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    Liz, Thank you so much for getting permission to post those pictures. I am amazed! They really are chinchilla, and the genetic "luck" that came into producing them is mind blowing. Well, I think now I can say I have seen a Border Collie in every possible color! (Well maybe not calico!) Tonya
  2. Well, from your "honorary AKC conformation person who doesn't want to argue about that" I'll give you my opinion. Just taping the ears up or gluing them is not really harmful to them, they tend to be more annoyed than anything else. Lots of conformation people do this to get a certain expression in the dogs face. I don't do ears. I tried, and then I tried again, and then I tried again, and then I just decided I am not patient enough, nor do I have the time and energy it requires to do this. With my experience, they play, they come loose, you have to do it again, it's just too much for me, and honestly I don't really care about the dogs ears that much! I would prefer them to be puppies and play and get muddy. And, I also haven't had much luck with it, when I tried it didn't work (maybe that's because I didn't really care in the first place?) Ears will be what ears will be. But if you "want" a dog with a certain type of ear and you "want" to tape, glue them, I don't think it hurts the dog. There are many people in dogs (no Border Collies that I know of) that actually "fix" ears with surgery, which is against AKC rules, but get's done all the time, and I think THAT is horrible! Tonya
  3. Donna, I am so glad you are feeling better! Keep at it, things will look brighter. Blessed Be, Tonya
  4. Denise, I will do my best to answer your questions from my point of view. As Claire said, we all believe things a little bit differently. 1. Ostara? What is it? Seems like an easter sort of thing? Spring celebration? Fasting? Like lent? Ostera is the spring equinox. And Pagans/Wiccans celebrate it as a way of celebrating all that comes from spring. The crops are starting to grow; animals are starting reproduce, etc. ?Easter? eggs are a Pagan tradition. The egg is the perfect form of fertility, and in ancient times they were painted and given as gifts to tell your friends you hope that their life is abundant. They say the Easter egg hunts started when the witch trials started. Since you would be condemned by giving gifts such as this, people ?hid? them for their neighbors. The ?Easter Bunny? is also associated with the Goddess Oestre, and is a sign of fertility. The reason some fast at this time is to cleanse the body of the winter food, much heavier, not as fresh, etc, and to make the body ready for ?fresh? meals. 2. Wicca defines gods and goddesses? Is it based on everything or are there higher gods? I am not entirely sure what you mean by this question either. Most Wiccans believe in a duality of deities, that is you can?t have a male deity without a female one, because if not, where would the male have come from? There is no ?Bible? for Wicca. There is a certain creed, but other than that, you can?t be wrong because your beliefs are a bit different than someone else?s. I personally believe in ?a? God and ?a? Goddess, but I do not give them a certain name, while many do. I also believe in an energy force that is a part of the God and the Goddess and everything else in nature. 3. Is the sex of the god important? Stressed? Observed? Yes, The Goddess is probably more important, because it is from her that life comes from. However most pagans still believe in a duality. 4. How do other religions factor into Wicca? (Many other popular religions spend a lot of their energy putting down other religions and explaining how they are wrong and they are right, etc. How, if at all, does Wicca explain/deal/treat other religions?) Interesting question and I think could be taken a few different ways. I have already said, one of the main things that drew me to Paganism is the fact that it is unheard of to put down other people?s religions. We believe there is a place for everyone. On a different note, I think Catholicism factors greatly into Paganism/Wicca, because in the ancient times, the people who were trying to ?convert? the multitude of Pagans into Christianity realized that by incorporating pagan ideas into Christianity, they would have an easier time with it. One such example is that of the Easter egg and the Easter Bunny! 5. What is the benefit of practicing Wicca? To me, that is like saying, what is the benefit of practicing Christianity? The benefit for me is that it is how ?I? feel connected to the earth and to a ?higher being?. I would say that most people of any religion would say the same about their religion. 6. Why do you feel Wicca is the way for you? I have said before I am more Pagan than actual Wicca. However, I did ?find? Paganism myself, from studying many different religions and for me, it was how I felt. I can?t tell you how it was for me to go through most of my life, picking up a little from that religion and a little from this one, but never really feeling like I ?belonged? anywhere, Then I read a book on Paganism and said, WOW! This is how I felt my whole life, and I never knew this religion was out there and there are other people who feel the same way? WOW! Paganism gives me the opportunity to ?talk? to my Deity, without having to go to church, etc. It suggests that ?God? is all around us, all the time, in everything living. I can cast a circle in my living room, bedroom, or on top of a mountain, and I feel close to my beliefs. 7. How would it benefit others? I don?t think that is a fair question to ask of a Pagan/Wiccan. Because we don?t believe that ?our? religion is the ?right? way for everybody and we don?t believe that you have to believe the exact same as us. I think that it would benefit many others to actually study their own religion and find the goodness in it, instead of the badness. Something that I think Tammy has a great grip on! 8. Why do some of you feel the need to keep it quiet? Well, umm, in ancient times they burned witches at the stake! People do not go that far now, at least I hope, but they do still persecute us. Other religions have taught people to think that we are evil, worship the devil, cast spells and turn people into toads; we sacrifice cats in our backyard rituals, and sell our souls. Which of course, NONE of that is true. But since Pagans/Witches have been persecuted since Christianity came into being, we are just a little ?weary? of what most people will say. I said before I have a son in high school who is graduating this year. He is 5th in his class, an athlete, a national Academic award winner and has applied to many colleges, including MIT. What if the people of this town found out I was Pagan/Wicca and my name ends up in the paper, and etc, etc, etc?. what if MY beliefs harmed his future. I don?t want to do that to him (He is a very old 18, BTW and Agnostic, but doesn?t tell his friends that either.) Besides for me Religion and Paganism is a solitary thing. Okay hope that gives you an idea of my beliefs! Tonya
  5. Tammy, I believe, and don't hold me 100% to this, that the Islamic religion also believes that there is only one true path and one true person to salvation. They believe that Jesus was a prophet and a good man but that Muhammad is the "God" or Allah. And I am of course talking about people who have read the Koran and like you, Tammy, take it for what it means, not the religious zealots who have turned it into a terrorism "how to" book! I also think that while we as Wiccans are afraid to do too much ?sharing? of our beliefs because of persecution, that currently anyone who is a true follower of Islam is, indeed, in a hard spot right now. (My next door neighbors are Pakistani, and extremely nice. EVERY year, they bring a basket of fruit to all their neighbors on Christmas Eve to show their respect for "the American" religion, even though they do not celebrate Christmas, and do celebrate Ramadan. I have always thought they were the type of people that the Koran and Muhammad would have wanted the world to see as to what they believe in) (edited - I of course always accept their gift, and provide them with a small gift of homemade candles as well, even though i don't believe in "Christmas" so to speak. They don't know I am Pagan, and they are just doing something nice.) Tonya PS - if I have made spelling errors on Islamic words, I apologize
  6. Tammy, you are really an amazing person! And while none of us want to "convert" you, look at all you have learned. I hope all the other "crafty folk" agree with me on this, but one of the main beliefs in Wicca is that you do not EVER wish someone evil. Because if you do, it will come back to you three times over. (That is not the exact creed, but I am loosely stating that so that everyone can understand) So, by your ignoring those statements said to you, seeing that "karma" worked it's way into that person's life, and still "praying" for them, you have experienced what we believe, without even knowing it. Blessed be to you Tammy! And may your God bless you as well! Tonya
  7. Donna, I was teasing about how this thread went from Border Collies, to Depression, to religion! But on the positive side in that, I can see a difference in your posts already. Just having something else to talk about and someone to talk about it with is good for depression. And find YOUR faith again, and use it to YOUR best interests. Someone else mentioned exercise. YUCK! Who wants to do that? Especially when you are feeling depressed? However, it does help. And I knew I could not "pick myself up" and join a gym and work out everyday, but what I did was to start with stretching. My own "Yoga, since I am not trained in Yoga. I worked this into my spiritual times. First taking the time to stretch all my muscles out, listening to wellness music, with a candle and incense burning. Then I went on to my spiritual part of the day. It was really amazing, how the stretching helped me in the beginning, taking a small step instead of a big one, and encouraged me to do a bit more than just stretching. And I include this in my spiritual time everyday, believing that I have the right and the need to keep my body healthy. So instead of trying a marathon, stretching might be a good start! Tonya From the other side of the ?pond?, who will light a candle for you tonight!
  8. I guess I am really more "Pagan" than Wicca; however I do use certain Wicca, let?s just say, "things" in my faith. I think that the above statement is what drew me to Paganism. It is mostly taught in Paganism, and Wicca is a form of Paganism, that to try to "push" your beliefs on someone else is wrong, and to have respect for all people and their faiths. In fact the first book I read on it, recommended studying as many religions as possible, to better acquaint yourself with them. I do believe that Jesus was a person, and was an incredible person, I wish I had the forgiveness that he did. However, I don't believe he was the son of God, and that is just MY opinion. I don't believe in hell, I do believe in some sort of afterlife, and I believe that ALL good people will be there, not just those who believe what I believe. I am VERY careful about talking about my religion to anyone, because I too have been ridiculed and such for it. My son is in high school, and we live in a pretty Christian based city and I would not want MY beliefs to have any effect on how people treat him. To me, faith is a "private" matter. That?s just what I believe. However, Tammy, I respect you, for your beliefs as well. And I do appreciate the fact that while you don't understand, you are not nasty about it. Funny how a depression topic on a Border Collie list turned into religion! Tonya
  9. Tonya


    Melanie, Sigh. I am sorry someone told you this. Just don't lump us all in the same catagory, okay? Solo is a beautiful dog. "bad" ears or not! Tonya
  10. Julie, I am glad I helped, it would have been such a shame for you to put your poor unsound dog down. But hey, I almost put my whole breeding program down too! Pat Hastings.... won't go there! But I was sure that was who we were all talking about. Slipped hocks is a "real" issue, but I have only seen a few dogs with it and personally, I have not seen a Border Collie with it. Tonya
  11. Laurie and all, I am laughing at this thread. But laughing with you, not at you! I long time ago I went to a seminar where "slipped" hocks were described as well. I went with a bunch of other Border Collie (AKC) folks, and after that, gosh, every dog, and litter of puppies we tried this with had "slipped hocks!" "Oh my heavens! All our dogs were defective!" Of course, that couldn't have been true and so I did some researching and wrote the seminar presenter and found out we were all testing the dogs incorrectly! Slipped hocks is really just a term for "double jointed", so no, it's not a problem the vet can fix. I would highly doubt that anyone of your dogs have them. It would make working on a full time basis too hard for them. Once you have seen someone go over a dog that "really" has slipped hocks, you will understand. When looking for it, stand your dog still, with his back legs in a "natural position", just behind him, and "gently" push the hock in until you feel resistance. That is the key word. You can literally push just about any dog?s hocks in, if you push hard enough! If you hit any resistance point, no slipped hocks. A dog with slipped hocks has no resistance at all and the hock is just gushy. Hope that helps! Tonya
  12. Merry meet, and Merry part, and Merry meet again to both of you! Tonya
  13. Tonya


    Hi there everyone! I am doing some catching up on reading and replying and this discussion has brought a few questions and comments to mind for me. Starting from the beginning~ Liz, I am completely interested in these pictures. I have never seen a ?chinchilla? colored Border Collie, and I didn?t even know that it existed in the breed. I have seen a LOT of colors, but not this one. Melanie, I have to agree and disagree with you on this one. There are not many conformation breeders who breed solely for color that is right. However, many conformation breeders like this color or that and do try to get that color, while continuing to breed for other things they believe are important. And many conformation breeders prefer black and white. I have seen a couple of ?AKC? breeders who breed for color, but they are not what I would call ?show? breeders, or responsible breeders either. As far as tolerance in the ring for color, it really just does depend. Some judges won?t put up a colored dog to save their life (and this is not just for Border Collies) and some will. I have merle dogs, just by accident that I started breeding them, and a few years after that I was kind of considered a ?merle? breeder, however, that was in no way what I was breeding for. And I have seen prejudice in the ring toward merles, but I have also won over many black and white dogs. Again, it really just depends on the judge. Julie, yes many ?show? breeders do glue ears. And what you have seen is a ?sample? of breeders. The reason this is done is for expression. Remember, in a show ring the dog only has a few minutes to make his presence known, and so expression is sometimes helpful. Personally, I gave up trying to change ears quite a while back, because I don?t have the time, patience or will to do it. It also really never worked very well for me! And I also realized that if I ?fix? ears, then I don?t know what I have. So I just gave up. Ears are just not that important to me. As far as being told you should ?trim? your dog, here or there, I would hope that whoever told you this was thinking you were going to show the dog. Again, we are talking about a show ring, and a nicely groomed dog looks better in two minutes, than an untrimmed one. Having said that, I have trimmed ears and done grooming before I have shown my dogs, but? if you were to stop by unannounced, OH MY. You would find ungroomed, probably muddy, definitely smelling of good ole Virginia earth dogs. I kind of treat my dogs like I did my children, and figure they are happier when they are dirty! Most ?conformation? people I know don?t keep up grooming on dogs they are not currently showing. And actually the thoughts about not seeing many smooths in the ring are right now being considered by many show people. Elizabeth, okay I have heard the black mouth thing, but not the whiskers thing, are you kidding? Eileen, Okay I looked in the mouth of my 10 ? year old, love of my life, I might add, who is a fluffy show dog and he has a completely black palette. Now, He saw sheep for the first time at 5, and ummm, unless you are looking for a sheltie to bark the sheep around and around in circles, I would have to say he showed absolutely NO instinct or ability at all! It was funny, because he never barks otherwise. He does have children and grandchildren that are herding, but I will be honest and say that I never bred him for his working ability, and his offspring have not yet been tested to the degree that you would consider real working ability. I have seen the data and I tend to agree with you on this Denise. Northof49, I am assuming you are kidding on this one as well. However? out of all the Border Collie?s I have owned, the one who showed the most ability on sheep (and no I am not even sort of trying to say she was in league with real working dogs!) crossed her paws when she laid down and that is a genetic factor she has thrown off to her children and grandchildren. They all do it and I find that genetic trait very interesting. (The crossing of paws) So I guess that just goes to show that all of these myths are just that; myths. Mark, I wonder this as well. A few years back there was a very well used obedience stud dog that was not diagnosed with unilateral deafness until he was much older and had produced many children. If I remember correctly, there were offspring from him that had the same problem, and that is why he was tested. He was a top winning obedience dog, and most people recognized that he was so willing to work for his owner that he overcame his ?disability? and no one ever knew. Do any of you guys BEAR test? I do not and I know that most conformation breeders here don?t either. It is expensive and hard to find. I do also know that most show breeders in the UK DO BEAR test. And maybe I will try and ask them if they have any sort of statistics on that. Anyway, this has been an interesting discussion, thanks for all who posted. And let me say I put my two cents in about the ?conformation? thing, not to start an argument, but to give you a point of view from ?the other side?. I guess I prefer black and white, but I do like all colors. I guess I just like all Border Collies! Tonya
  14. Donna, I am new to these boards, and I don't even know you, but honey, I feel your pain. I have had clinical depression and anxiety my whole life and I know what it is like. And it should help you to see so many other people on this board admitting their problems with depression as well. Depression is NOT something to be ashamed of. And by admitting it you are on the road to recovery. There are many ways of treating it, meds, therapy, holistic, faith and a few I am sure I am forgetting about. You just need to continue to find what works best for you. I also agree with Miztiki on the faith thing. She said she knew you were not Christian, and neither am I. I did not turn to the bible (not putting ANYONE who does down) but found my own faith and worked hard on it and it helped me A LOT! (I also take meds, but finding your own faith and believing in something can really help as well) I also want to say for myself, and I would think I speak for everyone who has posted here, if you ever, ever, ever... need someone to talk to, find one of us online, support from friends and family is imperative! Hang in there! Tonya
  15. Denise, I wish I could, but I am up in Manassas, and that is too far for me to drive in one day. However, I am sure I will meet you sometime in the future and this time I will introduce myself! My son is graduating this spring and then I am free to go wherever I want, which has not been decided yet, except that it won't be a city! Anybody got a room for rent? I have reproductive and regular vet tech experience and experience worming and herding up goats! Tonya
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