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  1. I like the new look and feel of the boards, and the site in general. Looks a lot more up to date. Great job! ETA: I do think you should remove the 'Interests' field from the author info though, since it can get cluttered like mine lol. <-----
  2. Good to hear you and Jin are doing well. And sorry to hear of your disability. When were you up at Donner Pass? I was near there the weekend before last, the 9th through the 11th camping. I live in the Sierras.
  3. I had the same problem with Firefox on another forum and switched to Chrome. I like Chrome better but there are some web applications that don't work correctly with Chrome as well.
  4. Ahhhh! cuteness overload! must.. turn.. away.. Very cute pup
  5. I know I'm way late, but Happy 4th Ouzo!!, belated as it is.
  6. Great photography and gorgeous working dogs.
  7. HA! that was a great post. I had a good laugh, thanks Great photos
  8. Sorry for the loss of Bear. He was a beautiful dog. My prayers and best wishes are with you and all of Bear's friends and family.
  9. Good looking dog! you don't see very many BCs of that color. The name Atlas is very cool and fits him well.
  10. Wow very nice photos. I love the one where she's laying in the ground bed.
  11. If only we could train them to FILL holes instead of dig them great photos!
  12. With Adobe Lightroom this one turned out much better after some adjusting. I'm really liking Lightroom.
  13. Great pics. Man, he sure isn't afraid to get chest deep in mud is he.
  14. What do you think of the white balance in this photo now? I just changed the color balance from yellow to more blue. I know the photo is over exposed, but did I correct the yellowish light right?
  15. I love the split face. That "NINJAS" pic is great Just curious, how much do you think Jin weighs now?
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