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  1. lol! I love the one with pool. The only time Kellie'll swim is if there are ducks!
  2. Its so good to see them all getting along now
  3. Love the pics! You really have some lovely scenery. How far is that from where you live? When I took Kellie backpacking with me, it was so cold that I had her sleeping in the sleeping bag with me (fun fun since it was a mummy bag!). She was six months at the time and it was a rigorious trail (we climbed about 2,250 feet in the first day to an elevation of 9900, and a good 9 miles with a steep gradient). It was supposed to be a three day trip, but we did it in two. She was fantastic on the trip, and I'd love to take her out again as soon as I fix this stupid knee). Here's where we went: This is almost to September Morn Lake where we spent the night.
  4. Here we have Kellie and young Jacques the Baby Aussie And here we have Kellie grabbing all "her" toys from Jac and sitting on them!!! What a brat! I thought I had taught her to share...
  5. You can't really tell from the picture of Scout, but I have a feeling the snout gives the answer away, yes? :confused: The head still looks a tad broad to me, but perhaps its the angle...
  6. I have to agree with the aussie thing. My Kelsey was great, but my ex roommate's....left a lot to be desired. She was pleased with him though *shrug*
  7. Its great there are people like that out there I can't wait until I'm stablized enough to get another BC ...yes I can, I have to. It would be unfair not to give both Kellie and the newbie the attention and good life they deserve. *Sigh* I'l just have to graduate quickly...
  8. Scout does look alot like my ex-roommate's dog Jacques. He's a tri pb Aussie
  9. I saw the cutest little girl at the SPCA today. She caught my attention cuz she had this one mark on her leg that was almost exactly like Bandit's was, and her part was just the opposite of my boy's. I was soooo tempted, but $125 is alot for a cat...even if she did call to me... (I think I'm still in mourning for my boy, but talking about it helps some) I mean, just look at her!!! (the spot I was talking about is on the bottom of that front paw) And just one more Her name is Kari and she is such a sweetie. She loves to play, and is careful to keep her claws sheathed. She's a 4 mo old bottle baby....and I really want her....I think I'm gonna hit my brother up, he owes me after that little gasoline episode that burned my face....
  10. I just read her 9Divot's) bio... I'm gonna cry now
  11. That's just horrid. I will never understand why people do that. I mean, the first thing I did when I felt like I was losing control of Kellie was seek verbal aid from those more experienced with the breed. I really wish I could take on another BC, but one's my limit right now....Otherwise I'd probably take Divot in a heartbeat!! To give up is cruel... Amicus verus rara avis est.... at least I think that's how it went...
  12. I had to put this one here too It's one of the best I have of my boy...
  13. Sigh* I have way too much time on my hands right now.... I had to do it... "So, we meet again my Arch-Nemesis, Ball! Just you try and run..."
  14. Tough day at school, things tossed casually, but apparently it makes a great bed! This is around Halloween last year. Notice the border collie toy in the lower right cornor (surprisingly its still alive to this day.) Gotta love them winking I love this one of my boy. Step aside frogs and lizards, Budweiser has a new spokes-animal! And here we have a nice relaxing moment on the couch. This is the last picture I have of both of them before Bandit crossed the bridge.
  15. lol, I don't think it would work with me.
  16. I'm not sure if she'll ever be the same, chances are she will never be the same though. As for her hiding behind the couch, Kellie does that when she's in pain. I wouldn't force her out, but give her lots of praise and gentle attention when she does. Its been 5 months since Bandit died, and Kellie still isn't the same. She's making some progress, but the shock of losing her best friend has definately taken its toll. Don't know if that helps, but it might give you an idea. That's the best I got right now. Poor little girl
  17. Thanks Rebecca. Kellie has had some discharge, and she seems a little better since I gave her an antibiotic, but we're still working on it. I need to clarify that Kellie was about 5 weeks old when she was in vet ICU, and now she's almost 19 months. It broke my heart today though when she had trouble breathing after just 10 min of play at the park. She was really laboring. I could tell she wanted to play more, but I made her walk around for a bit to cool off and catch her breath. Then she saw the ducks and geese and it was all over. How is it that she acts the abused little pup every time I give her a bath, but the moment she sees those birds she's swimming out to meet them? Crazy dog. Her check-up is due next week, so we'll see.
  18. This is Kellie trying to act all innocent. "I promise Mom, the mess isn't mine! Would I lie to you?" Sorry, I didn't catch her forlorned look when introducing her to her new crate. It had me rolling.
  19. Border collies aren't border collies without hair???? Don't tell that to Kellie! Seriously though, I probably would have sent her packing to the closest library for some intense research, and expect a 50 page report next time I saw her. I'm such a meanie.
  20. Wow, that's unique. Looks like she stuck her face in a pile of ashes! Isn't she the cutest thing though...I can see why you're so proud
  21. I love Bart's outrun. The nice taunt lines of animals in motion really speak to me. I just want to grab my sketchbook everytime I see one of those and capture the moment in my style...which just happens to be very realistic.
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