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  1. Nik

    hey all!!!

    Hey Donna!! I'm not too much help w/ names either right now but I just wanted to say its good to see you again. Hope things are going well for you and congratulations on getting a new pup. Try not to be so much of a stranger now.
  2. Nik

    Clay is a pain in the boot!

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! The only reason I'm laughing is because I feel your pain (been there and done that for the last 2 1/2 years), but guess what....its only gonna get worse before it gets better. Seriously though, congrats on getting started. It's a great feeling after all the hard work is finished and you get to enjoy your accomplishments (especially if you are doing most of the work yourselves). Don't forget to take progress pics so you can look back on them!
  3. Nik

    Ben: Feb 2, 1996 - Oct 3, 2008

    So sorry to hear about Ben. (((Hugs)))
  4. Oooohhhh thank you guys so much for sharing your recipes w/ me. They are making me hungry!! I have bookmarked the links to recipes that you all posted and later today I will be making a copy of the recipes that you took time out to post for me. I think this is really going to get my cooking juices flowing to new ideas that the whole family will be able to enjoy. I am also checking into a few different "heart healthy" cookbooks, but I don't like to take the internet's description to heart. I prefer to look through the recipes to see if it is actually things I will cook before I buy, so the next shopping trip I take, that will be on my to do list.
  5. Thanks for the ideas. Some of those recipes I found really do look quite tasty. I'll have to try them. I would really love for you to share some of those w/ me if you don't mind. DH is probably more based on heredity than the diet, but the diet he is used to doesn't help either. Most of the research I've done just doesn't make a whole lot of sense (or either I'm making it too complicated, which I have a knack for doing). This is how I understand it...to lower cholesterol cut out red meats and fats, use oils that aren't saturated or hydrogenized such as olive or canola. To lower triglycerides cut out carbs, sugars, etc. So if I am understanding all of this correctly that pretty much leaves veggies and chicken/fish. Here's the thing though.. I'm not going to cook separately for him when I have 6 other people to feed also, so the other option is to feed the rest of us the same as I prepare for him. That's not a big deal to me because I could be a vegetarian if it wasn't for the fact of cooking meat for him and the others. The trick is to do a variety of veggies and chicken/fish so that nobody gets tired of the same thing all the time but to still use the same type of ingredients that I would normally use on a regular basis. Oh and make the starchy foods totally disgusting to him so he won't be tempted, but appetizing to the rest of the family (I know that's cruel, but in a way he deserves it for not taking better care of his health before it got to this point). Not to mention the fact that "HIS" diet is going to starve me to death and I don't have much room to lose weight to begin w/. My biggest concern though is getting my man's health back on track and whatever it takes to do that I am willing to do. I want him around for a long time to come.
  6. I'm just really getting frustrated....we have been trying to lower my DH cholesterol levels which are above 200 and triglycerides which are above 600 right now. He is at high risk and is on medication for all of this. It was being lowered but his last checkup showed elevated levels again. I have been trying to learn how to cook differently but can't seem to find any really good tasting, healthy recipes online. I type in key words such as low fat/low cholesterol diets, menus, recipes and all that comes up is "HOW to lower all of this stuff. I have made lots of changes in the way I cook but I can only do so much when he is still eating unhealthy foods during the day while working. I think I may have a handle on that situation somewhat now though. My DH is not a picky eater, but he does love his food (especially meats) and I'm having to portion out his servings for him to keep him on this plan along w/ making sure he gets enough excercise, takes his meds, etc. (Its like having a sick toddler that you have to do everything for again). I have to be honest, being raised on southern foods, its really a big change for all of us to learn how to eat healthier so my main issue is making food TASTE good to help w/ this transition. Can you suggest some really good menu or recipe sites online that I can get some good ideas for meals from? Or please list any recipes that you would be willing to share.
  7. Forgive me if this sounds like a really stupid question to you (I've never had to deal w/ living in a apt. complex where barking could be a problem). Is it because of you that the barking must stop now or because of your neighbors and apt. personnel? The reason I ask... it just seems to me that if its only a bark or two at a time and its on occasion (as in maybe 1 or 2 times a day) then I just fail to see it as a major problem. Dogs are dogs and they will bark at times. I do understand completely if it happens all the time. I guess I have no real advice to give on getting the dog to stop barking, but as far as you are concerned, try and be patient while training and try not to get upset if it doesn't happen as fast as you would like.
  8. Nik

    Nervous & excited at the same time

    Thanks for the encouragement!! I suppose I've already taken the hardest step...making the decision and getting started. I think that has always been my biggest problem, not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up Now that I have some kind of idea (or at least a starting place) I feel like I CAN do this. The funny thing is, I've always told myself that I have plenty of time to figure it out, but when the reality sets in that my oldest has one more year before graduating, its kind of a wake up call that I don't have plenty of time left. I've always told myself that I would go back before he gets out of school and into college himself. If I intend on keeping that commitment, its now or never. Besides, now that my kids don't need me to be at home full time, this being a homemaker is for the birds. I'm the type of person that has to DO something.
  9. I'm taking the plunge and "going back to school" and I'm terrified but thrilled. I've been in construction work for the better part of my life. The last few years I've been fortunate to be able to stay home until my youngest kid started school. Lately I've been looking for something that isn't construction work and as most of you probably know, their isn't much out there right now. My first choice would be to go back to school to finish Cosmetology but it just isn't the right time for me now. My next choice would be something in the medical field that doesn't gross me out, so I've enrolled in an online course in Medical Transcription. I kick myself everyday for not going to college when I was younger and had the chance, but I suppose better late than never. Thats the scary part! I've been out of school for many years now. To be quite honest, I sometimes find myself having trouble helping my kids w/ their homework because of different ways of teaching and just being out of practice w/ certain subjects for so long. I was one of the smarter ones in school too. Anyway, I'm excited about learning a new field...some of which I already have a decent head start on. Hopefully I will set a good example for my kids too.
  10. Nik

    Giving a "MAN" the greatest gift

    Hmmmm...Nascar is a favorite pastime at my house (although only one of our family members watches) . My dad has this thing, well more like a ritual on raceday. He has to turn on the t.v. first thing in the a.m. and watch (literally) EVERYTHING up to the point of the start of the race. He is glued to the tv for about the first 30 min. of the race and then he has to get his "race nap" in. Now during race nap, you don't DARE try to change the channel because that man will come out of a grizzly bear snoring sleep and tell you to change it back, he was watching that. All of this happens IF you can even hear over engines roaring w/ the tv blaring to the point of driving the rest of us literally nuts. He usually wakes for the last 30 min. of the race to catch who actually won and the points standing and so forth. As I said before the tv is blaring at this point, but heaven forbid when the interviews w/ Little E come on....He turns the volume up past the loudest point. The man used to have a room dedicated to nothing but Earnhardt fanfare. He still is a diehard Earnhardt fan, but now he has turned his attention to the next best thing. I guess its like father like son. He has definitely enjoyed his share of going to the races and meeting the crews. DH on the other hand, now he can have a party all by himself when it comes to the Saints, Cubs and LSU. Its like a tailgate party right here in the living room. My mother and I just roll eyes and look for a quiet place (usually outside) when the two of them get into their sports. Heaven forbid if we get together w/ MY best friend on Saints day....as far as her DH and I, well we just sit back and eat and get a good laugh at the two of them. Go have a good time Dianne. Being at a race in person is definitely much better, IMO anyway, than having to endure it on tv. Let us know what you think about the experience when you get back.
  11. Nik

    Could use some board mojo

    Ailsa, So far they are requiring mandatory evacs for coastal louisiana and are expecting to start contraflow on the interstates out of New Orleans at 4 a.m tomarrow. The buses arrived about 30 min. to an hour ago to get people out of New Orleans and take them to awaiting shelters around the Baton Rouge and surrounding area...they have different pick up stations for people to meet. So far people are allowed one suitcase and as far as pets, they are allowing you to take pets on these buses if you have pet carriers, leashes, etc. They have closed down all oil rigs in the Gulf. As far as some of the coastal parishes, they started most of the evacs yesterday, but as of this a.m. they are making everyone leave starting today. They are expecting curfews to take place by tonite or tomarrow and so far, the word is if you do stay: first response will not be able to come to you once the wind speeds hit 55 mph, once curfew is in place if you are caught OFF of your own property you will be taken to lock up immediately no questions asked. There are more National Guardsmen ready for duty than last time. They are taking no chances this time. The good thing (God willing) is they aren't expecting Gustav to be as big (area wise) a storm as Katrina was therefore the storm suge isn't forecasted to be as bad, but they are definitely advising people to make no mistake that this thing can't or won't do any major destruction. As of right now though it really is hard to forecast until it gets into the Gulf. It just won't be as wide scale as Katrina. Either way, it has people terrified to go through another major storm. Everyone in the city is concerned w/ whether the levee repairs are going to be enough. As far as Mississippi goes, we are taking major precautions too, because we are on the bad side of the storm track so far. They are expecting us to get hurricane to T.S. force winds as of now and depending just how far west it hits in La., depends on how strong the wind speeds will be. Stores around here are getting in emergency supply shipments throughout the day, but the majority of our town had empty shelves last nite when we went to pick the few extra things we needed. They announced yesterday that anyone who is still in a FEMA trailer is to find shelter somewhere else. To all of my LA. neighbors, (and any fellow Mississippians on the boards) prayers are being said that everyone comes through safely.
  12. Nik

    Its just a dog

    Maybe its just the town I live in, but if you get stopped for speeding and its an emergency situation, the cop will usually escort you the rest of the way to the ER or what have you. IMO that is what this cop should have done and then dealt w/ the ticket issue after the fact whether it be human or animal.
  13. Nik

    rude, or just my own pet peeve?

    I agree 100% about people and their phones in public...nothing in this world annoys me more than sitting in a nice restaurant and having to deal w/ someone elses conversation over a cell phone while I'm trying to enjoy my meal. Unless of course its someone who brings a crying infant into the movie theater and just has to sit right behind me. I think its because first of all its not that often that DH and I get the opportunity to eat out someplace nice w/o the kids and second, people just tend to carry on conversations louder over the phone than w/ someone in person. As far as the gum smacking, I guess I'm in luck that I will never be accused of that. I can't chew a piece of gum for more than 30 seconds w/o swallowing it. I have no will power whatsoever.
  14. Nik

    Other favorite dog breeds?

    Another Irish Setter luver here or I wouldn't mind a Malamute. I will probably never own either of these kinds, but they are my other two faves.
  15. Nik

    Naming A Dog After Another

    I like people names for pets, but I tend to lean towards more of the "old fashioned" type names if I give a pet a people name. Much like RDM's future Carl Gracie was named Gracie when I got her and it just fit so I didn't change it. Navi & Pache was pretty much DH idea as far as the Native American tribe names he wanted but I thought they were really too long so its Navi & Pache for short. Buster (my mom's pug) was originally Chachi off of Happy Days and I BEGGED her not to change it, but my dad was dead set on Buster Brown.