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  1. YES! That's the one. She loves it. I didn't buy the treats that go with it (seemed expensive for such a small amount, knowing how fast she'd go through it) but I did buy her some type of milk bone treats and I also have put her kibble in it. She also loves just tossing it around playing.
  2. Thanks for tips Rebecca. Yes, I think its pretty mentally challenging for her to get her food out of the ball. She figured out a pattern.. pick up, toss, roll, treats. lol It gives her a nice quiet activity to do in the evening atleast!
  3. Tonight I went to Petsmart, and got my dog a big orange ball with teeth grips, it has one single hole in it, for treats. I decided to fill the ball up with her kibble and let her wiggle it out for dinner. She loved doing it and it took her about an hour of playing before she was satisfied. My boyfriend thinks its not very nice to make her work that hard for her dinner, but she absolutely loved the challenge. Thanks also to Keith about the rug idea. She already has several rugs so I will start arranging them in spots for her. .
  4. Freezing a kong.. now THAT is a wonderful idea. I'm going to go try it right now. LOL I think she knows cats are a no-no, but it is kind of like, "OK mom, I will quit chasing them, but I must keep an eye on them to make sure nothing goes wrong that needs my assistance". So she stares, and stares, and will even walk behind them slowly in a non-threatening way, just staring. So I will work on this too as well as her toy obsession.
  5. LOL I guess you are right with that. On the subject of cats, we are constantly saying "No!" or "Leave the cats alone", etc. because she STARES. Luckily my cats don't run, but her staring makes them a little uneasy. So in that situation, I should just put her away as soon as she does it, and she'll understand what the punishment is for? And maybe someone can recommend a good treat toy that she can work at. We have a kong and I fill it with a mix of peanut butter, bits of carrots, and meaty dog treats but thats sometimes too messy for the floors outside her room, and she works her kong so well that the game is done within 5 minutes.
  6. Loretta, I just posted what happens when her toys are up. She will whine, etc. And I also give her time outs when she doesn't listen to my "Be quiet" command. On her last strike, I'll usually say "Be quiet...or you'll go to your ROOM".... And then if she continues to whine, I say "Ok, your going to your ROOM" and then immediatly put her up. So, I'm trying to teach her words so that I can give her little fore warnings before I actually have to "punish" her.
  7. Thanks all. I enjoyed reading all of the tips! I'll give them a try! I like the "all done!" command, that would be very easy to remember. I have one other question though, sometimes when her toys are put up, she will start whining. I have taught her to whine at the door for potty, but she will simply be gazing around the room whining as if she's thinking "Gosh I need to find something to DO!" so its certainly not her potty cue - What do I do for that? What I've done so far, I don't know if it is correct, is I will say "SHHH! Be Quiet!" and I will repeat myself only once, and then I will put her away in her room. Then bring her out to try again a few minutes later. I really would like her to just settle in during the evening, chew a bone, lay on the bed, etc.
  8. Columbia, she definatly has grip. It is just a bummer when she's tugging on a small toy, then goes to adjust her grip by taking in an extra inch... because there goes our poor fingers! But she's gotten a lot better, and now kind of "flings" the ball at us to drop it, and I usually ask for a "sit" before I throw it so that she has a controlled run to the ball, and doesn't wind up smacking into a wall or something due to the excitement
  9. Thanks Rebecca, I will try that. She has a bed she lays on in a corner, we just haven't mastered the "lay" part while she's on the bed, she thinks its more suitable to sit up. Do you suppose its better to give the dog long fulfilling games, or short quick ones to make them temporarily happy? I often have wondered if her obsessiveness comes from maybe her worrying the game will be too short lived. I give her both long and short games, but indoors of course it has to be pretty short.
  10. Thanks for the response. Mine just now started bringing me the ball. We would say "Drop it" twice, and after strike 2, we would make it obvious we are not happy and leave the game. So she just now started actually dropping it. Sometimes she will snatch it from us though when the hand movement excites her.
  11. Hi all, I am hoping you all may be able to give me some suggestions for teaching my 7m/o BC some "manners" with her toys. Our biggest problem right now, is probably her not being able to understand when her game is over. We exercise her very often, and even after an exhausting day, if a toy is near she will continue to play play play. We would like to teach her a command such as "That'll do", to end the game. I have been trying to do so, but all I get is VERY intense stares on her part, she will literally stare at me for 20-30 minutes as I walk around the house, sometimes shoving toys in my lap, or the occasional demanding bark. How can I get her to understand the game is over and to settle down for the evening? Any tips are appreciated, thanks.
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