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  1. The mange we had was always very red and circular... To me it looks like tat pup's been scratching too much... but maybe... Check out this web page. They have information there. I'm gonna see if I can find other pics...
  2. Lucky for Micky you came along! You have a handsome boy there, Jessica. And just look at that lovely coat! Welcome to the boards to both of you!
  3. I love the one with Boy waiting for Mr. Tiki to come home. That's adorable all halfway on his (or Fynne's?) crate...
  4. Nice! I'm hoping to spare several hours again tomorrow and take Kel to the park Hopefully more photos on the way. Those are all great. Question, how do you get your dog(s) to catch treats/balls/frizbees in the air? Kellie usually waits for the rebound...
  5. lol, I love it! I tried to talk Mom into a few sheep, but she said she's getting goats!
  6. Thanks Ancira. I'm gonna monitor for a while first and see...
  7. Hehehe...I've seen that pout before Love the pic border, the circles/bubbles fit
  8. Okay, have to share one of mine I just love the face she's making in this one, the filter I used, and that's not the original background either... Now I just need to figure a nice way to blend the coat.... It's still a work in progress...
  9. Pi looks a bit bored there. But what a beautiful shot of that gorgeous blue eye!
  10. Oh wow, Maralynn, those are beautiful! I'm glad you had such a great time.
  11. Not the best, but pretty recent... I still love this one And the baby photos!
  12. Poor baby, he looks exhausted! Did you notice if the shirt helped?
  13. As much as it stings, do you have any iodine? That's real good for cleaning wounds, and it doesn't sting as much as rubbing alcohol (at least in my experience). It also helps with infections. I don't know what to tell you for the car sickness... I can't really help. Kellie loves her car rides. Could it be that Bailey has negative connotations with autos?
  14. yeah, its still a little swollen (swelling is going down though) and crooked, but she's goona be alright. Thx. Sorry some of the pics are fuzzy, something got on the lens... ps in a few of those, y'all can actually see the upside-down heart shaped spot on her left side She developed that about a week after I took her home for good.
  15. lol, Kel would do that with stuffed animals when she was younger. Now its much more fun to play "Destroy!"
  16. She's got a nice smooth coat, but when it gets wet, you can see just how long it really is. Ans that ball won't be still alive very much longer She really ripps into it
  17. Are we done yet!?! You want another kick? And then things finally settled down See? I do know "heal." Gotta get those ducks...and she hates baths Who are you?
  18. Kel, my neices, nephew, and me all went to the park today, here's what happened. In this one, you can see just how bent Kellie's tail is... And a few action shots Ya gonna kick the ball or what? And here's my baby looking regal More to come...
  19. Nice, I had to take Kellie out for some too...
  20. Not graphic at all, of course, I had a California King snake (also constrictor). The sad thing is we had to feed him dead mice cuz Henry (the snake) was a wus. We put one live one in there, it beat up Henry, and we ended up with Snowball the mouse. Go figure. Pi's got the cutest expressions though. I love the "Whatcha doin' Mom?" If you think Pi's bad with the mice, you should see Kellie with the sugergliders... course, they bark back at her. I was holding her the other night, and one of the little male SGs perched, peered, and barked (a fairly good imitation too), trying to get Kellie to chase him. Dork
  21. Nice! But what would you call it since its not a 'piggy' back ride
  22. Looks like either Zeeke is being rather gentle, or Zoe can hold her own!
  23. lol Miz, I know just what you mean. Kel does does the foxish thing too. Other times I'd swear she was a wolf! Fynne looks stunning, and does have the Lassie-ish look to her. Makes one beautiful girl you've got there. Other than that, *sigh* isn't Texas awesome. I wish I was going back sometime soon... Got a friend with cattle up in Waller and I've been dying to take Kel to their ranch...
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