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  1. diane allen

    Healthy and Safe Chews

    Call me a stick-in-the-mud. No antlers, no bones, no bully sticks, no chicken feet or necks. (All for different reasons!) Kongs - stuffed with any manner of goodies, frozen. Won't last forever, but longer than many of the above-mentioned. diane
  2. diane allen

    Kit is 17!

    Happy Happy Kit Day!!
  3. Mirk has found a home with sheep, cattle, horses, and some other border collies! Yay! I'd delete this if I knew how..... diane
  4. Bumping this up. Mirk is still available, looking for that perfect person to teach him all about the woolies! diane
  5. Cute one! I don't know what kind of "rescue" you got her from, but most reputable ones will take their dogs back, regardless of the reason. Have you checked with them? diane
  6. Oops, guess I should've logged in first. diane
  7. diane allen

    Recommended joint supplements

    My now-12.5 yr old border collie has bad hips, dx at age 1+ yr. Vet recommended a joint supplement early on. Dog's had a VERY successful agility career - I kept him thin, in good physical condition, and he gets excellent vet care. During a bout of shoulder problems (dx and repaired), my rehab vet recommended alternating Cosequin DS (which he'd been getting for awhile) with Platinum Performance CJ, switching every six months or so. I did that for a few year, but anecdotally, decided that he did better on the PP. So - it may depend completely on the individual dog, his diet, his exercise, etc. etc. So don't try one bottle of something and decide it doesn't work. He gets that, plus fish oil, and a few other things - but I would prefer to add those things separately, than trying to find something that included everything. Good luck! diane
  8. diane allen

    What else could I do

    Lots of good advice here. Metronidazole is a typical antibiotic for diarrhea, though like others have said, I'm a bit leary of using it often. My youngster had some serious GI issues for his first year. Admittedly he did eat a lot of "stuff" (including poop....from any critter!), and I changed his kibble with pretty much every bag. Tested frequently and found nothing. We even sent samples off to Texas A&M for a full GI panel. All negative. Good news/bad news! After he turned a year old, I put him on a homemade raw diet. I won't say he's never had diarrhea since, but it has been very infrequent! And he does get several protein sources (over time). My vet also prescribed Tylan powder (or tylosin/tylocine). You use a tiny amount (1/8 tsp. twice daily on food - it's practically tasteless). It helped a LOT!! I keep some on hand - for example, about two weeks ago, two of my three dogs seemed to have picked up a bug of some kind. The youngster had diarrhea, it seemed to clear up; old man got it; then youngster got it again. I gave all three (including the one who seemed symptom free) the Tylan for 5 days, and voila! All gone. You might ask your vet about it. It is technically not FDA approved for use in companion animals, rather for farm animals; but it's common for vets to prescribe it for cats and dogs. It's also pretty cheap! It doesn't actually kill bacteria, but prevents it from growing and reproducing, allowing the animal to cope with the infection using it's own defenses. Good luck! diane
  9. diane allen

    Agility at Home

    And then there's the barrel/weave method of teaching....not sure if Amanda covers that or not. Interesting, used by Sharon Nelson (founder of NADAC), and while I haven't used it yet, seems like a great way to teach dogs to use their body correctly (and safely!). Always amazes me to read of folks who literally BRAG that their dog breaks weave poles. Oy! diane
  10. diane allen

    Adequan injections?

    I hadn't heard of Condroprotec, did a quick bit of 'net research, and am open to other sources. But several I found said that it isn't "proven" to be as effective as Adequan, but works in a similar fashion. Anyone have evidence otherwise? It *is* much cheaper! diane
  11. diane allen

    the Keto diet for dogs?

    Don't know anything about it, but just happened to see another mention of ketopetsanctuary.com Might be worth checking out....or not! diane
  12. diane allen

    Adequan injections?

    It's been awhile since I started my dog on it, but yes, there was a loading dose, reduced later. That said, my 12 yr old has been on it for several years. (He has hip dysplasia and spondylosis, but is very active, and no particular symptoms of either!) I do one ml once a month. Honestly, I can't say for sure it has helped (we do several other supplements and lots of exercises); and it is expensive. But at this point in his life, I'm not willing to stop doing it! diane
  13. diane allen

    Agility at Home

    I believe Fenzi also has a course starting very soon (or maybe it has already started?) - with Amanda Nelson on Foundations. Highly recommend it and her! diane
  14. diane allen

    Adolescence Recall

    Pretty much what they all said. I've done the long-line thing a LOT, and had moderate success. Tell me a BC doesn't know there's a line attached and s/he has no choice!! LOL. Another thing I didn't see mentioned: whenever the dog is headed towards you, for whatever reason, REWARD! If you walk from one room to another, and he follows: call and reward. If he comes in from outside and you're at the door: call and reward. As someone said, it's like it's his idea. I do a lot of off-leash walking in safe areas, and anytime dog is headed back my way: call and reward! All that said, I had one adolescent that I did everything with as a youngster. At 9-12 months, I thought I was a total failure. "Oh, OK, I'll be with you in a minute, but I gotta check out this XYZ thing first." Now, I can call him off wildlife or other dogs or anything in a heartbeat. My current youngster is following in his footsteps too! So - have faith. It will come. (as will the dog!) diane
  15. diane allen

    Old dogs

    Sorry this thread has been hijacked a bit, Sue...but incontinence is such an old dog problem! I used Proin on my ol' girl, as well as DES (not at the same time). It got to where Proin didn't seem to be working as well, so vet recommended DES (hormone). I eventually weaned her down to one a month - I have NO idea if it was working, but incontinence decreased to almost nothing, so I was never willing to stop it! Also, I *hate* any kind of diaper/pad. It's like a baby with a wet diaper - unless you're able to check and change it frequently, it could get ugly. My girl only had incontinence when she was sleeping, and she pretty consistently slept on her bed. So, I got a number of crib pads - soft fabric but waterproof - to put on her bed, and just threw a towel over it. I just threw the pad and towel in the washer as needed. JMHO. diane