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  1. ^This. You did actually win, so the majority are on your side and voted for you. I would just ignore it and continue as if you hadn't heard any rumors.
  2. I saw the movie as well and didn't like it at all. I'm a fan of Jeff Bridges but I gotta say this is the worst movie I've seen with him starring. He definitely made Katz look like a nut job. Though Katz has no trouble doing that on his own. I agree! That would be a great movie.
  3. I think that goes way beyond "anger management" issues. What is really scary about it is that he will probably do it, or something similar, again. Isn't that how many serial killers start out? I'm sorry you have to deal with a person like him. Very disturbing, indeed.
  4. I like the new look and feel of the boards, and the site in general. Looks a lot more up to date. Great job! ETA: I do think you should remove the 'Interests' field from the author info though, since it can get cluttered like mine lol. <-----
  5. Thanks for posting those videos. Gave gave me goosebumps too. I've never really been into horse racing but I am very much into horses and that was moving to watch. Now I'm looking forward to the movie even more!
  6. It is cute to watch but that deer could very well end up hurting someone someday. They are definitely not meant to be pets and if injured should be allowed to heal and released which, in this case, is going to be complicated by the deer being used to people and dogs. I used to work at a ranch where the owners would feed the deer every morning. Well, I would feed them cause it was part of my job, to pour out a bag of poultry feed for the deer, right next to the back porch. Bad idea! One day, during rutting season, a buck came up to check out the does who were eating the feed and he came at me and would have probably beat the crap out of me but I made it inside. I did get kicked once too and they are more powerful than they look. I, stupidly, touched one who was fine with me standing right there by her but the instant I touched her she flew straight up kicking and got me in the forearm. And I was almost caught between a battle of two bucks but ended up being able to close a gate between us. So yeah, stay away from deer. Don't feed them, don't try to keep them as pets. It's just too dangerous and can cause big problems. Not to mention it's illegal in many places. Letting your dog play with them is pretty dumb. If that deer comes back when he's a big buck (if he lives that long)and wants to "play" the dog better tuck his tail and run!
  7. I had no idea mice could be trained like that. That's awesome. I have a pet rat, maybe I'll break out the clicker and try to train him to do something.
  8. Is that your dog? Very pretty. I prefer classic looking rough coated black and whites, and red and whites. But I love 'em all. I also really like split-faced dogs with white around the eye like Ouzo.
  9. I know it's an older thread but that is just too funny! I hope it was a truly happy birthday.. on both LOL
  10. Good to hear you and Jin are doing well. And sorry to hear of your disability. When were you up at Donner Pass? I was near there the weekend before last, the 9th through the 11th camping. I live in the Sierras.
  11. I had the same problem with Firefox on another forum and switched to Chrome. I like Chrome better but there are some web applications that don't work correctly with Chrome as well.
  12. When I was in junior high and most of high school I didn't have a car and walked to school. And we didn't watch TV so there were a few times where I'd walk or ride my bike to school in the snow only to find out that everyone else got to stay home. Those of us who did make it still had to stay, maybe 5 kids per class. We always got let out after half the school day, when we'd go join our friends who'd been playing all day. My parent's really didn't care if school was canceled or not, they knew someone would be there to keep an eye on us while they were at work.
  13. Ahhhh! cuteness overload! must.. turn.. away.. Very cute pup
  14. I know I'm way late, but Happy 4th Ouzo!!, belated as it is.
  15. Great photography and gorgeous working dogs.
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