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  1. Ok! Do they serve drinks there? Are all the wait staff as dashing as the one inyour pic? [/QB] Ahhh... the waiters are definitely attentive and will bring you the nicest pina coladas...
  2. hope that these pictures help to send some warmth over...
  3. so cute and adorable.. i want to dognap Eve too!!
  4. do we get to trade dogs for that one week too? kekekkeke.. if i get ouzo for just one week.. it's a deal! harharharharhar
  5. i'm suffering in the heat!!! the reality that is not depicted in the pictures: 1. humidity 2. Heat 3. Sweat 4. Glare 4. Sand in all parts of the house up to 3 days after the outing. (vacuum vacuum vaccum) i am envious of those whose got all the snow...though i suppose you guys will tell me the reality of it too. can we just trade places for a couple of weeks?
  6. some more demon dogs.. though not all bcs though
  7. well.. kingsley did something bad.. and whilst i scolded him.. he gave me this look.. how could one not forgive him? Does anyone have 'sorry' pictures to share?
  8. yeah.. i like it tons.. it's feels so out of this world.. like just me and my dog - best friends It was great that it was just a couple of days after full moon.. so we got the moon in the pictures. Liz - if you know of anyone who wants to use the pictures..i've checked with the photographer. He's open to the idea. Maybe the people or yourself could contact me and we'd get back. It's be amazing to see it in print and on stuff and of cos raising funds too! there's a few other versions as well... colour and black and white... let me get those and post them up here.
  9. went to take some pictures of the sun rise... however a friend got these pictures of me and my dog. just wanna share them with you.. cos i really like them
  10. very sharp lens.. must be having tons of fun with it. which ones did you get?
  11. I love this flying bullet picture!! Dazzle's so streamlined!!!
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