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  1. hsnrs

    Dumb question re: sheep and rain

    My sheep always head for cover when the rain hits. Can you feed them in a sheltered area to get them used to going there?
  2. At the end of the month I'm getting a new Border Collie pup. What do you like to work on with the youngsters? When do you start training? We have light sheep.
  3. hsnrs

    Kathy Knox clinics, PA

    Can't go but where do we find a list of her upcoming clinics?
  4. hsnrs

    Where to start

    For me, having someone else train my dog was beneficial to a point. Once she let us go on our own at home it fell apart. If we could turn back the clock I'd work my own dog myself and train me; the dog already pretty much had the talent locked up inside. She is a Aussie and the trainer is a all breed trainer in our area but seems to prefer Border Collies.
  5. hsnrs

    Poor Potential Pup

    Do you have someone close by to give you a second opinion? Our pup didn't turn on at all until after his 3rd try and he is barely 6 months old. My male Aussie didn't turn on til 2 years old so work on manners around the house and some form of come and down first(instinct trainer's advice from our puppy evaluation). Good luck; you might get the best partner you ever had out of this dog.
  6. hsnrs

    Driving; not fetching

    Thanks Gloria. She does much better in open spaces I'm finding out. The round pen seems too confining for her for some reason.
  7. hsnrs

    Driving Aussie

    No, not a trick question. To Aussies driving is as natural as grass. Getting a Border Collie is not in my future yet.
  8. Our Aussie is starting stock work at age 2. She is a soft, biddable bitch who is keen on driving but not fetching. How can we get her to start fetching? What are the most important commands we should start teaching her, or should we wait?
  9. Thank you Bob for your helpful and thoughtful answers to my dumb questions. I have Aussies and appreciate your taking the time to help with my dogs; always good advice and given freely. Hope you can come back one of these days. Looking forward to reading the expert corner again.
  10. A few weeks ago I worked my young Aussie Chula on my friend's knee knocker sheep. She was wanting to only drive and not fetch. How can I get her to bring them to me instead of driving them away? We were in a round pen. Do you think working her out in the open at home would help? She is very biddable and not a wild child like her dad. My sheep at home are very flighty and will easily run from a dog.
  11. hsnrs


    We were hacked using Paypal once. Won't use them for anything any more. JMO I usually send a check and tell folks to cash it before sending me anything. Otherwise my friends buy the item for me and I reimburse them.
  12. hsnrs

    Superb cattle dogs

    We only worked cattle once and when rushed they will do anything we found out. Leave it to the experts and seek their advice. JMO
  13. hsnrs

    Books On Border Collies

    Top Trainers Talk About Training a Sheepdog(might be misspelled) is a great book. I also loved Vergil Holland's book The book by Glyn Jones was good too; read it twice and the Top Trainers book many times.
  14. Is he going to do stock dog work? We are having a clinic in Willcox March 19th and 20th with Laura De La Cruz from El Paso. Email me for details at [email protected] if anyone wants to attend. Glad the adoption went well. All dogs deserve a good home.