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  1. Sending good wishes and vibes your way, Paula. Regards, Deb
  2. Nancy, So very sorry to hear about Kit's scary health problems. We're sending you positive vibes and thinking about you. Hang in there! Regards, Deb
  3. It really was a terrific weekend and the weather was not too bad this year. Several of the handlers told me they were hoping the cloud cover would stay on Monday and even wished for "a little bit" of rain. (Can you say "dusty"?) Not the usual Soldier Hollow downpour, though - just enough to keep the dust down. Tough, tough and cranky sheep this year, though. Skiba, thanks for supporting the Western Border Collie Booth! We had a terrific location this year and got to give folks information on Border Collies and answer a lot of questions, in addition to making a little money for our Border Collies. If you go again next year, be sure to ask for Deb at the WBCR booth and introduce yourself. The number one question this year was: "Why did the competitors shave some of their Border Collies? To make them cooler?" (Which, of course, lead to a discussion about smooth coats v. rough coats.) At least half of the folks who asked about the coats believed it was because the Border Collie had to be a "mix". There were a high percentage of smoothies running the field this year and it was fun to see the variety of dogs on the hill.
  4. Oh Mary, so sorry to hear about poor Ollie's troubles. Sending get well wishes from snowy and cold Utah. Wishing you the best. Regards, Deb
  5. A belated Happy Gotcha Day to Nellie. What a pretty girl she is (and a lucky one, too).
  6. Sorry to hear about Skip, Linda. It just tears me up to hear them cough so much. I hope he gets over it soon. I'm glad that Tucker is feeling better, though. I have a 13 yr. old foster dog, Boots, who is battling a terrible case of kennel cough at the moment and even after 5 days on doxy has gotten steadily worse and won't eat or drink (despite many tempting treats, fluids, etc.) This morning I finally had to take her to the ER vet and ask for Clavamox and Baytril and have sub-q fluids. I'm crossing my fingers that this will help the poor dear out. Hang in there! Regards, Deb
  7. Elo is beautiful and has a lovely, graceful body. Congratulations on your new addition and thank you for rescuing!
  8. A very happy belated B-Day to Oliver. Best wishes for many more!!!
  9. I love the pictures, Kristi. I like to take pictures at the stock tank, too. Many terrific photo opportunities there (and lots of doggies smiles).
  10. I interviewed for a job down in Phoenix years ago -- I didn't have air conditioning in my car and decided at that moment that 108-112 was way too much! (I turned the job down.) My dogs are wusses and wouldn't make it in that heat, I'm afraid. Nice pictures and your dogs look great! (Of course, SLC is not exactly a temperate climate, so the ol' swamp cooler is running on high tonight).
  11. A very happy belated B-Day to handsome Dexter Morgan, Hoot and the rest of the Peanuts gang!
  12. Your dogs and your photos are most awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Gibbs and Shoshone look quite a bit alike! Gibbs does look happy. Congratulations to Ruth!
  14. Way to go, Olivia! I'm pulling for the little ones. They are both adorable and are obviously getting great care. Good luck and improved immune systems. Regards, Deb
  15. Looks like a fun event with some good looking dogs. Very nice pictures.
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