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  1. Envy wanted to ask for some help in a photo contest she is currently in. For those of you that have facebook, you can help! 1. Go to Pet Portraits by Ron Krajewski and "Like" his page. 2. Find the picture of Envy (shown below), I believe it is picture number 9. ( http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1769294440075&set=a.1769291760008.213443.1470630066#!/photo.php?fbid=189975167693030&set=a.189934714363742.46765.183355805021633 <--Her picture) 3. Click "Like" to submit your vote for her. We really appreciate it! The picture of Envy in the contest^ Right now she is losing to a Bulldog... (and I'm not saying they're not cute, but come on, a Border Collie should totally win, right? ) Thanks!
  2. I haven't been over on this board in a longg timee. Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I have Riley my black tri, Rebel my red merle, and Envy, who joined the gang back in January. Anyway, here are some pictures of Envy from today
  3. ahhhhh! I would have SUCH a hard time choosing between tri girl and b&w D girl (The Devil)- GOD she is CUTE!
  4. Riley Rebel and the new guy, Rowan, say hello! I haven't been over here in ages! (mostly because I forgot my password, but somehow, I just remembered it lol) Some of you may remember Riley and Rebel. Rowan was supposed to be my foster (I foster for a rescue group while at school) but, believe it or not my parents decided that they HAD to have him... so he's now part of the pack. He came from kentucky, where he was found as a stray. Apprently the neighbors started shooting at him because he was chasing their chickens, and when he was finally caught, they brought him to a kill shelter. He's about 8 1/2 months old. (the little red and white guy) Not many pictures but I thought it was a cute series lol. I was only home for the day about a week ago.... can't wait for break! Rebel with his eyes on his prize... Going in for the steal Rowan puts up a bit of a fight, but... he's no match for Rebel. Happy Rebel, sulking puppy So he cries And Rebel brings it back to share :wink: andddd a new family picture. Wish this woulda came out better... but Rowan doesn't know what 'stay' means lol. He's also not too thrilled about the fact that Rebel decided to .. well... sit on him. And Rileys eye is closed. oh well. I like a group shot of 3 better then 2... but 4 would be perfect. I know exactly what I'm looking for and have gotten the OK, its just a matter of waiting until the right dog comes around now.
  5. While browsing e-bay, I came acorss the cutest little puppy picture on a mouse-pad.... and I'm pretty sure its our Border Collie Board's own Dazzle? http://cgi.ebay.com/Mouse-Pad-BORDER-COLLI...1QQcmdZViewItem Just figured I'd make you aware, Kat. Not sure if this person was given permission to use your pictures? (Heck, I could be completely wrong and it may be a friend?)
  6. Awesome shot! And what a gorgeous dog! I noticed your in northeastern PA... I am too Where abouts are you?
  7. Adelmo is one handsome pooch! Kyrasmom, what kind of camera do you use? Wonderful pictures! Great Pictures everyone, Its nice to see nice green grass again!
  8. He sure is adorable! Reminds me of my Riley as a pup, way to cute!
  9. Oh my goodness LOOK at that puppy! She is stunning, really! She also reminds me ALOT of Rebel.... Very cute, please do post more picturs!
  10. what Rebel would look like with prick ears (the wind caught them) both laying down ahh. As the tennis ball magically appears in my hand, Rebel's body seems to slowly levitate..lol Thats All!
  11. lol, Rebel telling Riley that the tennis ball is 'HIS'
  12. How about some high flying/ diving dogs? more
  13. Well, depending on how much you get.... FLOODING! Last night through this morning we've accumulated just over 2 inches of rain (says the weatherman ) Now, thats alot of rain. The roads were horrible this morning with all of the puddles & flooding... and when I came home, parts of out back yard were flooded also. We do however, have a secition between our yard and our neighbors yard in which a trench? like hole was dug 8 years ago when we first moved in. We dug it as per request of a farmer who's crops lay bordering our yard. With the hill, all of the run off water would flow down and wipe out his crops, so with the trench? like hole, it catches it and holds it until it absorbs into the ground and or evaporates. So, in other words... its Full, and Riley and Rebel went a swimmin' today! (It was GORGEOUS out, 47 to be exact!) Riley & Rebel's temporary pool/creek. Riley getting a drink Catching sight of Rebel with the ball And she's OFF! lol, about to go in... but QUICKLY slamming on the breaks last minute when she changed her mind more comming
  14. The game of chase officially ended when a tennis ball magically appeared in my hand... And now, just some 'pretty' shots lol what a face, lol AND... just one last shot of my 2 wonderful pooches after a day of playing in the yard ; The end. I hope you took my warning seriously at the beginning, if not just try to keep the snorring to a minimum, LOL!
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