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  1. Please help, our beautiful pure breed puppy (male) has already started sexual behavior with other dogs. Also, quite disturbingly it has started sexual behaviour with our legs also! It has tried on numerous occasials humping our legs and arms and we are worried bout this considering the pup isnt even 9 weeks old! Im not sure if its relevent but the pup is also very nippy and behaves poorly. I constantly tries to bite,even when disiplined as is becoming quite a handfull. We understand the biting problem and know this can be addressed but hope somebody can help with our puppys sexual urges.
  2. Rusty (male)has been extremely restless and naughty. Although he is only 8 weeks old, he constantly nips at your hand when you pat him, doesn't stop nipping even when saying "ouch" loudly, clapping or saying "no". Is this normal puppy behaviour? Our previous BC (female)did not do this at 8 weeks of age.
  3. What is the best way to train a BC puppy to stay within the boundaries of a 2 1/2 acr property with no fence? Fences are prohibited where i live in the bush, but i do not like the idea of tying him up? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. My 8 week old male BC loves to lick and nibble at your face. Problem is we don't want him to grow up doing this as an adult dog. Does anyone have any advice? Also was told that eukabana food is very good but how does this compare to fresh meat and veg?
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