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  1. Well it's got to be the hard work of her mummy (Miztiki) One day she wont set foot/paw into the water, the next day she is down to her neck! some more pics of her: She looks like a wet rat in this one !
  2. Hi everyone, Sorry I don't visit these boards often, but I thought I should share these nice pics of Boy and Fynne with you, especially Fynne swimming for the first time ever! She used to be ever so fearfull of water. This is at the beach at Traverse City in Michigan. Fynne and Boy doing what they like most; racing Boy is scared to death of these 'see through' metal grid stairs! This is down to the river Muskegon (see below). So on the way back up, we made him climb the hill instead. Its so much easier for him! Finally, I thought you might like to check the serene beauty of the river Muskegon. I was so amazed of the freshness and clarity of the water.
  3. Very nice video! Its amazing how some BCs have this natural instinct with handling sheep. I like it when the dog comes back to the owner as if to say "well how do you think I am doing?" lol. Regarding the trouble with your photobucket link, it seems you have an extra space missing between Zac and Derbyshire. Should be "..Holly-Zac%20%20Derbyshire.." and not "Holly-Zac%20Derbyshire.." Personally, I prefer to use underscores instead of spaces in file names.
  4. Great post Lana. Thanks for sharing. Are you going to cut their tails? I always thought this is unnecessary. Surely there are better ways to preserve their hygiene.
  5. Hi everyone, We took these pics few days ago on the beach at Lake Michigan. It was rather cold and windy (no surprises here) but the dogs had a great time. Fynne is afraid of the sea, and Boy seems to take advantage of that by playing his 'come and get me' trick! Boy (not shown) is digging a hole and spraying Fynne with sand And here is a real heart-warmer (for me at least). Ever wondered how your dogs would react when seeing you after several months absence? Here is how my babies reacted Sorry the clip is so dark, but you get the message.
  6. Such a cute little puppy! So any more recent pics of cuddly Logan? May be you should have one of those live webcam things so that we can watch him grow and change his color
  7. Yes they do look great, especially Fynne after her rat poison ordeal last January. And she is so comfortable with strangers in the house.
  8. Hi everyone, Here are some very recent pics for Fynne and Boy, from Michigan Not forgetting the cats (Punkin and Tiggers)
  9. She is doing great, thanks for asking. I hope Michelle would post some pics soon. Boyden and the cats are also fine. There is just one problem with one of the cats (Punkin). He is about 6 yr old and has always been potty trained, but he seems to be loosing his toilet etiquette of late and we can't understand why this is happening now.
  10. Aussiered, Well the emergency vet told us that it is 'definitely rat poison and yes Fynne was sent home with K tablets. She continues to do well and so far there doesn't seem to be any further problems. Dixie, I guess the response to poison differs also with the brand of poison as well as the amount. I can't help but compare poison bait with landmines used by humans which have already been banned. Both types of 'baits' often end up with the wrong target with catastrophic consequences.
  11. She is doing very well!! According to Michelle, she is back to normal 'as if nothing happened', munching her food as normal and eager to be active. But no hard activities allowed for now. We'll keep an eye on any lasting effects. She had such a close brush with death and according to the emergency vets, they weren't confident that she would pull through at the time of the crisis. Thanks for everyone for their concerns and for the valued information.
  12. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Michelle had Fynne on the phone earlier for me and she sorta barked in a faint way. I think she is on the mend, thank God for that. This has been a hard lesson. Will make sure that such poisonous stuff is not used where she is. Boyden and the cats are doing well. But the vet recommended giving them vitamin K as well just in case.
  13. Yes your description fits with what happened to Fynne. They gave her vitamin K, but they also had to do some emergency work with tubes for breathing etc. I think she was very close to death last night and we may well have lost her had it not been for Michelle speeding to the emergency. I was surprised that the day time clinic where she checked in the day before didn't identify the problem. We lost valuable time then. May be she didn't show visible signs. I don't know. I hope Michelle would post here later as she is not online right now.
  14. Hi everyone, We've had a serious problem with our Fynne recently. She fell ill last Thursday, not being able to eat, being weak and inactive, irregular heart beat, etc. Michelle took her to the vet the next day and they did some blood tests and found elevated white cells count. It was thought then that she is fighting an intestinal bug and was sent home to rest. She continued to get worse and last night Michelle rushed her to the emergency. She had serious trouble breathing with swollen throat and was close to death! The emergency people did so well (and charged a lot of course!). They identified the problem to be rat poisoning. It seems that Michelle's dad has the stuff in some corners in the garage. This morning, she seems to be better and is breathing on her own and has been able to eat a bit. Apparently she seems to have suffered from internal bleeding and continued to be very weak as she hasn't been able to eat much since the incident. She should be home later tonight. So I wonder if you guys have any experience with rat poisoning? Does itt cause any permanent damage?
  15. The name of the cartoonist is actually given in the image (Rich Tennant). Although I have to say the post doesn't properly credit him or his publication. He is more famous for cartoons in computer mags. If you ever bought one of those 'for Dummies' books, he is the cartoonist!
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