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  1. NCStarkey

    Donald McCaig

    I think that to honor Donald and the decades that he was an advocate for the Working Border Collie, every Border Collie owner should read "The Dog Wars".
  2. NCStarkey

    Donald McCaig

    Thank you, Cheryl, for sharing the sad news of Donald's passing. The working Border Collie community has lost a dedicated advocate, and I am truly honored to have known him. The photo below is of Donald working his dog at a training clinic with Patrick Shannahan in Maryland a few years ago. Godspeed, Donald....you will be missed.
  3. NCStarkey

    double hind dewclaws

    I have had Border Collies since 1971 and have participated in several activities where numerous Border Collies were present. I have seen some Border Collies with single rear dew claws, however, I have never seen double rear dew claws on a purebred Border Collie. Double rear dew claws are typical for Great Pyrenees dogs, and I have seen some Border Collie x Great Pyrenees crossbreds (this cross sometimes happens on farms where Border Collies are used for flock management and Great Pyrenees are used for flock protection). If your dog is a purebred Border Collie, he is an unusual one, indeed.
  4. NCStarkey

    Should he be this tired?

    Glad that you checked with your pup's breeder, and if the dam is "clear" (hopefully meaning "Normal"), then you pup wouldn't be affected (affected pups would need both parents to be carriers). However, the breeder should provide you with a copy of the dam's genetic test results to verify that she is Normal.
  5. NCStarkey

    Should he be this tired?

    Pups with IGS are often labeled as "failure to thrive", and weight loss (or failing to gain) for no apparent reason is a symptom. Pale gums could indicate that your pup is somewhat anemic, which is another symptom. Your vet will check for several issues that could cause your pup's symptoms, but please make certain that they are aware of the possibility that it may be IGS, We are very fortunate to now have a genetic test to determine if dogs are affected by IGS (via a cheek swab submitted to Paw Print Genetics), and if so, it is easily treated with B-12. Again, it's great that you have noticed your that your pup is NQR ("not quite right") and are taking steps to ascertain if he has a serious health issue. Best wishes to you both!
  6. NCStarkey

    Should he be this tired?

    Hi Sheryl, It is good that you are concerned about your pup's lack of endurance, and there are several issues that could cause this. The first issue that comes to my mind is that your pup may be affected by an Intestinal Cobalamin Malabsorption problem (also called IGS). Pups affected with IGS often have poor endurance and tire quite easily, and this worsens as the pup ages. Often IGS affected pups will "crash" before they are a year old due to severe anemia. Pups that are affected by IGS are treated with injections of vitamin B-12, and they fully recover and have normal energy levels and endurance. I have an IGS affected youngster that receives a B-12 shots monthly, and she is now every bit as energetic as any other Border Collie pup that I've had. Fortunately, there is a test for IGS through Paw Print Genetics that will determine our dog's IGS status, and I feel that everyone breeding Border Collies should test for IGS (along with several other issues that affect our breed). Hopefully, your pup's breeder tests their breeding dogs for IGS to determine if they are Normal, Carrier, or Affected, then makes breeding decisions based on that information. If your breeder did not have their dogs tested, please mention IGS to your vet (some vets do not know of this disorder). I do recommend that you take your pup to your vet for an exam and blood work, as IGS is only one of the issues that may be affecting your pup. Best wishes to you and your pup! nancy
  7. Shelly, I am not Denice, but in my opinion, the correction and the intensity of the correction that it is used is never a "one size fits all". For a young puppy that is resource guarding for the first time (i.e. grumbling over food), a mild verbal correction may be all that is necessary to change the pup's behavior. If that wasn't enough to change the pup's mind, then the correction should gradually increase until the pup learns that grumbling isn't allowed or necessary. The pup that Denice described had been displaying increasingly inappropriate and dangerous behavior for a year, therefore she needed quite harsh correction from the start. Ignoring inappropriate and potentially dangerous behavior is exactly what caused that pup's issues. Denice also mentioned the need for us to be a leader for our dogs, as they need us to set clearly defined parameters (rules). That, along with our love and affection (and in the case of a Border Collie, a purpose), our pups will thrive.
  8. NCStarkey

    Report on the EAOD Research Project

    Thank you for the update on EAOD research, Eileen! Great news! nancy
  9. NCStarkey

    ADMIN: Please Read

    Our thanks to you, Eileen, for making this forum possible! nancy
  10. Thank you for posting this! I can only imagine the frustration for both the handler and dog before being diagnosed and having his vision corrected with glasses. It was absolutely heartwarming to see his confidence and competence greatly improved afterward! I am now wondering if LASIK surgery might be the ultimate solution!
  11. NCStarkey

    Fly's Away!

    So very sorry, Donald. Rest well, sweet girl! nancy
  12. NCStarkey

    App for Health Records?

    Smalahundur, I am a bit of a dinosaur about many things, too. At home, I have a folder for each of my dogs (past and present) that contains every record relating to them. However, it's unlikely that I would think to take those records with me if we needed to rush to an emergency clinic at midnight. Also, if we are traveling and an emergency occurs, I would have their complete records immediately available on my phone. So, I decided to take a step out of the dark ages and load another "app" on my phone (and it was painless, too!). Regards, nancy
  13. NCStarkey

    App for Health Records?

    Jovi, My veterinarian encourages her clients to use VitusVet to have access to their pets' records on their phone anytime and anywhere. My vet's office adds records of vaccinations, surgical procedures, lab work, etc., and they can also share records with any specialty practices that I use. Also, I have found the app is very easy to use. My vet's office is covering the cost of the service, and here is the link: http://vitusvet.com/ Regards, nancy
  14. NCStarkey

    is this actually driving?

    Hello everyone, I enjoy seeing dogs of other breeds (non Border Collies) working sheep,and I also believe that dogs of many breeds can indeed be useful, no matter what method/style it uses. The Belgian Sheepdog in the videos is clearly affecting the sheep at times, and at other times, it seems that he/she is basically working via obedience on sheep. The sheep seem to be quite comfortable with this dog, and if it can do what the owner needs it to do, it's fine by me. Regards, nancy
  15. NCStarkey

    Donald if you are out there:

    You're welcome! Lynn Roberts deserves a pat on the back for her wonderful photos, as well. nancy