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  1. Hi all you ... here's a question. What do you do for a dog whose eye hangs them up at the lift? Do you smack your leg with your hat with a gruff "get out of that" or work to free them up with balance work or what ? Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. Happy birthday Lark! It's been great seeing her growing up right before our eyes. (But I still don't think she's grown into those ears yet! )
  3. Gotta love those long tails. They make the best tug toys! What cuties. Just ignore them...yeah, sure
  4. Hey everybody - Sue was a perfect camping buddy, don't let her fool ya! I don't have an answer either on volunteers camping on site. I'm sure the Finals Committee will answer that one soon.
  5. Congrats! But do I see the look of devilness in his eyes? Whata cutie!
  6. I think the family would be grateful to meet someone who tried to help their loved one. If you go, take a box of kleenix - it's going to be a really sad funeral.
  7. What a happy crew! Do I see a family resemblance there or what?!? Happy Holidays to ya all!
  8. Yep, the more time on the sheep, the better for both the dog and you. Half of this is training the dog the other half is the handler learning about sheep and the stuble interplay between the dog & sheep. I'm still trying to get a handle on that!
  9. post from tumblehome I agree that's pretty much true of the original meaning of the term. In my day (showing my age here) a dual championship consisted of a combination of a breed and working championship, not a performance championship. Found mainly in the sporting breeds or hounds, the dog had to have a Field Trial Championship with a breed championship to be considered dual titled. An attempt to honor both the reason why the breed was developed (working) and the soundness of the dog's structure. Flat coated retrievers and brittanys are the few that I've heard of that are still "whole" enough to earn this distinction. AK Dog Doc - Interesting you brought up beagles and their ability to scent. I know of a couple who use bloodhounds in search and rescue. I asked them if show-bred bloodhounds have the same ability to scent as bloodhounds bred from working lines and they said they found no difference. I find that hard to believe and I'm sure the same results would have been found if the study you mentioned was on bloodhounds. Lately I've been watching a number of border collies start their herding careers and it's been real interesting to see the level of innate herding talent & stock sense the dogs bring to the round ring. These dogs come from all sources - working bred, show bred, sports bred, rescue, and from mom & pop breedings. Of course, all dogs have differing levels of skill & talent, but as I watch I wonder if what I'm seeing is true working intent, or the just the thrill of the chase, or serious prey drive (let me eat them) kept just under control. I wonder how their breeding (for sport, working, pet, etc.) is impacting the dog's instinct to herd. It will be interesting to me to see how these dogs progress. (as you can see I love this kind of stuff!).
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