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  1. Do you keep your dogs in an area, where they can not see any stock?? I guess I made that mistake and one of my dogs was strong eyed anyway... He got just plain sticky, and would fixate on just a few, no matter how many head were out there. I did trial him sucessfully, but he was never a good ranch dog, cause he had to be told every move.. A trainer told me that a working dog should never be able to see the stock when he is idled... Does everyone agree with him?... I ask, because this new rescue I got yesterday seem to have a lot of eye and I don't want to make the same mistake with her.. However in my acre fence around the house they can see the stock and also see the stock across the road..
  2. Hi Dana, no actually the shelter people didn't pay attention to her tail...and I volunteer there 3 days a week and I didn't notice either.... She wasn't the happiest camper there, so didn't give the tail much thought til after I got her home.. Now, she is the happiest sweetest thing, that kinda wags all the time... I swear I think I saw her move that tailhead just a little this morning and extended it some when defecating, but that might be my want to's too... She does seem to wag more, and like I say, no sorness, no bumps.. Vet says wait and see or steroids, but don't want to put her on those just yet...She has a lot of eye and wants in with the sheep something fierce, so I think she will make a great dog, if she just comes out of this and the kennel cough OK.. I believe there must have been a litter of these smooths in town, cause this is the 3rd one we have had, all identical... 2 males and now this bitch....The boys, unfortunately are in heaven herding stock, and I grabbed this one... The shelter puts down anything with kennel cough and I understand that when you are dealing with 100 dogs... Will keep ya all informed..
  3. Someone on the Yahoo BC List sent me a web site for Labs, who get cold tail frequently.. It said it can last from a couple of days to weeks depending on severity.. and steroids and rest were the only known treatment... Not much is known about the infliction at all.. and I guess it can come from stress, over exhertion and almost anything... If it is an injury, it is nerve, because it dosn't hurt her at all... The shelter kept the runs sopping wet, because of no A/C, so the dogs would stay cool... She does seem a tiny bit better today, can wag, but cannot get her tail up yet.. Does that sound like your dog Jennifer?? Taking her to the vet today, but as she said, I knew more about Cold Tail then she did, as she never saw it either.. Alas, that is why we want to hear from people with experience... Thanks to you all so far, and hope I get more opinions..
  4. Today I brought home from the Humane Society, a 1 to 2 yr. old smooth B/C... she is skin and bones, has kennel cough and not very healthy... My intentions as always to get her ready for adoption into a new home..but.... she is carrying her tail down, does not lift it to deficate, but will wag it a little.. it just kinda bounces along with her... seems like she has some control but not on the top part of it... Is this Cold Tail?? Do they have to be in cold water to get it?? I have been around dogs all my life, and a retired vet tech and would you believe, I have never seen a diagnosed case of cold tail... She was in with a Pit bull and a boxer, so may be injury, although not sore at all.. Thanks in advance for any help...
  5. I may be wrong, but I think if she was licensed she could have all the dogs she wanted, but the state probably wouldn't have taken them if they WERE cared for right.... She apparently couldn;t care for them anymore and therefore signed them over to the state, which in normal stances, I believe give the party 30 days to clean things up if she had wanted to keep them.. I think for the time being, due to her health she probably did the right thing... You said the dogs were thin... That dosen't happen in a day or two.. Does anyone know if they all got homes or if any are left??
  6. I am so GLAD to here that... I wanted to go buy some so badly, but I am so close to Rocky Comfort, and volunteering with the Humane Society and doing private rescue, PLUS knowing the mill people involved,and having issues with them, knew darn well, they wouldn't let me near there... Thanks so much to all the people that have helped these dogs... I will have a better day today, because of it and if I can help anyone please let me know...
  7. Columbia Mo.. did you get to go and rescue some of those Border Collies??? Hopefully you tell us the situation isn't as bad as it seems... and they all have GOOD new homes...
  8. Thankyou Jennifer for all you have done and as I understand it the dogs are now being adopted out for $30.00 as is. Personally I think this is one of the worst things the Dept. of Ag has done and it makes me wonder what the State of Mo. Humane Society would have done, as nothing leaves a Humane Soc. til it is spayed or neutered or at least contracted to be done within 30 days... This makes me sick... Rescue and humane Societies will be full of more BC's either these or cheap puppies frome these.... I almost cannot believe this is happening...
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