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  1. We have a dog park nearby that has a huge sign that says something like, "this is a dog park, not a children park, please take your children elsewhere to play." I can't remember the exact wording. But, of course it doesn't work, there are still kids running amock without much supervision at all. Zorra chases anything that moves, while I hope she wouldn't never bite a child, I do get nervous when kids come screaming past me and Zorra looks like she's ready to pounce. That's normally my cue to leave.
  2. Zorra only ever whines when she needs to pee in the car. It's normally within the first 10 minutes of any trip. She'll whine, I'll stop she pees right away, then we're good to go for the next xx hours. I think the excitement of getting to go on a car ride gets her juices flowing.
  3. I was playing with Zorra, while the GF was trying to take a nap on the couch. Zorra thought that we were leaving her out of the game, so what's the natural thing to do, take a seat on her head. It was a funny site to see.
  4. I've read that several times, and unfortunately didn't follow that advice. I too took a few days off of work in order to spend time with her, and as a result didn't leave the house. I should have left Zorra a few times for 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, as she already has Seperation Anxiety from her previous home, I think I just added to the stress. Other than that little hiccup, we bonded very quickly, and we're approaching the one year mark together, and no major problems. I agree with what the others said, set rules early, but don't spend every second with the new dog, go about you life as normal, s/he will get used to the routine and bond with you in no time. Good luck and Congrats.
  5. I always laughed at people who dressed up their dogs, now I get it. Zorra was spoiled at a Halloween Party I had over the weekend, she got to show off two costumes. She did a Britney Spears and changed outfits half-way through the night. I think she still hates me for it, but she was the star of the show.
  6. My rescue experience was excellent. I e-mailed the Border Collie Rescue of Texas just with general questions about the breed at first. I received several e-mails back as well as a few phone calls, they were extremely helpful. I then asked about a few BCs i saw on their website and they were honest saying that these dogs would probably not fit my lifestyle (I was worried about living in a townhouse and not having a huge yard) and after about 2 weeks of looking they contacted me with a BC that had lived in an apartment, and was the only dog in the household, which was important for me. They thought she would be a good fit. I had a home visit, and within a week I met Zorra and was driving home with her. I think they overall experience was good, and would definitely rescue from them again. I think the $200 adoption fee was well worth it, because I know I have a lifetime of support. I would call any of the people I dealt with if I had a problem or needed some advice or support. Tumbs up to Border Collie Recsue of Texas.
  7. Hahahaha, my jeep smelled like fish guts for about 3 weeks after a recent trip to the lake. Zorra thought it smelled wonderful. :eek:
  8. Wow, thanks everyone for your replies. I really thought they would remain the same (besides getting gray of course.) I learned something new today, thanks again.
  9. So I know a leopard cannot change spots, but can a Border Collie? I'm sure Zorra's markings are changing slightly. Her tail seems to be getting more black, and she seesms to be getting more ticking on her back. (She's mostly all white except for a small splotch on her hip) I think it could all be in my imagination, but wondered if their markings were set for life?
  10. After a long day, vegging out on the couch is just what the doctor ordered.
  11. I am not able to see the video right now because I'm at work, but will definitely check it out at home. But, does anyone know why dogs do that? Everyone I know that owns a dog says their dogs do it too? Zorra goes absolutely nuts, and if I don't actively try and calm her down after a while, she'd be running around like a lunatic for hours. There has to be some sort of scientific explanation for it....I need answers damnit!!
  12. LOL, I think we have the same dog. I have to walk several feet away from any trees or Zorra will think she's a cat and try to claw her way up the tree looking for the pesky critters .
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