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  1. Oh and in response to the OP, which is why I came in in the first place LOL. There is a BC competing here that is incredibly tiny, she would be about the size of your fellow (I think, Im not too good with the conversions). She is purebred and KC bred, just the runt of the litter and has been tiny all her life. That breeder has bred many, many litters of the years and never had another one even close to her size, she was just an anomoly
  2. Yeh she is pretty nicely built, only about 48kgs (not sure what that translates as). There was also a male GD competing at our nationals, he was from interstate so don't know much about him, but he was much bigger and didn't make the whole thing look effortless like Sash does.
  3. Interesting you say that actually, I have a friend with a Great Dane that absolutely LOVES agility They are only new to the sport but she has done incredibly well with her and even made it into a national final in June with this run (also features her 2nd agility dog, a Viszla, in his first comp). Her first few trials Mind you, in Australia the heighest height for ANKC agility is 600mm (24 inches) so it is not a huge effort for her to step over, its more the tunnels, chutes and weaves that cause the problems. She is a notorious weave pole snapper! Her handler is very aware of her size and impact on her and realises she is going to have an incredibly short career in the sport (started after the age of 3 and will likely be elderly by 7). She figures she may as well enjoy it while she can though She downsized to a Viszla (not something you hear too often), then after a fair bit of success running other people's BCs she picks up her new BC puppy in a few weeks.
  4. Not the best images, and from memory I had a polarising filter on LOL but this was my friend's choc tri Milo.
  5. I haven't got time to give a big reply sorry but just wanted to say that every dog is different and every dog will prefer something different to work for. You can manipulate this to suit yourself when they are young by building a huge amount of value into your preferred reward but some dogs will still have a natural preference. Ours are primarily agility dogs and this is what I am referring to when I saw "work", we do work them on sheep but have none of our own at the moment so travelling a few hours to see our trainer is not possible on a daily basis for obvious reasons My preference is for some sort of toy/tug reward. Until I attended my first agility seminar when Delta was 9months old I had always been told that it was bad to tug with your dog as it creates dominance issues (similar in its level of fact to this story you have been told). Somebody made the point to me though that at the end of a drill the "food" dogs were getting a 1-2 sec reward as they ate their food. The "toy" dogs were getting 20secs to a minute (if not longer if the owner decided) so in terms of quantity those dogs were getting a much longer and bigger reward for their efforts. I still use food for precision behaviours though. A typical trick or obedience training session with my pup would consist of lots of small treats for the precise work then a big play with his tug after he had done it correctly a few times, then back to the precise work, rinse and repeat. Out of the 7 border collies here: 3 rate a tug as the highest possible reward 2 rate a tennis ball as the highest possible reward 2 prefer to work for food, although they have toys that they will usually work for too (1 likes a big rubber ring at the end of his tug and the other likes her small squeaky ball but only at home) All of them will quite happily work for the joy of it and for the joy of working with us, however, to get the best out of them we use their favourite motivators. The 2 terriers will work for food only.
  6. Well it could explain why Delta can be the most intelligent dog in the world sometimes, then fall down the steps a minute later (the roof of her mouth is a nice even mix of black and pink)
  7. Vickie (zenotri) has shot some nice ones of my dogs, hope she doesn't mind me posting them... Delta Charlie And some of the recent ones I have taken. Are they allowed to be processed coz I was mucking around with some of these ? Charlie Delta And this one I took of my friends dog last week.
  8. Delta says "thanks" Rockstar its a nikon d70 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I have no idea what I'm doing though- I just kinda press the button and hope for the best Definitely not cold and dark here last night Delta ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor coz it was slightly cooler in there.
  9. Well, I decided to take Delta to the offleash park for her birthday as they both love it down there. We used to practically live down there when I was living nearby, going at least 4 or 5 times a week during summer and a few times a week during winter (although we usually avoided the water then). Since moving I have hardly been down there and I've missed it (and so have the dogs it seems ). I love daylight savings. We didn't get there till nearly 6 and it was still light when we left at 8. Here are some of the photos (not putting up all 160 ).
  10. You really need to teach Rune her left and right (or at least which shoe goes on which foot ) This is the only one I can find of mine in shoes
  11. I took this one the other day. Im sure I have others around but this is the one that sprung to mind. This is the preceding image, Im pretty sure it would have been a continuous shooting thing (Im always holding the button down too long and ending up with multiple identical shots ) Which means that in a fraction of a second both dogs managed to look opposite directions
  12. Ok, I attempted it with both dogs. Delta was pretty much too tired to care and when it came to Charlie's turn I got distracted halfway through by trying to photograph him catching a ball 1. Both dogs were left 2. Delta was left (except if I was holding the camera, then "shake" meant lie on the ground ) Charlie barely knows the command as it is so I didn't bother with him, he has only learnt left-handed shaking. 3. Delta was left, Charlie exits the fun at this point. 4. Delta was pleased that I finally made it dark enough for her to sleep. 5. I couldn't be bothered to go into the garage in search of post-its so used packing tape instead. Don't know why I bothered LOL. Packing tape- what packing tape??? Oh, she is making me do stupid things again
  13. I would teach it to her as a completely different obstacle. Go right back to the start by getting her to touch it, bang it, jump on the end etc. Teach it the same way you taught the wooden one and make sure she is completely comfortable with it before getting her to do a full run over it.
  14. My internet is playing up and taking forever to do anything This photo loaded fairly quick but it was minutes before the others loaded. I glanced at the writing on it and thought it said "big ass photography 2008"; thought it was quite an amusing and fitting name until the others loaded and I realised that I just can't read I can't believe the difference in Sport. Certainly looking good for 16, you have worked some RDM magic on him, thats for sure. Hope it all works out for him in his new home, although I imagine it will be difficult to see him go after everything you both have gone through.
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