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  1. A wonderful video. Thank you for sharing. Ha, one of my dogs is named "Tessa", too.
  2. Wonderful photos - thank you for sharing.
  3. What a wonderful puppy. I am sure that it is very nice to see him growing up. The pictures look like a lot of dog-fun. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Yes, your tattoo looks very beautiful.
  5. Wonderful pictures. It looks like a lot of dog-fun.
  6. Wonderful dogs, both of them. Congretulations. And please, keep us updated.
  7. Thank you very much for sharing us these wonderful pictures. I love these action-fotos and I love trials.
  8. Rolf

    Black Jack

    What a big loss for you, WyoBC. In May 2015 I lost two Border Collies. So I can imagine how hard it feels for you. I wish you power to overwind this hard situation. I feel with you.
  9. Rolf


    You found so wonderful words for your lovely Jean. I wish you much power to overwind this great loss. She must have been a wonderful dog. I am with you in my thoughts, amc.
  10. What a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing us.
  11. What a lovely video. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Also saw the seven minutes - and they are wonderful. Very nice pictures and a video. It looks like you and Solo have a lot of fun and activities. That`s great. Thank you for sharing us.
  13. How lovely and beautyful Pandora is. I love those pictures like these. Thank you for sharing. I would be very happy if you would continue to report.
  14. How wonderful - Solo can work sheep anytime. Indian runner ducks are good for herding-training - that is my experience. And they have one more advantage - they eat worms in your garden.
  15. Great, Solo. Once again wonderful pictures. Do you want to do herding competitions -the so called "trials"- with solo?
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