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  1. NCStarkey

    ADMIN: Please Read

    Our thanks to you, Eileen, for making this forum possible! nancy
  2. Thank you for posting this! I can only imagine the frustration for both the handler and dog before being diagnosed and having his vision corrected with glasses. It was absolutely heartwarming to see his confidence and competence greatly improved afterward! I am now wondering if LASIK surgery might be the ultimate solution!
  3. NCStarkey

    Fly's Away!

    So very sorry, Donald. Rest well, sweet girl! nancy
  4. NCStarkey

    App for Health Records?

    Smalahundur, I am a bit of a dinosaur about many things, too. At home, I have a folder for each of my dogs (past and present) that contains every record relating to them. However, it's unlikely that I would think to take those records with me if we needed to rush to an emergency clinic at midnight. Also, if we are traveling and an emergency occurs, I would have their complete records immediately available on my phone. So, I decided to take a step out of the dark ages and load another "app" on my phone (and it was painless, too!). Regards, nancy
  5. NCStarkey

    App for Health Records?

    Jovi, My veterinarian encourages her clients to use VitusVet to have access to their pets' records on their phone anytime and anywhere. My vet's office adds records of vaccinations, surgical procedures, lab work, etc., and they can also share records with any specialty practices that I use. Also, I have found the app is very easy to use. My vet's office is covering the cost of the service, and here is the link: http://vitusvet.com/ Regards, nancy
  6. NCStarkey

    is this actually driving?

    Hello everyone, I enjoy seeing dogs of other breeds (non Border Collies) working sheep,and I also believe that dogs of many breeds can indeed be useful, no matter what method/style it uses. The Belgian Sheepdog in the videos is clearly affecting the sheep at times, and at other times, it seems that he/she is basically working via obedience on sheep. The sheep seem to be quite comfortable with this dog, and if it can do what the owner needs it to do, it's fine by me. Regards, nancy
  7. NCStarkey

    Donald if you are out there:

    You're welcome! Lynn Roberts deserves a pat on the back for her wonderful photos, as well. nancy
  8. NCStarkey

    Donald if you are out there:

    I believe this is the link to the painting that Tommy mentioned: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/8b/24/a1/8b24a1115ec247292d2a936f2f181dfb.jpg Here is the link to a painting the same artist did of one of my dogs (image was from a photo taken by Lynn Roberts): https://i.pinimg.com/564x/9c/2f/ed/9c2fed2e1020ed05b311c167076445d7.jpg I believe that the print of Donald and Fly was from a photo by Lynn Roberts, as well.
  9. Hello everyone, The 2017 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals is now history, and what an outstanding event it was! Our merchandise sales before and during the Finals have been wonderful, but we still have some merchandise in stock. So, we will be selling the remaining stock at greatly reduced prices. All short sleeve and long sleeve tee shirts will be 50% off and sweatshirts will be 20% off. The availability of the tees and sweatshirts is limited to the sizes and colors that we have in stock, so place your order soon to get the best selection. Additionally, we have many other items available at reduced prices. These include Finals coloring books (with colored pencils), cute stuffed toy Border Collies and Lambs (wearing Finals bandanas), Finals note cards (boxes of 10 cards), and folding umbrellas (with the Finals logo). Also, we have reduced the price of the Finals posters featuring the beautiful artwork of Peggy Wilkinson. These items would make great gifts! Please go to the Finals website store for more information and to place your orders. http://www.2017usbchanationalsheepdogfinals.com/shop/index.php We truly appreciate everyone who has purchased merchandise to support the 2017 Finals, and our thanks to everyone who has helped to make the 2017 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals one to remember! Regards, nancy Nancy Starkey [email protected]
  10. Thank you for posting this, Sue. I'm sorry that I was unable to attend the ABCA meeting at the Finals and witness Eileen getting the recognition that she certainly deserves. Regards, nancy
  11. NCStarkey


    Donald, your presence at sheepdog events will definitely be missed. Your charm, your wit, your knowledge, your opinions, and your experiences have always made spending time on the sidelines far more enjoyable. Thank you for some wonderful memories, and I hope to see you down the road sometime (perhaps at the Finals at Belle Grove). nancy
  12. NCStarkey

    Nathan Mooney

    Thank you, Mike, for your thoughtful post to share the notable contributions made by Nathan which benefited the working Border Collie community. In addition to his accomplishments (in both the sheepdog and quarter horse worlds), he was a truly fine person. Nathan was a man with a heart as big as his ten gallon hat and an easy going manner that captivated everyone he met. Those of us who knew Nathan have so many wonderful memories to treasure, and I am honored to have been his friend. We will miss you, Nathan.
  13. NCStarkey

    Where does the Border Collie excel?

    A friend of mine owned and trained the first (and perhaps the only) Border Collie to earn his Grand Master Hunting Retriever title from the North American Hunting Retriever Association. He also was a pretty fair sheepdog.
  14. Hello jbridges, Back when we fought The Dog Wars (the title of a book by Donald McCaig recounting our efforts to keep the Border Collie from being fully recognized by the AKC), we proposed that the AKC give their version of the Border Collie a different name. We lost that battle. However, as you noted, the Jack Russell Terrier devotees were able to succeed where we failed. Regards, nancy
  15. NCStarkey

    Water troughs

    Hello everyone, I use Chlorine Bleach to combat algae in my plastic stock tanks, and I was pleased to see that it was recommended by the University of Missouri Extension link that Maralynn suggested above. I use 3 to 4 oz of bleach in a 50 gallon Rubbermaid tank. It works great, and my sheep do not mind the taste of the chlorinated water. Scrubbing this kind of stocktank never seems to get all of the algae hiding around the drain hole, and that would contribute to the quick return of the algae under certain weather conditions. Regards, nancy