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  1. Adolph's Instant Meat Tenderizer, or any tenderizer that has Papain as the active ingredient, made into a paste with water and applied quickly to a bee or wasp sting, will neutralize the venom. I learned this in the Emergency Room years ago as I, too, have reactions to the stings. I now keep Adolph's on hand during bee season. Even carry it in my car when we go to the dog park. Hope your puppy feels better soon!
  2. I recently went through something like this with my Border Collie, Beck...but she would shake and pant in my office at various times of the day. After much detective work, it seemed that she had an inner ear infection, and when I would have my computer speakers on, the sounds like an email arriving or an ftp upload finishing would cause pain, which caused the shaking. All I can say is document Kate's behavior and what is happening when she is reacting. You said loud noises bother her, have her ears checked, although Beck's blood work and ears appeared fine in the exams, she did have swollen glands the first vet visit. Hope Kate is okay!
  3. I forgot about the yoghurt...sometimes I'll just put some in Beck's food bowl and let her eat as much as she wants. If she looks for more, I'll give her more. Beck likes Kefir, too.
  4. In Arizona, my Beck was also sick early in December, and required antibiotics. Nothing showed up in the blood work or during the exam, other than her neck glands were swollen. A little over a month later, she started showing different symptoms than in December, and we wondered if the infection (or whatever it was) never really cleared up and went to her inner ears. She's on a different type on antibiotic now. Previous to her first round of illness, she had not been around other dogs in quite some time. I read your post and wonder what is going around in the dog community, or are they catching things from us humans?
  5. In answer to the first question, there was a Border Collie/Standard Poodle mix that used to come to the dog park that I take Beck to. Nice dog, high energy, very playful. And...it looked like Beck with a perm! I swore that Beck was going to go home and make an appointment with my hair dresser after playing with this dog a few times. *LOL* I have no input on the allergy issue, but hope that you do (or did) find a dog that didn't cause problems for your son.
  6. First, I have to thank Eileen and everyone who posts here, as I was able to search this site and find solutions to Beck's problem with diarrhea. Thank you all for sharing your problems, and your solutions. And a huge amount of thanks to Eileen for creating and maintaining these boards for Border Collie lovers. (((HUGS))) Beck started showing symptoms of intestinal distress in May. As in having icky diarrhea on my carpeting when I wasn't home to let her out. I'm sure she was humiliated and she was never punished or made to feel guilty by these accidents. I attributed this, finally, to the time I had started feeding her from a new 40+ lb. bag of the kibble she had been eating before I ever met her...Pedigree Adult Small Crunchy Bites. It took me a while to make this determination, because I'm ignorant, and until the problem repeated, I figured it was just a fluke. I started her on boiled chicken and rice, and that helped, although her stool was very different than it had been before. As in more solid, and lighter in color. I tried mixing in her normal kibble after a few weeks, and we went back to the diarrhea. That is when I knew for a fact that she could no longer eat the Pedigree. As Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice was not only convenient to purchase at a PetSmart, but also stated that it didn't contain what most kibble did and what normally upset doggie's tummies, I bought that and slowly started mixing it in with the boiled chicken and rice. Beck seemed to like it, and her stool was much better, thank God! Then, because of all the good things I have read here about Canidae, I decided to try switching Beck to that, by adding it slowly to the Nature's Recipe (which I still have been augmenting with some boiled chicken as Beck loves that "topping"). Well, the stools are still good, but Beck prefers the Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice. She left a lot of the Canidae in the bowl this morning, whereas she will eat the Nature's Recipe as a treat if I give her a few nuggets. To make a long story/post short....can anyone tell me any compelling reasons that long term feeding of Nature's Recipe Lamb and Rice for Adults may not be the best for my Beck? Or, if it is a good choice, I will thank you now, and try and make her feeding time an enjoyable time. I want to feed her what she likes, but only if it is healthy for her in general. Have I mentioned how I have praised Beck when she has had solid poops? Poor baby thinks it's okay to stand guard in my bathroom with me, but feels violated when I go out back to watch what is coming out of her. *LOL*
  7. *LMAO* I thought it was just me! Beck views my "potty" time as a time to put her front paws on my knees or shoulders, and give me huge slobbery BC kisses...knowing that she is going to get snuggled right back. Try doing this with a cat sitting on your back, as well, as Pumbaa also views mom potty time as snuggle time. My other cat, Larry, is the only one who feels confident that I can go to the bathroom all by myself.
  8. My youngest male cat is far more destructive than Beck the BC is. Yikes! No matter how many doors I close and no matter where I hide the TP, that little juvenile delinquent still manages to get at it and shred it at least once a week. When I first started watching Beck, she did manage to destroy a few pairs of my shoes...and has chewed the buttons/zippers off a few garments, but thankfully that is the extent of her destructive behaviour. I feel blessed because, after working at home the entire time I've had her, I recently went back to work outside of the home, and she has been very, very good during the day. *crossing my fingers and praying that I haven't jinxed myself and my furniture...*
  9. Beck has two different grins...the bottom-teeth-only grin for normal happy-dog occasions, and the upper-and-lower teeth grin when she's been a bad girl and knows it, but wants to look extremely adorable, as in "Mom...you can't be mad at me...look how CUTE I am!"
  10. Adorable photos! And Bella seems very, very happy with the new addition.
  11. I've got tons of photos of Beck sleeping...she plays hard and then sleeps hard, too. But this is my fave:
  12. Incredible photos. But the last one is hilarious, as other said. The BC looks like a traffic cop directing the sheep through a busy intersection. Love it!!!!
  13. Those are great photos! *LOL* Caption for the last one? Zeeke (in a deep and husky GSD voice): "I wub my wittle brudder, wots and wots and wots."
  14. I read "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm" and found it to be an entertaining book...and I also got some good, basic information from that book. It wasn't meant to be a training manual...it was meant to be entertaining. And I think it's a good read for anyone who is considering getting a BC for the first time, as it accurately depicts the energy levels and intelligence and life in general with a BC. Is Katz the end-all expert on BC's? No. But if you put things into perspective, at least the Bedlam Farms book does what this board does...tries to educate/inform people of what it is like to have a BC before yet another BC ends up in a rescue.
  15. Great photos...and Roxy certainly looks like she is loving every minute of her life!
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