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  1. I want to thank all of you for your input. For many reasons I certainly do appreciate it. Shere Thomas
  2. As I indicated before, this is not over yet. You have been taken down a path of vengence against me and I will prove it. My dogs and puppies were kept in a turkey barn, filled with filth, fed and watered out of buckets. Their pens were graveled, no dog houses; in fact one of my dogs was seen running down the highway. Also, some of the dogs didn't even have food of water. I'm not saying anymore for now because I have a lot pending on ALL of these circumstances against State and Individuals. For now, Silence is Golden. Shere.
  3. First of all, CORAYBEE, tell me, when and where did I ever threaten anyone???!!!! Get your story straight! I am so tired of all these accusations. I said I will tell the true story. I have to be so careful as to what I say right now and I am just biding my time and listening to this ridiculous chatter. If you only knew the true story about ONE individual you would be so enlightened. You soon will and your eyes will be opened, believe me. My documentation will prove it. Facades are easily displayed. I will be saying more soon. Shere.
  4. So, Jodi, you must be Hey Ewe, the oh so inquisitive one? Shere
  5. Well Annette, I'm going to tell you, in time and you'll be sitting on the edge of your seat, believe me. Shere
  6. Thank you Eileen for trying to protect me, but once the name Shewster was mentioned I knew Ironhorse knew my previous pen name and it wouldn't have done any good. The truth had to be told.
  7. You caught me. So I'll come to the table. But, be cautious with what you say, this isn't over yet.
  8. If I may be so bold as to step in, I would like the viewers of this discussion to please view the other Awesome Border Collie Discussion Site and find out what my cousin viewed when he picked up his dog. Thank you. Shandalei
  9. Also, besides wanting to definitely wanting to know who the other people are that you said Ms. Thomas impressed them as being mentally ill are, I'd like to know who I should contact at the State to read this report you're talking about. From what my cousin said Ms. Thomas was physically sick, not mentally. She hadn't eaten, she had told him in four days and was down to 100 lbs. I guess she doesn't weigh much anyway, but that still isn't good.
  10. From what I understand she was only given 24 hours to comply with State regulations to obtain a license. Being that sick, she could not do such.
  11. Maybe hiding wasn't the right word. Ms. Thomas told my cousin she has an ex parte on her husband and wanted to be far from his vicinity. And as far as I know the only reason she lost her dogs is because she had too many according to Missouri State Laws. Well, other than the fact that she was extremely sick and no one would give her a hand. I guess she even called Ironhorse and he wouldn't return her calls.
  12. Maybe hiding was the wrong word. My cousin said she has an ex parte on him and was just trying to get away from his vicinity. And the way I understood it the dogs weren't taken away because of the conditions, it was because she had too many according to Missouri State Laws.
  13. My cousin in Missouri is one of the individuals who adopted one of Ms. Thomas' dogs. When he went to the site he reported that the dogs were running freely, some of them, others were in pens without food or water. It was a sad situation. He also said the dogs looked thin and were not attended to. There was only one person there. and the dogs were barking for attention. He knows Ms. Thomas personally and it was she who asked him to go and adopt one of the dogs because he had previously contacted her about buying one of her well bred stock dogs for his cattle but they had not yet consummated the deal. Naturally, he jumped at it. He was, as I explained previously, aghast at the situation. He had seen Ms. Thomas' operation, and although Ms. Thomas lives way out in the "boonies" as he says, she keeps her pens clean and takes good care of her dogs. Now, as I understand there is a conflict going on between Ironhorse and Ms. Thomas over some money owed and some dogs death. I guess Ironhorse wants to be paid for some puppies being sold since he owns the website and won't give back some camera of Ms. Thomas'. But, it seems to me if Ironhorse owns the website that Ms. Thomas' was selling puppies on, isn't he brokering puppies? Just seems like Ms. Thomas is being criticized so much for doing so much wrong, what about him? My cousin also said maybe since all this happened when Ms. Thomas was so sick that she was taken advantage of and wasn't able to make the right decisions at the time. He knows she had no family or friends in the area and she had moved away and was "hiding" from an abusive ex-husband. It seems to me someone should have offered to help Miss Thomas instead of just helping the dogs.
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