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  1. Moss will be 2 in March 2 weeks Moss by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr 6 weeks Moss by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr 18 months dshank201431 by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr
  2. It's hard watching them get older and slow down in their work. I'm noticing it with Chesney (whose got a lot of hard miles on him). He'll be 10 in February.
  3. Thanks everyone. He just turns 20 months and already has no fear of any stock (sheep or calves). Now to just channel him in the right direction while he matures (a lot)...
  4. He's turning into quite the handsome young man... I don't know when his mane started to show up, but I'm loving it. dshank201430 by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr 10649704_10101112003553264_2353027359481917349_n by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr 10407778_10101112004196974_2448899766499138418_n by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr 10625110_10101112005708944_2563070788321146167_n by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr dshank201431 by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr Thanks for looking
  5. She's a very pretty girl. I would bet English Shepherd (mix). She looks similarly built to Tucker (my English Shepherd) He will work stock and has herding instincts based on english shepherd descriptions too. Tucker weighs about 55lbs and stands 23-24'' at the shoulder. He is the best non border collie dog I know, so much so that I would actively seek out another ES in the future. _DSC0038 by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr Stop Biting my butt! by OutRun Life Photography, on Flickr
  6. Moss just about 7 1/2 months old is a VERY lean 38#s and stands probably 21'' at the shoulders. He is all legs. I thought he was going to be a moose, but the growing seems to have come under control.
  7. Depending on the size of the area (which I would pick to be fairly small) I would use 4-6, and if you want to have them tamed try working the same group together with an experienced dog that can handle them nicely, teaching them how to be worked by a dog.... Then you can make your own "baby dog group". I would start in an area where there are no corners for the goats to get balled up in, and I wouldn't use an area that is bigger than 50 meters in any direction... a 9 month old pup can cover some ground. You just need to make sure that the goats stay with you enough that the dog can learn to control and balance them to you without having to chase and recollect the group too much. You can also use an older dog to keep the goats in check by circling far off them while the young pup works close.
  8. Not sure where the time goes, but my not so little guy is 6 months old and a whooping 36 pounds. He's build like a racehorse, handsome, smart as a whip and athletic Disclaimer: These were all taken with my phone... quality control was limited Chillin in the truck Snuggle Bug And Chesney and Tucker just cause
  9. How do you keep her on the ground in a strong wind with those ears Those two are so cute!
  10. I suggest reading Anna's book. I work with Anna on a regular basis and is successful in the cattle world. I'm not sure where you are in AL, but I do know there is a gentleman that competed in this years NCA finals from Louisiana and a couple people in MS. I can try and track down their information if you are interested. Suggestions for your young dog have been good, however, my experience training a dog to work cattle is the fastest way to figure out just how much dog you have to work with. My dog Chesney can move cattle and will take a hard nose bite when needed, but is a little leary of cattle that don't move readily after taking a hit. Chesney does not have a heel bite. I have tried many different things to try and teach him that a heel is a viable target to move stock. At 8 and a 1/2 he has no heel bite. It's much easier to teach a dog to hit a nose that has a natural heel than the other way around. I don't think Chesney is enough dog to work cattle efficiently so I added some heavy artillery with the new pup I have. Already, knowing my new pups background and seeing how he works now, this guy will be able to move heaven and earth... That's just who he is. Now with that said, it's important that you teach your dog that if the stock is moving where they want, hitting a nose is only going to undo things. Thus a heel might not be necessary if there is enough dog to convince the cattle to keep moving.
  11. Ross is very cute! He's gonna be a slick little fella. Duncan, Chesney sends his sympathies... He's succumbed to Moss' antics and plays with him now
  12. Bossy Mossy (as he is frequently called now) is growing like a weed! 8 weeks With brother, Mijo, who Anna kept 11 weeks (some one asked me if he was a german shepherd puppy ) I don't think he looks like one though Did you say sheep? And the obligatory Chesney photo
  13. Sue, I have high hopes that he will be a handful, like momma and Uncle Danny and Cutter
  14. Little Larkies!!!! Eeep! I've always liked Lark
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