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  1. Ooooh...how could I get my hands on a print of this, pls?????
  2. If you want a clear idea as to how big your border collie will be, check out their parents if possible. I've seen 75lb border collies, I've seen 50lb border collies, and I've seen 23 lb border collies...I think most fall in the 35-45lb range, but there are exceptions to the rule as always... Ido is 28lbs... Rune is 31lbs... But they are both very small for border collies. It varies.
  3. If you're shoving more toys in your dog's face when they're trying to get a toy that doesn't 'belong' to them, the only thing I see you doing there is rewarding bad behavior. Adding more toys to the picture is not likely to decrease the resource guarding issues you are having. Tweak is a 6mo foster in my house. A certain time at night I'll pass out rawhides for each of them. Her first experience with this was chaotic, because being a greedy puppy who didn't know how to share, she immediately tried to grab up everyone's rawhides and hoard them herself, to the point of hovering and pawing to get the others to lose theirs. I swooped in, gave her a firm NO, handed the others out and made her 'work' for hers with a few tricks. The next time she tried to abandon hers and swoop in for some one else's she got a swift pop on the butt and put in her crate with NO rawhide. The next time, she chewed on hers a bit and tried this again. Another pop, another time out with NO rawhide. And so on. After a week of this, she finally figured out that the only way she was going to be permitted to enjoy her rawhide was to mind her own business and her OWN rawhide. I have applied this rule of conduct for all my dogs when they were growing up. No one is allowed to bully another dog out of a toy, and no one is allowed to guard said toy. The way I see it, they're MY toys, I bought them, and my dogs are borrowing them. I get to say who gets what. If Ido is chewing on a toy, and Rune pounces in and tries to grab it, Rune gets told off and put in a time out with no toy. If Ido tries to blow up about it, they BOTH get a time out with NO toy. I do not dish out more toys for them to fight over. By time out, they're put in a crate that is isolated from people/dogs/activity for a good 10-15 minutes to cool off. You don't want to crate your dog within sight of the winner/loser so they can give each other hairy eyeballs until you release them. If I were you I'd start by teaching them their own space. Each dog gets their own corner, and their own toy. Start with JUST two toys, one for each dog, same size/shape/toy. As long as they mind their own business, keep to themselves and avoid bullying one another, they get to continue to play with their toy. Consistence is the key. Also keep in mind that your female could just be irritated by your puppy and trying to instill a lesson. Take a step back and put yourself in your adult female's position. Would YOU tolerate a 6yr old kid bouncing around your face, poking at you, begging you to play when you are just trying to enjoy a good book? Would you tolerate them picking food off your plate? I do not expect my adult dogs to entertain the whims of a puppy. The puppy best learn to respect the adults and their wishes the hard way and absorb some manners fast. A well mannered puppy gets played with, and a well mannered puppy plays nice. At the same time, I do not allow them to correct the pup if it is not deserved. This means if the puppy is only walking by Ido while she's chewing on a bone, and Ido growls/bares teeth, Ido loses her bone and gets a time out. (I take up the bone, I do not give the bone to the puppy.) If the puppy jumps on top of Ido while Ido is sleeping, the puppy just earned herself a correction.
  4. Despite the fact that Idolon presented me with the WORST puppyhood ever, (inflammatory bowel disease!) she has wormed her way into my heart as my most steadfast companion. I love each and every one of my dogs for different reasons, and Ido stands among them as the one I can almost always count on. She is my learning sponge. She undoubtedly has the best sense of humor among the trio. She is quick as lightning and on her way to becoming an agility star. I love my naughty spotty doggy, for all that she is and everything she will be. Here are a few recent photos I snagged of her showing off some tricks... 'Sit' 'Up' 'Dead Dog' ...Heeeey. Dead dogs do not sit up and look at me... And one of all three of my girls, for good measure.
  5. No baby-makin' for this little rag-a-muffin. Check out that face. Its so kissably pathetic...
  6. A friend's Bull Terrier...Ajax Her BC mix, JJ... Idolon and her spotty Schnozz...
  7. It wouldn't hurt to see if your vet does 'daycare'...call and explain your pup is having Diarrhea, drop them off while you're at work, to have them look after the little guy until you can pick him up. Most vet clinics I know and have worked for will do this.
  8. Such WONDERFUL news! Omigoodness, your daughters are downright GORGEOUS! How precious. And the new little peanut, congrats!!!! How to the border collies get along with the kids? You're right about one thing, you're one lucky S.O.B.! Great to have you back!!!
  9. I'm coming to steal Eve! <3 She'll fit RIGHT IN here, don't worry...
  10. Congrats! Thats wonderful to hear! When do we get to see pics of your darling new family???
  11. LoL yes, Monky does have quite the personality. She is my honorary border collie.
  12. First, take your puppy to the vet so that they can eliminate the source of the diarrhea, be it a little stomach virus or intestinal parasites. They will also likely give your pup medicine to help with it too. Second, boiled chicken and plain white rice for a few days in place if his kibble might go easy on his stomach.
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