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  1. Miz, We are sending all the good vibes we can your way. Give Boy a kiss and a pat from us and know that we are thinking of you all.
  2. Thanks all, it just tickles me that he is so up and happy. He is a totally different dog then when we first met him. Isn't it amazing how forgiving and loving they are! Bless his old bones I hope he is with us a few more years at least. We are off to the vet Sat morning for our rescheduled geriatric appointment.
  3. I posted a couple of not too good Buddy pictures in the gallery.
  4. He is such a great old man! For those of you that don't know, Buddy came with the house we just bought, the seller's were just going to put this 13 year old gentlemen down. We couldn't let that happen. He has spent all his life outside in a dog run. But not anymore, he is great in the house and is really enjoying the attention. Buddy and Briar are getting along great and he and Rob are working on their relationship. Rob is top dog and reminds Buddy not to envade his personal space (a simple grumble does the trick). We have to manage feeding time but other than that they are doing well together. Rob invites Buddy to play and they bound around like puppies every now and then. He doesn't know what toys are and up until last night he showed no interest. Last night he took a stuffed toy from Briar and played a very brief session of keep-away with her. Another great sign last night was that he and Rob layed down back to back at my feet. In the doggie world this is a sign of trust and that just made my day!
  5. I snapped these off before leaving the house this morning. Don't think Buddy appreciated the flash . I will try and get some better ones tonight. Buddy Dog and Briar's behind. Rob Dog and Bud Dog
  6. We use 50 foot lead and a long runner rope around two trees. I put harnesses on the dogs that way the leads don't get tangled around their legs. We slip the leads through the runner rope and this allows them the freedom to walk all over camp and not even realize they are leashed up.
  7. Welcome and Roxie is very cute~
  8. We have a large fenced dog yard at the new place, now that we have extended it out to meet up with the side garage entrance. I put in two dog doors, one into the garage from the yard and one from the garage into the house. The dogs are free to come and go from the house to the yard as they please. But mostly when we aren't home they just chill out and nap. We leave the toy box out and come home to them spread all over the house. Briar is my outside sun soaker. She loves to lay in the yard and watch the goings on. Rob will run out to potty then he's right back in and Buddy seems to be following his lead. Poor old man spent his whole life outside, he is kinda diggin' this inside stuff.
  9. Sounds like a great day you had Kris. Jo, he is a very dapper fellow and looks so very happy!
  10. Probably missing her litter mates and being squished in there made her feel more secure. Very cute.
  11. I am so glad Abbie's through this okay. Our Briar swallowed a treble hook, (three barbs and supposedly the better hook to have in this situation, because they don't get hung up as easy) while we were camping two years ago. We raced down the mountain to a vet who xrayed and confirmed it was in her tummy. Being a mountain vet he had seen this a lot. Told us to bulk her up with hamburger and rice and start carrying rubber gloves. I was ready to pack up and go home but he gave us his home number and assured us she would pass it. SHE DID. I am so sorry Abbie had to go through surgery and so very glad she is okay!
  12. Great Pix! Brava Kessie you look great out there.
  13. I love these first time stories, they take me back to Rob and me our first time out. Ain't it a kick watching her do what she was meant too. Look out you'll both get hooked real fast! Way to go Kessie!!
  14. I wish I had never taught Rob to open the fridge. (It is not cute) I wish I had known all the things I have learned here on the boards before we adopted. (But thanks, guys, you have all really helped make my dogs happy, confident and content!) I wish I had started training on sheep with Rob sooner than we did. I wish Briar would forget there are such things as balls and frisbees. I wish Rob and Briar and Buddy could stay the way they are right now and when the time comes we could all go to the bridge together, because I can't imagine my life without them.
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