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  1. I crate my dog because of his separation anxiety. It keeps him safe and my house doesn't get destroyed.
  2. I agree, Mara! Thank goodness Jack isn't an exercise junkie because he had ACL surgery in November and it would have been difficult to manage him if he wasn't content to settle inside. We provided mental "exercise" and he was satisfied to easy back in to his regular active life.
  3. Thanks! I should have looked there first before posting. I also saw there that the dog was not in danger of being shot, just needed a new home.
  4. Congratulations, Anda! Children are such a blessing! (I had a Christmas baby too, so take my advice and get all of your Christmas shopping done early! Order everything you can!)
  5. My dog has been on Clomicalm for about 4 years for severe separation anxiety. This has helped take the edge off of his fear of thunder as well. Now he just curls up tightly and growls at the really bad booms. The "loopiness" doesn't last forever---once they adjust to the medication, you can't tell that they take something.
  6. Thanks, Angie, I should have refreshed my memory about the timeline before I posted. It sounds like the reporter is going to keep tabs on Swa**ord and follow up. I hope lots of other locals have their eyes on him too.
  7. The man has a serious problem. Hope they throw the book at him ......again. Glad the citizens in Portland have their eye on him.
  8. Love the long, dorky "teenage" legs! She is a real doll!
  9. This is but one of the many reasons I detest retractable leashes. When dropped, it scuttles after the dog or pops and hits them. I also can't stand waiting in line at the vet while an owner checks in and their dog is stretched out on the stretchy leash, up in my dog's face, even though I am waiting several feet away. Or, worse yet, a child is holding the leash and can't understand how to brake and retract the leash to a safer distance. I would never use one where I needed good control over my dog. I threw DH's in the trash can (the one he likes to walk the dog with---I don't use a stretchy leash on my husband ). There are so many nice nylon or leather leashes on the market. For sheer sturdiness, you can't beat Lupine and their excellent replacement guarantee. I also like my soft German traffic leash for comfort and handy hooks.
  10. My experience having a puppy was that it was just like having a toddler all over again!
  11. Tweed, you look marvelous! Happy Birthday!
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