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  1. he's adorable! whatta handsome guy!
  2. Dogs definitely know when you're not feeling well-I threw my back out yesterday and spent the rest of the day in bed. DH was home, and usually Jack will spend all day glued to his side. I woke up from a nap and found Jack next to me, and when I moved to the floor later in the night, he brought all his toys over to me and laid down with me. What a sweetie!
  3. I love this! If my apartment complex let me have more than one dog, and if you weren't in GA, I'd take him in a heartbeat!
  4. Well, Jack is 63 lbs, you can feel his ribs and such, and he's about 21 inches at the shoulders. He gets fed about a cup and a half of food once a day. The vet says he's not overweight (about a year ago he had to lose about 5 pounds). I recall his mother being a big dog (I only met her once, when my ex picked Jack up-he wasn't originally my dog). And at the time, I knew little about border collies, so it didn't occur to me that Jack might be a big guy!
  5. What cute little babies! I love the tiny toes in the first picture. And thank you for taking such good care of them!
  6. Unfortunately, I have no advice on brushing. Jack loves his brush and will lie down when he sees it so I can brush him. But, I just wanted to say that Lafitte is adorable! Best of luck to you and him!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll miss Bob's witty comments and his fantastic pictures of Sparc. RIP, Bob, may you and Sparc someday be reunited at the Rainbow Bridge.
  8. They're lovely dogs! If you don't mind my asking, where in PA are you? We're just outside of Philadelphia and Jack would love some new friends!
  9. Along with the southern theme, why not Sawyer? (sorry, I'm a huge LOST fan!) The other name that popped into my head when I saw his picture was Fernando. I have no idea why, but then again, my dog's name is Jackson Pollock, and my toads are Farva and Brando. I tend to like odd names.
  10. Unfortunately, that's what I was afraid of.
  11. Does anyone know anything about this site? Friends of mine just purchased a malti-poo puppy from somewhere in Texas on that site, and I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about the site. Thanks!
  12. I'm actually debating getting my father-in-law (an avid golfer, and adores Jack) this for Christmas.
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