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  1. We are hosting another Patrick Shannahan clinic October 17-19, 2014 at the McLeish Farm in Portage, Wisconsin. If you're interested please email me for an entry form LauraLWentz at aol.com Thanks! Laura
  2. Laura L


    What a beautiful tribute to Tex. It's obvious how much you both meant to each other. I've got tears in my eyes too. I'm glad that you had so many years together and it sounds like you met someone special because of him, what a wonderful thing! Laura
  3. From the breeder's website: **Starting in 2011 I have switched our dogs and cats to an All Natural RAW (Prey model) diet.. I understand that this is not an option/decision for everyone. I will need to know ahead of time if you would *NOT* like your puppy exposed to a RAW diet. In the past I have had puppies raised on Blue Buffalo Wilderness/mixed with the puppy formula. This is my second choice and it is usually widely available at most Big Box Petstores** It does not say that she is only feeding chicken thighs and pumpkin. Lots of red flags though with colors of puppies and that "our dogs can do it all" bullsh!t without any proof that backs it up. Please take your puppy into the vet for a full check up and blood tests. eta: At almost 5 months your puppy should be a bundle of energy. Hopefully it's something that's easy to fix and good luck! Laura
  4. Great pictures Kristen, all of them! I have lamb envy right now too. Thanks for the fix. Inslutfully yours, Laura
  5. Bottom of the Mountain SDT (Saturday) Nursery 6 runs 1. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 71 2. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 61 3. Rose M. Anderson & Belle 57 4. Diana Antlitz & Brynn 52 Novice 1, 7 runs 1. John Kellner & Sam 65 2. Donna Huntington & Shae 41 3. Mike Poulos & Ridge 40 4. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 36 Pro-Novice 20 runs 1. Rose M. Anderson & Chaps 71 2. Chuck Hoffman & Sweep 70 3. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 67 4. Samantha Jones & Meg 66 5. Nancy Flynn & Bruce 63 6. Merry Russell & Lilly 59 Novice 2, 5 runs 1. Donna Huntington & Shae 53 2. Mike Poulos & Ridge 42 Top of the Mountain SDT (Sunday) Pro-Novice 18 runs 1. Merry Russell & Lily 79 2. Rose Anderson & Bitti 73 3. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 73 4. Rose Anderson & Chaps 72 5. Hixie Bernardon & Lad 67 6. Paul Henning & Ken 65 Novice 1, 6 runs 1. John Kellner & Sam 65 2. Nicole Smith & River 52 3. Vicki Kreiter & Teak 51 Nursery 7 runs 1. Jennifer Boznos & Tony 77 2. Rose Anderson & Belle 74 3. Polly Simpson & Picca 70 4. Diana Antlitz & Brynn 49 5. Ronnie Bingham & Cinch 40 Novice 2, 5 runs 1. Hixie Bernardon & Tate 68 2. Vicki Kreiter & Teak 53 3. Janis Reuter & Bryn 44 We would like to thank everyone who came and ran their dogs. Thanks to John Wentz for judging, Marissa Wentz & Patti Wentz for the lunches. Vicki Kreiter and Sharon Woolman for scribing. Susane & Chuck Hoffman and Merry Russell for exhausting. A big thank you to Samantha Jones & Janet Henning for spotting on Saturday. Laura
  6. Offering novice, pro-novice and nursery classes. April 7 will be at the McLeish Farm in Portage, Wisconsin. April 8 will be at John Wentz's in Portage, Wisconsin. Entries will open March 26. For more information or an entry form please contact [email protected] Laura
  7. Thank you for pointing this out, it is annoying having to scroll thru everything that's already been said. Laura
  8. Sue, I don't always know what I'm doing. Really. I got the proof in a picture-5 sheep running willy nilly back to the flock. I even posted the picture. Zoe was probably muttering "[email protected]$$" when she was trying to keep the 5 from getting back. She had flanked around to try to stop them and I made her get back behind them. Sometimes the dog knows more than the person about stock handling... Laura
  9. Well I did cheat and use my beloved point & shoot which not only will auto focus but it also automatically does the ISO and shutterspeed. Otherwise it wasn't too bad. When I was taking the cow pictures I had a curry comb in one hand and the camera in the other because I had been grooming the bull. Laura
  10. The second time around we just worked a medium sized group of sheep. After a break we went down to sort 3 cattle that were leaving Monday. There was one steer out in the field. When I walked out to get him in, most of the cows followed me out. Rex wondering "Why are we going out again?" Zoe going around to stop the cows. The cows know she will bite if she has to, so they turn. We got the 3 sorted off, let everyone else back out. Monday we hauled the 3 to the sale barn. No real problems with the cattle, but the truck on the way home was another story. Laura
  11. We shed off about half of the flock and walked them back down the field. Eventually we were down to 11 sheep. Then just 5. We drove them around a bit, then I called Zoe back and sent her on an outrun. Note to self: if you have the rest of the flock behind you somewhere the sheep will not stop at your feet. Especially if you keep Zoe from going around because she can see them running back to the others. Sometimes you should shut up and trust your dog. She was probably swearing at me here. I did call her off and we started over. Considering how excited I can get, she handled it well & didn't grip at any time. A big accomplishment for us both. continued again...
  12. Instead of going to the clinic this weekend I stayed home to do some much needed chores. First on the list Saturday was scraping the sheep and cattle yards with the Bobcat. February 4 is a record date for a first time to do that in winter. Not much snow and fairly warm temperatures so far. All the dogs are out when we're doing chores. Shot while the bucket was up (it blocked the sun nicely). And yes, I always have the camera with me. The cows as the sun was going down. Rissa had thrown down hay for the sheep so we were almost done. Sunday the sheep got put out in the field because I wanted to work Zoe (thank you Sue for inspiring me to do this!). We were also going to sort a few cattle that were getting shipped on Monday. Having the sheep out gives me an extra pen. When we're moving the big group if Zoe is too close then she has to keep tucking int he sides because they string out. The left side (with Artie & Ivy): The right side: continued...
  13. Always beautiful pictures Kristi. I love the last one, it's my absolute favorite! Laura
  14. I love reading your updates and seeing the pictures. All those cute little lambs! You inspired me to actually go out and work Zoe on Sunday. Thanks Sue. And Zoe thanks you too! Laura
  15. Sue, I'm so glad that you're back out with Anna this year and willing to share your story and photos with us. It's important to remember that no matter how long any of us have been working there are the occasional bad days to go with the many good ones. Just try to carry the lesson over from the bad day and go on with it. Kristen is right, it's a blessing to have that much work! So much better than just drilling lessons into them You do a great job of taking pictures while working and I know how hard that can be. Keep posting! Laura
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