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  1. I am so sorry. Could hardly believe it when I checked on the boards today. Yes, life goes by way to fast. He had a wonderful companion in you and I know he is waiting for you.
  2. You rock! And so does your lovely wife.
  3. Too cute! Best of luck with your new kid and I am very sorry for your loss.
  4. First off...I am so sorry. That is such a scary, painful and horrible situation for everyone. I second everyone's attitude when they tell you for you to work on yourself and keep routines (as much as possible). Having said that...I had a little Chi attacked by a pit and the damage was surprisingly minimal due to quick interventions. But regardless...she was super traumatized. It took the dog that would not be deterred off me weeks to let me even pet her. It just took some time. But she was very much the same dog as before with time.
  5. I am going to resurrect this thread....is there anyone else up there by now? Doing some preemptive research...
  6. I am so sorry! One of a kind for sure.
  7. I have been gone from the boards for a while. It breaks my heart to read this. I am so sorry.
  8. From the very first time I saw this it made me furious. Not the killing of the cat only as I try very hard to keep from knee jerk reactions. Not knowing all the facts...I hate to be too fast to judge. However....the facts I know...because I saw them with my own eyes, are a young woman, calling herself a vet, bragging on killing a cat with bow and arrow (not animals hunted for food around these parts), being very flippant and arrogant on her post and posing in a very much trophy type posture for a picture. And that for me....is a huge lapse in judgement! Especially from someone that should be smart enough to make it through school and that grew up in the times of the internet and all its good and bad. Super, super stupid. So, pair that with the fact that I certainly don't like to see any animal in trophy pics...not even the deer I enjoy eating on occasion...and yeah...this chick has some issues. One important lesson she just paid several hundred thousand dollars for is that everyone is replaceable and no one is untouchable. No matter how great you think you are.
  9. Sorry for just now seeing this! Super happy to see he is doing good now. He is one of the originals still trucking. Keep it up old chap!
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