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  1. Ruby had a vestibular attack when she was 11 or 12. She is now 15 and extremely active and vital. The vet gave her something for the nausea and that took care of it. It did take her a couple of months to recover. The only residual symptom she has ever had is a cute head tilt when she is excited, or wants something. Kathy Robbins
  2. We are so sorry. It is always too soon, isn't it? Kathy and Steward Robbins
  3. I have used TTouch, but not for the purpose you are thinking of. I used it to calm down nervous shelter dogs and it worked wonders. It might calm your dog down. It would certainly be worth a try. Kathy Robbins
  4. Lupo is adorable! While it isn't easy to tell about breeds in one so young, she does look like a Border Collie to me. And it sounds like she acts like one, as well. Have fun! Kathy Robbins
  5. Besides what you have already been told, one thing we always did was take the dogs with us on each trip to the new place, so they know you aren't leaving them behind! Good luck. Kathy Robbins
  6. These objects smell like you, and this is his way of being close to you when you are not there. The Bull Terrier, my first breed, is known for this kind of behavior, so yes, other dogs have done it. It's not common, but it does happen. It is very sweet, when you think of it. Kathy Robbins
  7. He might be a bit young to start obedience classes, for one thing, So yes, your expectations may be too high for now. He is an infant/toddler. They don't go to school....It took me two years to get Ruby's attention.(Ages 1 to 3) She repeated Rally I four times before the lightbulb went on. (age 3) She is now 15 and still acting like a puppy. Enjoy! My training club offers a Puppy PreSchool class for dogs Tuckers age, but it doesn't involve any real obedience, just "pre-obedience using toys and food." A real obedience class at this time probably put him over his tolerance levels. Kathy Robbins
  8. She is adorable! You really can't tell this soon what the mix might be. As a shelter volunteer, I see breed id's based on color all the time - all black & white dogs are BC mixes. All brindle dogs are Pit mixes. All black and tan dogs are Rottie mixes. Well, ya know, Yorkies are also black and tan!!! All merles are Aussie mixes.....and on and on. Let us know what the DNA test tells you. Kathy Robbins
  9. Actually, Fleet sounds delightful and absolutely brilliant. Perhaps because he was on his own for the first 9 months of his life, he learned how to entertain himself and keep mentally challenged. This is no small feat for any dog. Just a warning - you will have to work hard to stay one step ahead of him! We had a Bull Terrier that did things like this years ago. Everyone who saw her in action thought she was brilliant as well. Have fun with Fleet (who is also very handsome). Kathy Robbins
  10. Thanks for startingm y day off on such a happy note. It looks like you have a canine comedian on your hands! Kathy Robbins
  11. Pandy is a real cutie! Looks can change dramatically as a pup matures, so it is too soon to tell by appearances what she might be. When evaluating a dog that may be a mix, I always pay the most attention to the dog's behavior. Does she stalk things? Does she circle around things? Does she stare at things? (Including you if she wants something!) If a pup or dog displays herding behaviors, it is part herding breed! Is she extremely alert to sounds? Movement? Even these behaviors can develop a little later. Kathy Robbins
  12. Because I don't want a dog who never barks, I have always gone over to the dog, acting like I was checking out the environment, and then praise the dog for alerting me, and then the dog will quiet down because she knows that it is ok with you. I hope this works for you. After you have praised her you can always move her away from that spot. You DO want a dog to alert when they think something is wrong, and then you take over and be in charge. I would say stick with your number one approach. Kathy Robbins
  13. Ruby is 14, and all of her life she has been willing to walk a mile to avoid even walking in a puddle. She hates rain as well. She will reluctantly go out to piddle when she has to, and will unhappily go out to please us when we tell her to. I have always prayed that she would never need hydrotherapy!!! Kathy Robbins
  14. As some of our dogs have gotten older, they seek out more down time from us and the other dogs. For them, it doesn't mean anything. They just like a little privacy now and then. We are also retired, and maybe they just don't need to be with a human all the time, as much as they love us. Unless you begin to notice behavior changes that might be health issues, I would give Ted his space and see how it goes. Kathy Robbins
  15. Warning! Some dogs are just not cuddlers. I have one, Ruby the red, who is the sweetest dog in the world, but she does NOT cuddle. She will sometimes lie on the couch about a foot away from me for head pats. She sits at my feet like a meerkat for chest rubs and kisses. But cuddling? Never. She hates what she interprets as close confinement we think because action is her life, and she doesn't like anything that might restrict her movement if she feels the need. She also has some kind of internal rule of her own that dogs NEVER get in bed with their humans. She is now 14 years old and will never change. Tell your wife to love the dog she has and don't worry about it. Kathy Robbins
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