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  1. Very handsome! Good on you for volunteering with such a great group.
  2. He's gorgeous! Congrats and have lots of fun with him.
  3. I came to see how everyone was coming along, I remembered someone was having their first trial soon. I see it's actually in a couple of days, but Laura had a first fun run, so that's great, too. Here's baby Slider's first agility trial last month. We ran NFC (not for competition) at a UKI trial. If any of you have the chance to try UKI, do it! It was such a laid back atmosphere, and the training in the ring option is invaluable to baby dogs, or dogs who just need brushing up, or a confidence booster. I left it all in the video, mostly because it makes me laugh! Zoomies at the beginning (he noticed the dog who ran before us and lost his mind), zoomies at the end. Lots of bad handling from me, but I couldn't ask for more from Sly. He tried hard and had fun. We really weren't ready to trial, so it was 100% about making his first ring experience positive and fun. I think we succeeded!
  4. Sounds like fun for all, and that is the whole point. Especially for first runs. Well done!
  5. What Anyadogz said! Excellent advice.
  6. I just took my 32 lb boy to his first trial, and used a 30" crate. After seeing him stuck in there all day, I'll definitely use the 36" in the future. So, I'd use your 36", you will not be hogging unnecessary space! What else to bring? The usual stuff you'd bring to class. Water, treats, poo bags. Make sure you have the right kind of collar (or no collar) and a leash that's easy to remove/put on. If it's allowed, food and drinks for you, of course (some places have a food vendor and ask for no outside food). A chair for you, jacket if it's cold inside, and a cover for the crate if he needs to be covered. Have lots of fun and don't worry. Things will not go perfectly, but as long as your dog has fun, it's ok. Your job at his first trial is to make it a good experience for him, period.
  7. Massi is beautiful and I think she could be all BC, too. ABCR told me they thought Slider was all BC, but couldn't make any guarantees. For what it's worth, I'm convinced he's nothing but BC. I guess that doesn't matter, since you're open to mixes. And like Txmom said, they do adopt out of state, just sayin'... But Cate... seriously!
  8. Oh, my gosh. She's just stunning!
  9. OMG, I am smitten with Cate! :wub: Go get her NOW! lol
  10. Hi. I checked and Molly has been adopted. But, a FB friend shared this young female, also in CA. Very cute, sounds promising! https://www.facebook.com/BCRNC/photos/a.300741230039426.68513.300727733374109/1014079882038887/?type=3&theater
  11. PSmitty

    Keen-Eye Lou

    Magnificent, your Lou. I know what a hole he leaves behind, but what a fantastic life he had with you.
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