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  1. I havent had the time to train RC yet - mibby with my next dog But If I was doing it with ST method I would be faiding out the lure of the ball being chucked before I started raising the plank Getting full speed tossing the ball Then delay the chucking of the ball - so the dog runs the plank knowing the ball is comming but it dosent happen till he has done it at full speed Then once you have that raising the plank All I have read on it from ST she says HER dogs know the difference between playing with the toy or getting clicked and playing But if in your case getting the ball is more reinforcing than the tuggy game then he dosent have to think too much about what is getting him the extra tuggy game because he always gets the best reinforcer
  2. although i am totaly pro neutering i wouldnt use it as a behavior fix if a dog is being aggressive because of fear removing his hormones can make him less confident and more aggressive or if he has already learnt aggression as a habit then training is needed rather than surgery if he is frustraied and wants to play neutering will do nothing too many variables - as the others said we need details
  3. Good on you, she is a pretty thing but looks so scared in the photos Not much to add that hasnt already been covered better by others Take it as slow as she needs, let her pick the pace. and keep us updated lots of fotos
  4. He looks like such a lovely happy chap. I hope it all works out
  5. Thank you guys Yes sorry I didnt realise the link would post the video - I believe if you wait till the end then you can click on it to go to you tube - and yes you have to be signed in to like it Thank you all so much tho I really appreciate it
  6. I know there are loads of you here who could do this way better than me but not an expert at the clicker yet But can I ask you all a big favour Its for the Slvia Trkmans competition I have made this little video of my dogs latest trick Please can you just click like the most likes wins one of her training videos Thankyou in advance
  7. aww that is really touching
  8. I had this with my rescue too The first thing I did with zero tolerance for fight - practice makes perfect and if you let them practice fighting they will get good at it I took a step back and kept the dogs seperate more, but did alot of lead walking together Only had them out together when I could supervise fully and ANY posturing, bullying, resource guarding, resource stealing, hard eyes, or just a feeling of tension in the air and the offender got a time out (I kept a house line on Mia and actually she was small enough that I could just pick her up and bundle her into her crate) I also spent alot of time training them around each other - clicking Mia for watching me patting Ben, rewarding one for me feeding the other (her food agression was huge but I rewarded her as I was giving Ben a treat, then I waited a fraction of a sec, then longer and longer until I could give Ben a load of treats while she sat happily tail wagging knowing Ben getting treats ment she would get treats also teaching a positive interuptor and a instant 'bed' command so I could distract her before things escalated Hope that helps a little and you get ontop of this quick for what its worth my two totaly adore each other now, they can eat treats scattered on the ground together
  9. Hi there, as others have said it is a tough nut to crack One thing that will help alot - but difficult to do I know - try and keep her away from cars for a week or two - if she is OK IN the car then drive here somewhere a long way from cars This will let her stress levels drop and start to break the habit also If you can work on getting her really into chasing something like a ball in this time?? This kind on manic behaviour can kinda be stress releif for a dog, they NEED to chase something - better something you have control over Then work on the car thing I would say keep her further away from cars and when she sees one in the distance, when she is aware but not flipping out ask her for the alternative behaviour and then reward lots (with something really yummy ) and walk away Try not to get her to the stage where she is flipping out - it is unlikely she is able to learn anything at this point - she is just reinforcing the habit You will find you can close the distance slowly, and she should start to look to you when she sees the car - because she knows something nice is about to happen COntrol unleashed is great too - I 2nd that - is the group running again? GREAT!
  10. Lovely fotos looks like you had a great time. I love Wales Love the red jamie, he is v handsome and unusual!
  11. Hi there Not been on in a while so thought I would share some fotos of my pair Mia is the darker girl and Ben more white. The confident lady is just a little baby when she needs a bath its been a mad year already of record cold and blazing hot They are so fast that most of my fotos usualy end up more like this or this or this Hope you like, theres a full border collie between the two of them
  12. Aww thankyou good to be back. Guess I should stick up some new fotso of the hooligan pair
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