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  1. Good answer! Of course she will be perfect to me no matter what she ends up looking like! Last night they were both standing almost straight up with just the tips bent, and this morning the left one had flopped sideways again. Julie, she's only 13 weeks So she hasn't even started teething and she's definitely not done growing either! Bindi met Stella today too, it went well! She was scared when Stella moved but went right up to her and they sniffed noses. Neither really knew what to think when I stuck Bindi on her back!
  2. Thanks for all the comments Any guesses on how her ears will end up? Her right one has always been a little more "up" than the left, which is also lopsided! You can see Peach's ears in the first pic, and I briefly met Bindi's dad while picking up Peach - he has typical pricked ears that both Shepherds and Cattle dogs have.
  3. Gypsy & Tilly, the gorgeous Rottie I saved from being euthanized My girls riding through the quarry at sunset (cell phone pic) Just before Gypsy and I went swimming with some freinds at a quarry
  4. You can really see her build in this one: Dwarf JRT legs, Cattle dog colouring, Shepherd/Chihuahua competing for body size! Big paw prints to fill for such a little girl! Spot the puppy! My pretty Gypsy girl! And that's it for now! I am going to try to at least lurk around here more often.. I miss the boards and wish there was like 6 more hours in each day so I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed all the time! Glad to be back though
  5. I have been MIA for way too long! Working 2 jobs 6 day per week plus having a minimum of 1 rescue for the past year plus working with my 2 horses plus trying to have something resembling a social life has taken me away from spending any amount of time on here! As a brief update, I am going through a divorce, no longer have Korby (ex's dog ) and Trevor went to live with a friend of a friend who actually fell in love with him and asked if they could adopt him from me. I took Gypsy for about 5 months of herding lessons last winter before life became too hectic and I was forced to quit. She was doing very well, my coach had us in a lesson with 2+ year students and let us do chores on our own, and as a "hobby herder" I learned a lot. I hope to be able to continue with it at some point, but I just haven't been able to find the time for it. Maybe one day I'll buy her that flock of sheep she dreams about.. But for now she's stuck with being my best friend! I have decided to take a break from rescuing.. My last "one" was a 12lb Jack Russell/Chihuahua who had been impregnated by her idiot ex-owner's Shepherd/Cattle Dog. She had an emergency C-section on Thanksgiving weekend after the first 2 pups were barely able to be born naturally, and she gave up. 2 more healthy puppies were delivered in surgery and she was spayed at that time. The 3 puppies plus momma Peach were all adopted out. One puppy had been reserved at 3 weeks of age, but the potential owners bailed at 9 weeks right around Christmas. No one was interested in adopting at that time of year, I started working with her instead of just "having" her in my home, and instantly fell head over heels! Bindi (also nicknamed "Stubbs") is now 13 weeks old, funny (unique?) looking, and so, so, SO smart! Day 1 of training she learned sit, lie down, watch me, and shake a paw in 5 minutes. Day 2 she learned roll over, hand targeting, and wait/ok. She is also pretty much house trained - as long as I let her out every half hour or so, she will not have an accident in the house. She is kennel trained and knows what it means to be given a verbal correction. She has gone on daily off leash walks and heels well voluntarily. Gypsy, while brilliant, and always my Heart Dog, was never this quick to pick up new things! Now for the pictures! Her beautiful little mom Peach, ~6 weeks pregnant Around 3 weeks (all puppies were originally given Thanksgiving-related names that started with "P"!) First time outside, just over 4 weeks With her brother Pilgrim (now Duke) at 5.5 weeks 9 weeks 10 weeks First dog park adventure, being a hoverpuppy behind her big sister Gypsy (more in next post)
  6. The only Eskie I really notice in Trevor is his curly little tail and his frog legs when he sits. He is about 35 pounds but sits like a little dog
  7. My sister, Karina, runs a small rescue that I help with, and I almost always have an extra dog in the house as a foster. The other day a lady called Karina asking if she had room to take in another dog. She is full right now (with 7 dogs in her own house), but she took the lady's info and said she would check with her foster homes and get back to her. The lady said the dog was an American Eskimo/Collie cross. When Karina heard his birth date, she thought it sounded familiar, and went back through her files to check when Trevor, was born. Sure enough, it was the same date - April 10, 2009. She realized this dog was actually a Mini American Eskimo/Border Collie cross, and a full brother to Trevor! Of course, I HAD to say yes to fostering him, and he's ridiculously similar in looks and personality to my boy! You can tell he got a lot more of the Eskie while Trevor looks closer to a BC with a curly tail. Everyone, meet Cooper! With Trevor, see any resemblance?
  8. Erin, Although I'm extremely late to this thread, I just had to express my deepest condilences for your loss. I know Maggie was your Heart Dog, and I'm so sorry she had to leave this world so soon. I don't know what convinced me to read this section of the boards tonight, but I now have tears literally streaming down my face. Goodbye Maggie Mae.
  9. gypsy84


    Betty, I'm devastated to hear of Tulsa's passing. He was a grand old boy. When I am able to, I will be buying another picture from you that features the handsome old man. He will light up the walls of my house as I'm sure he illuminated your life through the brief years he spent here on Earth. *hugs*
  10. What a pretty girl! Her eyes make my heart melt a little
  11. My latest foster, Remington, is an 11 week old yellow lab pup with the most adorable face.. ..until he starts wrestling with Korby and Trevor! Ouch! Korby's reaction to puppy teeth! And Gypsy was being her usual dignified self, chewing on her bone, when Korby decided that SHE wanted the bone.. After I took that last picture, Korby eased in and stole the bone from under Gypsy's paws.. Poor girl
  12. Oh my gosh, that was hilarious! I agree that you should totally send it in to AFV, it's definitely one of the funnies videos I've seen!
  13. Ben, the closest breed we can think of for Korby is pitbull crossed with a smaller HSGBD (which, of course, stands for Husky Shepherd Generic Brown Dog ) Her underbite and expressive eyebrows have always been my weakness. She knows how to use them to manipulate me and every person that meets her! She's filled out now and is a little beefcake. Trevor's scrawny since he just runs all his weight off, and Gypsy could stand to lose 5 more pounds yet (but couldn't we all?).
  14. Haven't posted any in a while so I figured I would share a few recent ones! Trevor and Korby have become best buddies, and I caught them sharing Trevor's pillow Distracted I wish Korby the little diva wasn't blocking Trevor's ear with her own in this one
  15. Gypsy got sprayed right in the face too. I used the same concoction you did at least 4 times and she still stunk. I then went to the pet store and bought an expensive bottle of "de-skunker" that was guaranteed to work, used it twice, and brought it back. My mom sells Norwex, a line of natural home cleaning products, and she gave me a bottle of stuff that is usually used for stinky sports equipment. It got most of the smell out, but I didn't put it too close to her eyes/ears/nose, so now, over a MONTH later, I can still smell it when I get real close to her
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