years working on the ABCA health and genetics committee and now on the ABCA health and education foundation. have you searched this sight for posts on thunder/noise phobia? There was a genetic study in 2008 collecting blood samples from border collies (soloriver’s graduate research).
  8. Mark Billadeau

    Noise Phobia Question

    Not been lucky got so bad Bue would panic when he saw any cloud in the sky even on the highest dose of Xanax many broken teeth and toe nails panicking to get out of a crate when a storm popped up would not settle loose bloody paw prints on sliding glass door when storm popped up while we were out; fortunately glass did not break
  9. Mark Billadeau

    Noise Phobia Question

    From my experience and knowledge of the breed I do not agree with “almost all border collies are thunder phobic”.
  10. Mark Billadeau

    EOAD and ABCA Health Foundation Research

    I am not aware of any grand announcement from the HEF funded EAOD study. If you want a discussion on something you found posted on the internet you should prove a link.
  11. Mark Billadeau

    Another eye issue or..

    I’m guessing you did not read the article From the article on how the phenotype of the dogs was established “Goniodysgenesis was diagnosed by examination of the eyes with gonioscopy when the status of the drainage angle and the pectinate ligament fibres that span it was assessed.” the article was on finding a genetic marker correlated with dogs assigned with the phenotype of goniodysgenesis
  12. Mark Billadeau

    Another eye issue or..

    The mutation you’re likely thinking of is TNS; a low frequency of carriers have been identified in working bred dogs. When the allele frequency in a gene pool is low that genetic mutation may not be visible; known due to dogs being affected with the disease caused by the mutation. The mutation is still present in the gene pool and can become evident with in-breeding. How can the frequency of this mutation (not yet proven to cause a disease) be known in populations not part of this study when no test has been developed for this mutation?
  13. Mark Billadeau

    Another eye issue or..

    From the intro: “Primary glaucoma is a condition in which increased ocular pressure damages the retinal ganglion, leading to blindness (reviewed in [2]). In domesticated dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) it can be preceded by goniodysgenesis (also known as mesodermal dysgenesis), a developmental abnormality of the eye characterised by narrowing or closure of the iridocorneal angle (ICA) through which the aqueous humour drains.” goniodysgenesis CAN precede glaucoma in the middle of the article the authors discuss how goniodysgenesis can predispose dogs to developing glaucoma but there are likely other genetic and environmental factors that influence the development of glaucoma. from the discussion “We propose that the p.Arg197Gln mutation in Border Collies is responsible for the presence of severe goniodysgenesis predisposing to glaucoma in homozygous animals.”
  14. Mark Billadeau

    Another eye issue or..

    Ever notice how some multivitamins add new ingredients every time there is a new study (reported on the news) showing correlation (correlation not causation) between some compound and a health benefit? Get ready for new genetic tests for every/any genetic mutation correlated to a disease. Developing tests for genetic mutations is easy, proving a mutation is causal for a disease takes time (months/years) and effort.
  15. Mark Billadeau

    Another eye issue or..

    Where in the linked article do the authors state there is a test for this “risk genotype” mutation? From the discussion section: “Although developing a test for the OLFML3 mutation would allow breeders to select against homozygotes and heterozygotes to decrease the prevalence of the risk genotype for severe goniodysgenesis, it is important not to reduce the breeding pool too much because of the risk of other recessive conditions resulting from homozygosity for alleles that are identical by descent.” There would be no problem developing a dna test for this genotype (or any other genotype). Buyer beware of what the genetic test results mean.