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  1. Sorry for your loss, Mary...
  2. Haha, Danny, no one can blame you - opening presents is so exciting! He is so handsome and looks very happy/
  3. What a stunning puppy! I love your portrait of him!
  4. Eeee, what a little fire cracker, you can totally tell from her attentive expressions and poses! So good to catch a glimpse of Tex too
  5. Haha Duncan that's a mighty big candy cane you're holding! Merry Christmas, Lynn & Duncan!
  6. Thanks for the plug, Lynn The iPhone is just convenient to take snap shots of dogs (and a fabulous street photography camera, but that's another story ) However if you want something to keep up with a Border Collie, don't even consider a point & shoot camera, regardless of how new and how many bells and whistles they brag they have, instead go straight for some entry level (or even more advanced if you have the funds) DSLR with a good kit lens (to give you wide angle at 17 or 18mm) AND a fast 50mm lens (both Nikon and Canon have pretty cheap (around $100-130) versions of the one Mara mentioned above - 50mm f/1.8.
  7. I recently ordered some moose antlers from a great company - Arcadia Antlers- http://www.acadiaantlers.com/ - their shipping is free and fast, so it's worth trying. Unfortunately Ouzo's reaction to the moose taster slices ($5/each only) was just as expected - a bit of chewing and then forgetting about them. He's just not a big chewer. Bully sticks, yes, he likes those, but anything harder, beah... I saw they have some huge ones as well that look like they'd last for a while
  8. Hi Amanda! *waves!* Recognize me? Leo is such a handsome boy, hope he finds a proper home!
  9. Ouzo will be 7 at the end of October, and he's intact. He's never ever tried to mount another dog. He's actually more interested in insistingly sniffing male dogs than females I've never had any issues with him but he's walked on leash every day except the time we go to dog parks and other parks when he's off leash and doesn't show any interest in any other dogs.
  10. LOL - I understand, I was just teasing you )) BTW, you can find some old DSLRs with just a couple hundred dollars
  11. Cute! Maybe next year you'll get it to be in focus as well
  12. We had to get this vaccine when we boarded Ouzo in May at a veterinary hospital. I had no idea canine influenza even existed.
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