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  1. billdozer: Sorry, I'm not following. Why not - what? (directed at me or the OP?) If "why not" didn't I do surgery: he was nearly past the age that the appropriate surgery could've been done. I talked with several veterinarians who had either done the surgery or had seen other dogs who had it done, and their agility career was cut quite short. So, while I surely questioned my decision at the time, I'm sooooo glad I didn't do it then! If that's not your question....?? diane
  2. What they said. And using the crate MORE often for GOOD things is important too - feeding, Kongs, etc. Make it mostly a good place to be. Then the "time outs" won't be a big deal, especially if they're short. diane
  3. diane allen

    My sweet Kit

    So sorry. Kit gave you her heart, and its obvious the reverse is true as well. Remember the good times.... diane
  4. diane allen

    High Value Treats

    I'll second the Happy Howie's. Also: seriously good, but seriously messy is liverwurst/braunschweiger (sp??). You can get little squeeze tubes, fill it up with liverwurst, and just squeeze and let the dog lick the opening. It takes longer than just handing the dog a treat, but they don't get a huge amount. Lots of other good suggestions here too. diane
  5. diane allen

    Aggression issues

    What Gentle Lake said. Yes. Also: Have you had a vet check recently? Telling the vet what's going on might alert him/her to any potential physical causes. (For instance, thyroid problems can lead to some aggression issues.) diane
  6. diane allen

    What is considered inbreeding

    I should probably stay out of this...nothing to add re breeding/inbreeding that hasn't been said. OTOH, this thread could prove *very* useful for someone else looking for a pup. Kind of like all the publicity about the damage being done to national parks during the govt. shutdown (OK, off-topic, sorry; but *that* publicity might prove useful sometime in the future. 'Nuff said about that....for now.). diane
  7. diane allen

    Still having feeding problems

    I'm going to second the suggestions about: put food down for 10 minutes; if not eaten, take it away till next meal time. Continue until dog eats. But it sounds like maybe he's eating now! Yay!! I would certainly NOT want my dogs eating any kind of raw food indoors other than in their bowl. On the rare occasions they get a turkey neck or the like, it is definitely going to be outside. NO way to clean a carpet - no matter how old. Yuck. On another note: (sorry to hijack, but just asking) you keep referring to "meat." What, exactly, are you feeding? At six months of age, pups have pretty specific nutritional requirements. I have fed raw homemade food for years and years - but any pup in my house gets a variety of good kibble for growing dogs until a year of age. You may choose to do differently, but be cautious. Hope all continues to improve! diane
  8. diane allen

    Can we talk vaccines for dogs?

    I follow Dr. Jean Dodds recommendations: https://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com/post/147595920886/dodds-vaccination-protocol-dogs-2016#.XBstpNXn-Uk I believe this is the most recent one she has published. Note that this is presuming that puppies get some antibodies from their mother, but if mom was a stray/unknown history, it might need to be different. Hemopet will also do distemper and parvo titers - $52 for both. That's what I do after the first year, as recommended. I personally don't vax for Lepto, but I don't think it is very common where I live. And neither are fleas or ticks - thank doG. I *hate* that preventative! Though if I lived where it was a big issue, I'd likely feel differently. Now if we could just "prove" that a 3 year rabies vax is enough for most dogs for life....but that's yet to come. diane
  9. What Ruth said. And the "how affected" is VERY important. I had a pup dx with hip dysplasia at 13 months. He was average size, and it was only discovered at the time he was neutered, and we were checking growth plates. Frankly, his hips are pretty bad! But: after much research and discussion, I decided NOT to do surgery (which you might ask about). But I've kept him lean, in good condition (lots of hiking, some swimming, and some conditioning with exercise equipment as he got older). And he is STILL, at age 12.5 yr, running in agility! He rarely acts sore after longer hikes or agility weekends, and when he does, it's usually his front end that's stiff. He has had a few other minor issues common to agility dogs (bicep tendonitis, mild strained iliopsoas); and now he has some minor spondylosis in his lower back. I think some activity and a lean weight are the most important. good luck. diane
  10. Just read this from a FB link. She may be a "shill" for big pet food companies - but Tufts is pretty respected. 'Nuff said. I started to fume a little when she said "don't think that homemade/raw is any better" - but then at least did acknowledge that by working with a vet nutritionist, it IS possible to make a balanced homemade raw diet! Also: I expect that is folks could afford to do it, and everyone tested all those nutritional levels in dogs fed all kinds of different foods - most might have *some* deficit in *something.* My solution to that is: rotate!! My two cents' worth.... diane
  11. I have to give credit to Arizona Border Collie rescue for finding the home! diane
  12. diane allen

    Go with Insurance?

    I had Healthy Paws on one dog. It really only covers emergencies - nothing routine like vax, spay/neuter, etc. Yes, it excludes pre-existing conditions - hence, if you're going to get it, get it while a pup is very young! Otherwise, it was worth it for that dog. diane
  13. diane allen

    Healthy and Safe Chews

    Call me a stick-in-the-mud. No antlers, no bones, no bully sticks, no chicken feet or necks. (All for different reasons!) Kongs - stuffed with any manner of goodies, frozen. Won't last forever, but longer than many of the above-mentioned. diane
  14. diane allen

    Kit is 17!

    Happy Happy Kit Day!!
  15. Mirk has found a home with sheep, cattle, horses, and some other border collies! Yay! I'd delete this if I knew how..... diane