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  1. I like Nylabone's Big Chew Toys...they are huge, and come in shapes of turkey legs, beef bones or ham/steak. Virtually indestructible and worth the 25 bucks I paid for each one! (My dogs are crazy chewers and it's been 3 mths but both are still unable to annihilate those chews.)
  2. I'm in Edmonton. 2.5hrs north of Calgary. Is that too far for ya to drive to? I have a 16mth old spayed BC(21",39lbs) and a 3yr old neutered husky/mal X (28", 67lbs) Both love other dogs (the BC more so).
  3. Congrats on your new addition! I named my Husky Kindle -- as in kindling a fire...I usually shorten it to Kin in agility and it works great. It'll be cool to have a "name twin"! lol
  4. Banff and Lake Louise are spectacular...I have some great pictures of my dogs there with the lake and mountains as background. Don't forget to check out Lake Morraine (in Lake Louise) too!
  5. Claire, My one dog used to be really slow (walking) in weaves. He's 100% accurate but just slow. What I did was go back to channels. He's really food motivated so I put a little container of treats at the end, got him all hyped out while holding him back and then finally releasing him thru the channels with a "go get your cookies!" and me racing to the treat container as well. After a while, I took the channels away and it was back to a normal straight line weave. Still, I did the same thing with the food container at the end. And he had to weave really fast to get to the food. Also, I don't treat unless he's fast thru the weaves. That's cuz he knows how to do them. For Bailey, I might get him to actually be 100% accurate on weaving first. I've tried it with toys at the end and it works for me as well.
  6. My husky is as noisy as Gonzo! Here's a video of him playing with my BC. It's their first play session after waking up in the morning so they are particularly frisky. Usually, as the day wears on, they become more subdued and my husky is usually the one on the floor with the BC dragging him across the room. And him groaning non stop of course.
  7. My male dog's left testicle didn't descend at his 4mth old check up but by the time he was booked for neuter( at 6mths), it had already descended.
  8. LOL my dogs still act like that and they've been together for more than a year! (one's 3 and the other is 15mths)
  9. That would be me. I have a Mal/husky as well and last winter, I trained my BC to pull a sled. She only weighs 30 some pounds but then again, we only do recreational sledding (not long distance). To be honest, my BC was better than my husky at sledding.
  10. Carson Crazies, Thanks for the clarification. I just called my vet's office and they said they don't do titres. But the tech told me that my dog's upcoming vaccination (he's almost 3)will be his second adult booster and that will last for 3 years. So he won't be due again till 2009. Definitely feel better now.
  11. I have a dilemma. My dog's annual vet visit is next week and I had wanted to do a titre test instead. But we are going away next month and he needs to be boarded and they require up to date vaccinations (including parvo, distemper).
  12. Right now I have 2 dogs, a BC and a Malamute. And I don't necessarily think that my BC is way smarter than my Mal, just that she learns faster and is more bidding. For example, when I taught the dogs how to stand on a stool and walk around it with just their back feet, my BC got it in <5 tries. My Mal took significantly longer. 2 days I think?. Also, both my dogs compete in agility. Sure my Mal is not as fast and driven as my BC, but he is still very accurate and reliable and Q's on occasion. I guess I'm saying that both my dogs can achieve the same end results but my BC can definitely do it in a shorter time. In my eyes, that doesn't make my Mal any less smarter than my BC. Just slower I'm biased. I have a soft spot for my sucky baby boy The downside for me is that BCs are so full of energy and need constant activities to excercise their minds. My friends actually call my BC "the dog with ADD". My Mal on the other hand, just wants to sleep all day. LOL.
  13. I have a male dog that was neutered at 6mths and has never lifted a leg to pee (he does a semi spread eagle instead) or marked until recently. It started a couple of mths ago at age 2.5 and he will occasionally mark a fence post or tree stump at the dog park. If I catch him in the act, a stern "Leave it" command will get him to put his leg down. One time I actually pushed his leg down and becuz he still had tons of pee in him, he continued peeing with both feet on the ground but his pee shooting off sideways! LOL.
  14. As an aside, Stanley Coren is a great guy. He was my psych professor at UBC and many of his books on dogs are awesome (eg: How Dogs Think; How to Speak Dog etc etc).
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