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  1. Kudos for doing your part with rescue!!!!!!! He is quite handsome, and I almost wonder about whippet in there. Only by the pasta photo does he look anything other than pure bred. Who cares though, he is a beauty!
  2. I agree with the others, something happened there. As was said, as simple as him stepping wrong. Could you try slowing him down, or putting a treat trail in the area?
  3. Quit reading after I read this post. It summed it up for me. Ok I lied, I read a few more:) I thought the OP response to this was rude. Not using the correct terminolgy does not make you any less of a value to the dog world. "Don't handicap yourself" As was said, judge by the walk, not then talk. BTW, being a horse person I don't think any less of someone who asks me who the "mother"/"father" of a horse is. Those titles are HUMAN. If you want to know the dam or the sire, I will tell you. If you don't understand who the horse is "out of" or who he is "by" I don't cringe, or insult, I just enlighten.
  4. You can function with a foot in your rear, my husband has been doing it for years! Beautiful dog!
  5. More prayers coming from Florida! Keep us posted.
  6. WOW what a heartwarming update!!! Congrats on finding a great lady and being blessed with your beautiful children!!!! Like puppies, they get more fun by the day! Also huge kudos on finding the RIGHT home for Hope and not giving up. Sounds like you served her well! Great job on all!
  7. Ethel. Who knows why, I just see Ethel. Eva, Eve. Dee? Can't wait to hear what you name her!!!
  8. I bet that was a really long night! Scarey stuff!! So glad she is home!
  9. And see, I look at it the other way, make them buddies. If you go for walks, walk them together. Get two tennis balls and play ball together. ( hold puppy's collar so he doesn' t get mowed down, and so he can't pester Brody) Show him the fun still happens with the puppy there. Keeping them playing seperate is not going to help them bond. The puppy is there, he needs to deal with it, not avoid it. Play is a social skill they both need to learn. You don' t want to deal with the same problem with the puppy as you are having with Brody. And don't be afraid to let Brody correct the puppy either. Be careful and good luck.
  10. Good story. Very enjoyable read! Hope all goes well with the pipe! Sounds like Vala is doing great! Glad she is feeling better.
  11. Of course to each their own. My mom lets her JRT sit in her lap while she eats, I can't stand it! You have a good thing going with the dog NOT begging. I just don't think I would ruin it. It is almost like saying, "excuse me, I do have food up here and you are welcome to it". I would think eventually maybe you would end up with a begging dog. I would leave well enough alone and not encourage the dog to be interested in table food.
  12. Well good for you for taking her in! Love the name Ivy. Think it is very cute due to the clingy analogy. Or you could name her Vela--short for velcro dog. Jewel-just love the name Pace--as in set the pace. I would think Pacey would come of that. Swoop Swish Una--#1 Era hmmm,, girls seem tough to name for me! Have tons of boy names!
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