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  1. I've known a few people who faked the service dog thing, it is extremely dishonest. You will survive without the dog.
  2. Hope he's okay. My niece just recently got a piece of memory foam stuck in her ear and it took them a few days to finally get it out.
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks, I think she's grown up to be quite nice myself! She certainly is athletic and lean these days. She turned 1 year old on January 28th, so she's just a little bit past being a year old. Still is quite small too. She has a lot of leg, but I'd figure she weighs about 30ish. I can still pick her up. Hope everyone is doing good, and all is well with the doggies
  4. Hi everyone, I haven't been here in ages. Thought I would say "hello" in the form of posting recent photos of my BC, Piper. A nice face shot: She loves her jolly ball.. A very happy Piper out in the cow pasture Floating over flowers! Thanks for looking, take care
  5. WOW, beautiful eyes. And BIG! Mine is 9mo and weighs 29lbs
  6. To "SEE IF" they can herd? Why are you breeding your dogs at all if you do NOT even know for sure they can work and work well enough to be bred!?!? This breed of dog is based on a standard of ability to work and NOT of looks. Why can people NOT understand this? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Katelynn Katelynn, the answer is simple. It's because pretty, fluffy conformation dogs are so much easier to breed than what it would take to breed a high quality TRULY all around working bred BC. The right thing is obviously too hard for her to do.
  7. Bragging about dogs you've BRED yourself for looks alone, to me is advertising. You may not be saying "Buy a Barbie Collie from ME" but its still advertising what you've done. Hey, you're a backyard conformation breeder on a board that believes in real BCs, not show dogs....what do you expect, everyone to tell you how well-bred and fluffy your dogs are?
  8. No, I don't. You're still breeding conformation dogs, bottom of the barrel Border collies as far as real working dogs go. That doesn't change just because they herd sheep. All you're doing is scraping the other side of the barrel. And this is not advertisement in some form?
  9. Learning about herding would be great, but you'd still be breeding conformation dogs, regardless of the herding hobby. I think people here would lay off if you'd just stop breeding dogs that weren't meant to be conformation dogs.
  10. Brildwn, your website link is also in your profile, so it's pretty public already..
  11. lol When my horses scoot over and make space for the sheep! She is going to a herding trainers for a visit in a couple weeks though.
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