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  1. Pi is such a cutie! I love that first pic. And poor Raven looks possitively perplexed
  2. Wow Denise, those are fantastic! I trust Jack succeeded?
  3. Roxy looks so happy in all of them. And the first one is just beautiful. Congrats to you both.
  4. What about a combination? Keller, my mentor's GS, would find the victim, bark, return to his handler, bark, and lead his handler back where he got in one last bark. Just a thought.
  5. lol! Now that's scary! I can't believe I saw that movie, but seeing Odin like that makes it worth it.
  6. Purples aren't my favorite colors (most the time I find them disgusting), but dang does it look good on Zoe. You've got great taste Lunar. Love those wide eyes in the last.
  7. As I understand it, refind is very important. The dog has to go out, in some instances without their master, find the victim, return and give their signal, and then lead their master back to the victim. I'd teach it anyway. In fact, that's what my mentor in Montana recommended (Still looking for one here in MI)
  8. It could be a pressure sore. Kellie turned up with several on her legs. I don't know wjat's causing it yet, but I'm on the lookout.
  9. Gotta love it when they do that?
  10. and he has no problem with rescues dogs... Amazing how he got that in when it wasn't really even the subject. The dog wasn't violent, it was threatened, there's a profound difference in that. But to label the breed and rescues as violent? I'm gonna stop now.
  11. vey true Melanie, Kel's and my hugs are different than the primate sense too. I forget sometimes to differenciate btwn human hugs and dog hugs..
  12. agreed... There will be another pup running around this house soon. Dad decided he wanted one of his own. I really tried with a shelter rescue, but it seems he wants more of a mutt pup before it gets there I have to chant "its not my pup...its not my pup...its not my pup..."
  13. Just listened to it. There is a lot of stuff in there I don't agree with, especially the extreme catering to the human needs as far as training is concerned and not the dog. Not the dog's individual personality or breed, but the human's desire. I have to watch my words here or else something really offensive might come out. And what is that about dogs not liking hugs?!? Kel loves hugs! Its the only time she's allowed to jump on me. Katz really hasn't a clue does he? There's just enough truth in that to make you think maybe he's right, and then comes the kick and you're smacking yourself on the forehead for being an idiot. I can think of several polititions and celebrities that do the same thing he does. They actually teach people how to be slimy in public speaking courses...
  14. Thanks Kerry. Thank heavens I'm going back to work soon, I'll be able to afford it then. I am definately getting one the next time Kel and I go, then she can carry her own kibble (Her pack would be about 3 lbs then)
  15. lol, I just love mountains I'm always looking for places Kellie and I can hike. I'm adding the Alps to my list... ps, that pic you're talking about is also my desktop background. Now that Kellie is older, I bet we can make it up that mountain in half the time! She's such a good backpacking dog. She has to go from person to person to make sure they're alright. Which wears her out all the faster... Forgot to mention that the streams coming off that mountain are very pure and completely drinkable. I was so relieved I didn't have to use the PurWater tablets (talk about nasty!)
  16. Where is that? Kel and I might have to go there one day...
  17. That's enough to rub anyone who knows anything about dogs the wrong way! Must be great to be able to make money off of the ignorant. That's who he caters to, people who haven't done any research about 1) owning a dog 2) really training a dog, and 3) know nothing about their breed of dog. I can't believe he said that about rescues. Both my Kelsey and Kellie, as young as they were, were both picked up and saved from the jaws of death. Kelsey grew up to be a great family dog with no real training, and Kellie...she needs work, but we're on the right path. Maybe we should flood the network with stories about rescues and their fantastic owners (or at least good owners that are trying really hard ). People need to be educated, then the [email protected]@rd will be out of buisiness.
  18. lol! Kevin, you still have Ray!! What on earth would you do with two pups running around? Besides go insane?
  19. Welcome to the boards Claire. Ummm.... it does look an aweful lot like the scaps Kellie used to get when I had hard wood floors, but your pic looks like there is fur growing out of it??? :confused: Not sure what to tell ya...
  20. He looks so happy! I'm thinking I'll have to see if I can take Kel to the shores of Lake Michigan, and one of these days I'm gonna get a photo of her chasing the ducks and geese at the park.
  21. lol! I'd have to agree with that! Cute pics of Jenna. Gotta love it when they're so innocent. Love it even more when they grow up on you and you both can do more things together
  22. Forgot to mention that I adore that pack he's wearing. I wanted to get one, but I'm a bit on the limited side right now. Do the packs work well? About how much, roughly, can a BC carry? I'm thinking Kel's pack would be no more than 5 pounds, probably closer to 2 or 3 judging from how much was in mine. And is that size a medium?
  23. I don't know of any. My family has removed dozens of ticks from our animals, both domestic and our wildlife rehabers without any diseases problems. Hopefully that can help put you somewhat at ease. Still watch Nellie, but I wouldn't stress.
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