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  1. Thanks Still no snowballs for Kessie. It's far too cold for the stuff to stick together!
  2. Silly Solo, who would steal pills?! They don't even taste like food, let alone nice... Glad he's doing well!
  3. Any special occasion for that mugshot? Although, being a puppy, she probably did one thing or another... Border collies...when they've had something to celebrate, and put away lots of cheap treats the day before! Phew. I was very glad when we were out in the open this morning! Thanks for the happy gotcha day wishes! Kessie was a little unprecise in her snow order - it's powder snow! No snowballs just yet...
  4. Sorry, missed this! I'm shooting with a Nikon D60, which I bought in March. It came with a 18-55 mm kit lens. Since then I have added a 50mm f/1.8 lens, and recently a 55-200mm zoom lens (my birthday present to myself). I'm itching to play around more with the latter, but the clouds are stuck here once again, and long lenses are harder to keep dry.
  5. The case of the Vanishing Chicken And then, of course, there was some open pit mining going on ON the kitchen table once:
  6. It's Kessie's fifth Gotcha Day, and as usual, here's a photographic journey through the year from her point of view. I hope her fans enjoy it . I've enjoyed putting it together at least. This year was horrible for me. But looking through these photos paints a completely different picture, which is as real and true as my own impressions, and much more beautiful and alive! I still haven't got a present for Kessie. There's nothing left that the girls don't have in terms of toys! And the liver dinner is off too, because people actually BUY the stuff even if they have no dogs at all, and this time they bought all of it. But we've done some search games and stuff, and she's getting plenty of fresh snow delivered at the moment.
  7. I have contact lenses too, and on my old Finepix I was completely unable to focus manually. I don't know why but on the D60 I can do it. I'd do exactly that! I just met a professional photographer with a bigger Nikon who waggled his long lenses under my nose...sigh...so the notion of a Christmas lens is carefully scratching on my door again. He was nice though, and said he'd give me some tips if I wanted them, in December when he'll have more time. Of course I want them!
  8. Nikon D60, since this spring. I'm very happy with it! Ah yes, the meter...I forgot that. My camera doesn't quite "get" the 50mm lens in that respect. Its suggestions are always far higher exposures than I want (with the kit lens they're spot on). But of course that's easy to get used to and not the same thing as not having one at all. Manual focus per se isn't hard for me, but FAST manual focus is a different matter . I think I'll be using and loving that lens for a long time though, so I might eventually get round to it... When it's dark, or when I'm getting tired, it gets harder, especially with a very shallow DOF. When I know it's getting wonky I usually take several shots (re-focusing each one) and hope for a winner among them .
  9. No, it's exactly the same thing I think, but from Nikon. I don't have experience with any other ones...I think focussing manually with an even wider aperture (if that's available) would do my head in though, it's fiddly enough as it is. It feels weird (I've always had some kind of camera for as long as I can remember, and they ALL had zoom lenses), but I kind of like it actually. This is so true: I don't think all that much about composition conciously, but go by instinct, so I tend to end up with lots of very similar shots. With the fixed length I just can't do that, at least not without getting up and walking backwards a lot (and I'm too lazy). Usually I stick with what I have once I'm squatting/kneeling down and "aiming". It forces me to try new angles. Weeell I'm still at lens number two . But I wouldn't mind...oh heck . I'm packing up BOTH my lenses and going out now.
  10. Visiting this section never gets any easier...rest in peace Lu
  11. We already had a little snow too! (I love how much light comes into pictures like these) …and we liked it But this is…RAIN starting. Eww. The Look This is a little older, but one of my favourite late evening shots: These days I usually have this lens on the camera. The kit lens is no longer "the kit lens"; it's now officially a Wide Angle lens and nowadays gets a lot of love when it has a job to do . I kind of took the poor bugger for granted until I tried to squeeze my skies into non-wide-angle pictures.
  12. I was going to do a post about my 50mm f/1.8 lens – here it is . This is my first "new lens experience", and it's taken me to a lot more new places than I expected. The range of times and places I can take the camera has hugely grown (and an addict likes that) because it doesn't need more light than we normally have here, as my kit lens often does. Here are some recent shots: Cold and frosty morning invisible autumn squirrels Puffing up with indignation, after spotting a male GSD sneakily watching her modelling session The colours in landscape photos come out a lot softer than with my kit lens...I'm sure that effect can be used when I figure out how. I kind of like how the background turned out here. Being able to take pictures after sunset is so nice when the days are short! Kyla says anything is nice as long as there's a ball and Kessie says: "Hmpf.". Floor mat agility Action shots are a little difficult without autofocus (it doesn't have that on the D60 and its relatives), but they were "a little difficult" without enough light as well, so the percentage of rubbish bin shots doesn't differ much between the two lenses. Being able to take pictures in the forest is good as well: Handsome Mr Charlie (who needs dignity when you've got a glossy soft coat and a great big head?)
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