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  1. Dash is 18 weeks old today. My BF said I should let him ride with his head out the car window so his ears would "blow" the other way for a while. Jodi, Too bad I never get to go to the Boise area with my BF. He is down there several times a year since his kids and grandkids all live in the Boise "area". (Actually Melba and Kuna.) But someone (ME) has to stay here and take care of the horses and bulls.
  2. Very cute puppy and LOVE it when their ears have that look. Here are my "weird ears" pictures.
  3. I don't know about Border Collies in particular, but in most other breeds reputable breeders that I know have retired their females from breeding before age 9.
  4. I know. I can't believe how fat he is growing. He weighed 13 lbs at 9 weeks. (And was a little "chubby".) He is now "lean and mean" but still weighs 25.5 lbs at 17 weeks.
  5. Here are some more new pictures of Dash. (17 weeks old.)
  6. Yeah, the ears look like he was caught in a wind storm. My BF said maybe I should let him ride with his head out the car window so his ears would "blow" the other way for a while.
  7. Here are a few new pictures. The other dog in the picture is Wrangler. My 6yo Heeler/Aussie mix.
  8. Olivia. I theory(sp) you are correct. But as you know it is still a "crap shoot". You may or may not get merles and/or reds. Just depends on what genes the pups get. But with that cross you COULD get red and blue merle as well as solid red and black.
  9. No. Even when breeding 2 merles together, you have a 25% chance of getting pups that are non merle . 25% chance of homozygous merle (2 merle genes) 50% chance heterozygous merle (1 merle gene) 25% non merle. (no merle genes) The about is of course assuming that neither parent is homozygous merle. If one parent IS homozygous, then you have no chance of a non merle.
  10. Just an update. Today Dash weighed 25.5lbs. He will be 17 weeks on Saturday.
  11. Yes. From the highest point of the shoulder blades to the ground.
  12. He's funny to watch play "2 ball". He has 1 ball in his mouth and pushes another one around with his feet. Then he puts them under the couch, behind the chair, or under the table and tries to get them out. Unfortunately hs is NOT "clumbsy". He is WAY too athletic for a puppy his age. (or ANY age for that matter.)
  13. Thanks for the reply. Dash weighed 13.5 lbs 4 weeks ago. So he gained 4 lbs in 3 weeks. (Since his last "weigh in" was last week.) He was also on the "chunky" side when I got him. But is now lean and "racey looking".
  14. I know that there can be a HUGE variation in size with puppies AND adults. I'm just curious as to the size that other folks puppies are/were at the 3 months? Dash is 14 weeks old today and is just a hair under 16 inches tall. A week ago (at 13 weeks obviously ) he weighed 17.5 lbs.
  15. Here are some new pictures of my boy. He is 14 weeks old today. Giving the tennis ball the "eye".
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